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Windows Vista
Terms Definitions
In the Domain model, centralize servers that control the network resources, users account, and security settings for the client computers and other servers on the network are called?
Domain Controller
What log might be used to audit events related to resources use, such as creating,opening ,or deleting files or other users?
Security Log
What is a collection of messages posted by individuals to a news server
News Group
A peer to peer network is also called a?
Newgroups that are managed by someone who reviews the submission prior to posting and might answer questions are called what?
Moderated Newsgroup
In Microsoft Office 2003,the research task pane is accessed by clicking the ________ menu?
Tools Menu
You can quickly access diaplay settings by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing what?
The option to "turn-on" ClearType is found on the _____________ tab of the display properties dialog box.
Apperance Tab
In My Documents, what menu contains the option to display the Folder Options dialog box?
Tools Menu
What consists of records maintained for the user of a computer system that contains the user's personalization settings ?
User's Profile
You can see file types in Windows Explorer by selecting details from what menu?
View Menu
When your user attempts to access resources across the network,a network login is required. In this case the___________on the user's computer wii attempt to present his or hers credentials to the __________ on the server.
Local Security Authority(LSA)
What is the default control set
Control set 001
During the services load phase,the kernal starts_______________which reads the entries that are stored in the Registry key
Session Manger
Until a user successfully logs on,the boot process is not complete until the __________ control set is copied to the Last Known Good Configuration
What icon in the Security Update Scan results section of the MBSA report is used to identify a warning message
Yellow X
SUS works by allowing your organization to set up a virtual _____________that can be used collect and provide the updates in a timely manner
Windows Update
Prior to release,service packs undergo what kind of testing?
Regression Testing
What dialog box can be used to maintain your computer's privacy and safety when sharing demographic with a website.
Users Properties
By design ,privacy settings work only what security zone?
Internet Zone
In Outlook Express,the Account option is found on what menu?
Tools Menu
What componets of Windows XP Professional allows a Windows XP computer to access resources on NetWare servers version 2.x,3.x,and 4.x
Client Server for NetWare(CSNW)
A network object's location in the NDS tree is called what?
On networks where NetWare servers outnumber Windows servers ,or where clients need native NDS or NetWare aware applications support,its sensible to use the ________________?
Novell 32-bit client
All applications threads within a WOW VDM are _____________multitasked
Cooperative Multitasking
A Windows Installer _____________is nothing more than a complete set of software installations and configuration instructions
If Windows finds potential DLL Version conflicts,it automatically makes the registry modifications necessary to point to alternate versions of DLLand other shared objects in a special directory named what?
What key contains profiles for all users who have ever logged onto this system and the default user profile?
What is the name of the primary Registry editing tool?
What should be your first step when making Registry changes?
Back up all important data
What is the name for NetWare datastore introduced in version1
The ___________componet of Windows XP Professional allows A Windows XP computer to access resources on NetWare servers version 2.x,3.x,and 4.x
Client Server for NetWare (CSNW)
What are two IPC interfaces included in Windows XP for file system access?
Pipes and Mail Slots
Should you need to connect a Windows XP Professional computer to a bindery-base NetWare server,you must use the________________configuration options available in the client service foe NetWare applet
Preferred Server
PPP Multilink is based on IETF standard
RFC 1717
What company developed L2TP?
Cisco Systems
What is a multipurpose management interface where both standard LAN networking links and remote access links are established and configured?
Network Connections
The primary control panel applet for managing remote access devices and operations is?
Phone and Modem options
___________is also known as a flash drive
USB Drive
Know the difference between CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R
CD-R onlyrecordable,CD-RW is rewriteable,DVD-R only Recordable
A desktop computer that makes use of network resources is a
In networking a ______________ is a computer that provides network resources to other computers and their users
With NTFS,the maximum individual file size is what?
16 TB
By default ,files that are stored in the My Documents folders are at what level of simple file sharing
Level 2
The option of making personel folders private is available only when the drive is formatted with_____________
Files shared at __________of simple file sharing are available both to users who log on locally and to remote users from the network?
Level 4 and 5
For the NTFS permissions, Read, Write, and Modify combine a what permission
What information should you never give a NON-IT co-worker
Network administrator access
What is the best way to calm an apprehensive customer?
Speak in a calm tone of voice,appeearing concerned about his or her issue
Which of these pieces of information can be disposed of frequently without consideration
none of these
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