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The accompanying figure shows a ____.Answer
A brace allows you to point out a large item or a group of items that you want to ____________________.
What happens if Excel replaces a text string?
All of the above
When Excel is first installed on a computer, it places commonly used shapes in the Recently Used Shapes area in the Shapes gallery.
The number of digits is one of the arguments in the ROUND function.
If you create a worksheet for someone who does not have Excel, save the worksheet as a(n) ____ file.
Use the ____________________ function on formulas that potentially can result in more decimal places than the format displays in a given cell.
A single character, word, or phrase is referred to as a(n) ____.
A format code is a series of ____ that defines how a cell entry assigned a format will appear.
format symbols
In the accompanying figure, column C shows a growth series.
A range that spans two or more sheets in a workbook is called a ____________________ range.
Excel allows you to print page numbers and the sheet name of each sheet.
A section in a format code can be ____.
Many business applications require data from several worksheets to be summarized on one worksheet.
Data placeholders are helpful to users of templates.
Excel will update links automatically if ____.
the linked workbooks are open
A code such as &[Page] instructs Excel to insert the ____________________ number.Answer
The headers and footers for chart sheets must be assigned separately from ____________________.
When the Excel Template file type is chosen in the Save as type box, Excel automatically changes the contents of the Save in box to the Templates folder created when Office 2007 was installed.
"1,1,1," is an example of a linear series.
A(n) ____ always appears in the same position in a cell (regardless of the number of significant digits).
fixed dollar sign
A style is a group of format specifications that ____.
are assigned to a style name
One efficient way to create the workbook is first to create a template, save the template, and then copy the template to a workbook as many times as necessary.
Match case means that the search ____ and the cell contents must match the word exactly the way it is typed
is case sensitive
____________________ are used in a template to guide users of the template regarding what type of data to enter in cells.
Saving a template is just like saving a workbook, except that the file type ____ is selected in the Save as type box in the Save As dialog box.
An) ____________________ series multiplies values by a constant factor.
Serves as a digit placeholder. If the value in a cell has more digits to the right of the decimal point than number signs in the format, Excel rounds the number. Extra digits to the left of the decimal point are displayed.
# (number sign)
Functions like a number sign (#), except that if the number is less than 1, Excel displays a 0 in the ones place.
0 (zero)
Ensures Excel will display a decimal point in the number.
. (period)
Displays numbers as percentages of 100.
% (percent)
Displays a comma as a thousands separator.
, (comma)
Displays a floating sign ($, +, or –).
$ or + or –
Displays a fixed sign ($, +, or –) to the left in the cell followed by spaces until the first significant digit.
* (asterisk)
Displays the characters in the cell in the designated color.
Displays parentheses around negative numbers.
( )
Skips the width of the character that follows the underscore.
_ (underscore)
If two different styles are assigned to a range of cells, Excel ____.
adds the second style to the first
For workbooks to be successful and survive their expected life cycle in a business environment, they must be well documented and easy to understand.
The ____ function is most useful in formulas where year, month, and day are formulas, not constants.
Entering a number once and having it be entered in the same cell on all worksheets is called ____.
drilling an entry
The Merge Styles button in the Cell Styles gallery allows styles to be merged from other ____________________.
A brace is a rectangular area of variable size in which you can add text.
A workspace file ____.
does not contain the actual workbook
A function that sums all the values in all the cells in column A is ____.
One way to arrange workbooks in an Excel window is to ____ them.
Before printing a worksheet, you can view the page breaks (boundaries) of what area of each page will print.
In the accompanying figure, how is each row in the column C series incremented by 2 digits?
a start value and increment value were entered in cells C5 and C6
How many worksheets are in a new workbook if you do not set a default?
The format assigned to the system date in a cell is temporary until it is assigned a permanent format.
In the accompanying figure, dummy data (sample data) is used in place of actual data to verify the formulas in the template.
Templates cannot contain macros or formulas.
When multiple worksheets are selected, the term ____________________ appears at the top of the title bar.
You can display tomorrow's date in a cell by adding -1 to the NOW function.
To search only a specified range of a worksheet, select the range before invoking the ____.
Find command
Templates help speed and simplify work because Excel users often work with very different problems.
An alternative to adding worksheets is to change the default number of worksheets before opening a new ____________________.
Excel inserts a dotted line above a row to indicate ____.
a horizontal page break
The form for indicating a 3-D reference from your is ____.
location, workbook name, sheet name, cell reference
To increase or decrease the white space surrounding the printed worksheet or chart, change the ____________________.
A link is a reference to a cell or range of cells ____.
in another workbook
The DATE function is most useful in formulas where year, month, and day are formulas, not constants.
In the accompanying figure, to center the title in range A1:G1, use the Merge & Center button on the Ribbon.
The WordArt text added to a worksheet is called a(n) ____________________.
A recommended approach for consolidating data from other workbooks is to ____
first bind the workbooks together using a workspace file
Excel’s capability of ____________________ data through worksheets is an efficient way to enter data that is common among worksheets.
You can open all of the associated workbooks by opening the ____.
=sum(1:1) sums all the values in all the cells in ____________________.
row 1
n the accompanying figure, you could enter the date in cell G3 by using the NOW function
A format code can have as many as ____________________ sections.
The function =NOW()+14 does what?
displays a date two weeks in the future
In the accompanying figure, the color for the title and subtitle can be selected on the Fill Color palette
Match entire cell contents means that ____ and must be unique in the cell.
the string cannot be part of another word or phrase
In the accompanying figure, the width of columns C, D, E, F, and G could have been made wider all at once by selecting them as a range and dragging the left boundary of column G to the desired width.
What is the maximum number of worksheets that a workbook can have?
depends on computer's memory
Sample data used in place of actual data to verify the formulas is called ____________________ data.
In the accompanying figure, to put the text on two lines in cell D4 press CTRL+ENTER keys between the words “Total “and “Cost.”
How can a page break be moved?
drag it on the Page Break preview
A workbook that contains patterns for creating other workbooks is called a(n) ____.
To print nonadjacent worksheets of a workbook, use the ALT key.
What happens if Excel does not find the information in the search?
A dialog box indicates the string cannot be found.
A(n) ____________________ dollar sign always appears immediately to the left of the first significant digit in the cell.
The rectangle will connect the text box shape and the brace shape.
In the accompanying figure, column B shows a linear series.
In the accompanying figure, the height of row 4 could have been adjusted by dragging the bottom boundary of row heading 4 to the desired height as indicated in the ScreenTip.
Using a(n) ____________________ allows you to begin your work with a preformatted worksheet.
The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called linking.
The form of the ROUND function is ____.
=ROUND (number, number of digits)
The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called ____.
In the accompanying figure, the template is using standard accounting format for the numbers, which means____.
it contains floating dollar signs in the first and total rows
The sections in a format code are separated by a(n) ____________________.
A ____________________ reference is a formula that depends on its own value.
A header is printed at the top of every page in a printout; a footnote is printed at the bottom of every page in a printout.
To change from Enter mode or Edit mode to Point mode, start by ____.
typing the EQUAL SIGN (=)
Changing the margins is part of page setup, which defines the appearance and format of a printed worksheet.
The result of an arithmetic operation, such as multiplication or division, is ____ to the factor with the least number of decimal places.
The result of an arithmetic operation, such as multiplication or division, is ____ to the factor with the least number of decimal places.
The Normal format style is ____.
initially assigned to all cells in a workbook
In the accompanying figure, the total of column B was entered by ____.
selecting cell B12 and then clicking the Sum button twice
In the accompanying figure, the Format Cells dialog box was used for cells D12:G12 to assign a category named ____.
In the accompanying figure, the dummy data is ____.
sample data used in place of actual data
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