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Classified information
Terms Definitions
What collaboration services are available for electronic communications?
-Web Conferencing-Instant Messaging-Collaborative Workspace-Application Sharing
What enables users to communicate and interact with groups large and small, in real-time, using high-impact presentations and essential collaboration tools?
Defense Connect Online (DCO)
What is the Air Force goal concerning accessibility to Internet resources?
Provide personnel requiring access for official business maximum accessibility to Internet resources
What continues to increase as a technique for obtaining and disseminating information worldwide?
Use of the web or web technologies
Name a few requirements that must be met for posting information on private Web pages
-Display warning notices and banners-All top-level pages must contain web page maintainers organization, office symbol, commercial/DSN telephone number, organizational e-mail address
Who is the final approval authority for the Internet release package?
Unit Commander
What does "information" include?
Any statement or reception of knowledge such as facts, data or opinions, including numerical, graphic or narrative forms, whether oral or maintained in any medium, including databases, paper, microform or magnetic tape.
What is the primary purpose of managing information effectively and efficiently?
Enhance the Air Force mission
What are the five ways we manage information in support of information resources maangement?
-Security-Privacy-Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)-Paperwork reduction-Records preservation
What are the stages of life cycle management?
1. Creation/collection2. Processing3. Dissemination4. Use5. Storage6. Disposition
How is communications defined?
The process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others
What are the three parts of communication?
What is the objective of the electronic communications program?
Create clear, efficient and effective communications
How should you write to identify who is responsible for what actions?
Active voice
What should the average sentence length be?
15-20 words
What type of memorandum is used if you circle, underline, or highlight the organization of office symbol of each recipient on the copy you give to them?
Multiple-address memorandum
Where do the words "IN TURN" get typed on an IN TURN memorandum?
One line below the last address of the MEMORANDUM FOR element
What are the three types of formats for form memorandums?
-Prewritten-Fill-in-Optional statement
What do indorsements add?
Comments directly on the original memorandum, message or previous indorsements
What are the two types of indorsements?
-Same page-Separate page
What would you do if hte indorsement does not fit and must be typed on a blank piece of bond paper?
Use the separate page indorsement format
What type of letter is used when warmth or sincerity is essential?
Personal memorandum
What are the three types of memorandum for records?
-Separate page memo for record-Explanatory memo for record-Brief memo for record
What is a staff summary sheet used for?
Summarize staff work, to request action or to forward information
What type of paper uses fragments to present key points, positions, and facts in a brief, orderly fashion when the user has knowledge of the subject?
Talker papers
What type of paper is used to advocate or convince the reader on an argument or position?
Position paper
What are the two classes of Air Force electronic messaging?
-Organizational, high-grade service-Simple mail transfer protocol email
What class uses Fortezza cards to sign and encrypt organizational messages to ensure message integrity, non-repudiation, and accountability?
Organizational high-grade service
What takes advantage of DOD's robust and trusted PKI?
A signed and encrypted email
Who is responsible for ensuring the record emails are properly filed for access and retrieval?
The user
What is replacing or supplementing formal Air Force formats for communications?
Electronic messaging
What can easily be mistaken for angry defiance when you use capital letter, exclamation points and strong adjectives and adverbs?
Positive enthusiasm
What is the most common mistake before sending email?
Not attaching files as intended
What backup method stores your old items that are important but rarely used?
What are the two ways you can archive?
-AutoArchive-Manual Archive
What are the steps to archive manually?
1. Click Archive2. Select original folder3. Choose a date4. Select destination folder5. Click OK
What is considered official mail?
Mail pertaining to official government business
What is the term referring to the total system that collects, process, and delivers communications?
Base Information Transfer System (BITS)
Who is responsible for establishing a BITS to provde on-base distribution of communications?
Installation Commander
Who acts as the bridge between the action office and the OMC?
Activity Distribution Office
WWhat office uses and/or responds to official communications?
Action Office
What is done with undelivered mail containing the endorsement "DO NOT FORWARD" at the end of the workday?
Secured in classified storage container
If you are suspicious of a mailing and you are unable to verify the contents with the addressee or sender what should you do?
-Protect yourself, your office and your mailroom-Do not open or handle the article-Isolate the article and evacuate the immediate area-Do not put the article in water or a confined space such as a desk drawer or a filing cabinet-If possible, open windows in the immediate area to assist in venting potentially explosive gases. If a situation turns out to be a fake bomb scare, postal personnel will not be held liable for the package-Do not take any chances or worry about possible embarrassment i fthe items turns out to be innocent. If there is any reason to believe a letter or parcel is dangerous, contact the local military law enforcement officials for assistance-Post the USPS Poster 84, "SUSpicious Mail or Package" in the work area
Name five ways to identify a suspicious package.
-Restrictive markings-Sealed with tape-Protruding wires-Strange odor-Rigid or bulky
What is the most secure service the USPS system offers?
What is confirmation of delivery including date, time and, and location, and you can request to have letter mailed to you with a copy of the recipient's signature?
Signature confirmation.
What is mail sealed against inspections?
What type of mail provides a receipt to the sender and a record of delivery?
What mail service is the fastest service offered by the USPS?
What type of mail class can not be used to send personal correspondence?
Standard mail
Who acts as the agent for all official on-base activities?
Base Information Transfer System (BITS)
What is considered as "accountable mail"?
Classified materials and unclassified communications that must be handled and processed in a control environment
What does the Air Force use to help control the communications while in Air Force Channels?
Container Numbers
What is the best choice for ensuring accountable mail containers remain in a controlled environment?
Registered mail
When you receive an accountable mail container from the activity distribution office or the OMC, what should you do?
Check container and receipt
When a response is not received on a receipt for classified informations, within what time frame is a tracer action done?
-30 days CONUS-40 days OCONUS
What security classification refers to information or material of which unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to national security?
What security classification refers to information or material of which unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security?
Top Secret
What security classification refers to information or material of which unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause damage to national security?
What are the two classification decisions?
Who may originally classify documents?
Those in the specific job position
Under what circumstances is information derivatively classified?
When info is generated elswhere
What will a security investigation identify?
Solution to prevent further security violations
Define a "security violation".
Purposeful disclosure of sensitive info
What is a compromise?
Unauthorized personnel gain access to sensitive info
What should you do if you find classified material out of proper control?
Safe info and report incident
What is required for a person to receive classified information?
Person Must Be:-need to know-proper security clearance-signed nondisclosure agreement
How can you determine a person's security clearance?
-Security Manager-Clearance listed on Orders
Who is responsible for determining an individual's "need to know" for classified information?
Processor of classified information
Who is responsible for ensuring individuals who need access to classified information sign the SF 312?
-Unit Commander-Staff Agency Chiefs
Which classification(s) of information may be transmitted through BITS?
Which method is used when transmitting Top Secret material to an isntallation serviced by diplomatic pouch?
Courier Service
When classified material is transmitted from one place to another, how should it be contained?
2 envelopes, wrappings, sealed envelope or containers
When is it not required to use an outer container for Secret, Confidential or Unclassified information?
When entering OMC
To whom is classified material addressed?
To government office/activity, not individual person
What is included on the inner container of a classified package?
-Complete Address-Special Instructions
What plays a vital role in managing and operating Air Force activities?
Whose rights must be protected through the proper implementation of the records management programs?
US Government Employees
What are Draft records?
Records that can be altered and have not been officially released
What are Final records?
Officially released and can't alter
How must Air Force units at all levels manage records?
In an organized fashion to insure accuracy and easy accessibility
What records relate solely to an individual's private affair?
Who manages the base staging area?
Who ensures offices of records receive a staff assistance visist at least every 24 months?
Who ensures records custodians attend record management training?
Who maintains the office files plan and accountability for active and inactive records?
Who ensures all personnel who create, maintain, and dispose of records, attend records management training?
Who trains all personnel within three months of assignment, whose duties include filing, maintaining, and disposing of records?
The BRM ensures offices of record receive a SAV how often?
Every 24 months
What is a staging area used for?
File storage for records pending destruction or transfer
How should you save e-mails?
Message format
What contributed to the need for an ERM solution?
Who will work together to create an effective, base-wide e-record file structure?
What happens to a document after it is signed or approved by an authorized authority?
It becomes a record
Who must monitor the e-file box and assist and/or file the records in the box?
Why do we want to fill out the summary information on documents we create?
Easier management and retrieval
How does AFRIMS ensure standardization and accuracy of every record series?
All offices AF-wide use same disposition
What is AFRIMS specifically responsible for automating?
File plan and labels
What does AFRIMS provide from the RDS?
Online databse of tables and rules
What labels does AFRIMS print?
-subdivision-disposition guide card labels-file folder labels
What type of material is never centered into AFRIMS?
What is the decision logic table?
1. pub notes2. central #
What program generates the file disposition control labels?
How many tables and rules can be applied to each record series?
What are the requirements for placing disposition control labels on a guide card?
Consistancy through all files
What purpose does the disposition guide card serve?
Record identification and disposition information for records
Where do you place the disposition control label when a series is filed in more than one container?
Wherever obvious
Where do you place the disposition control label when a series is filed in more than one container?
First container or each container
What purpose do folders serve?
Group up similar files
What should be done with folders when they become too bulky for use?
Separate into multiple folders
What is shown on the file folder label?
-Item number-Office of record-Series title
What is added to the file folder label when there is a retention period of one year or longer?
CY/FY ##
What is done when files expand to more than one drawer?
Place series number on drawer label
What is the first step in filing a document?
Place files how they would be filed
What should you do prior to filing a document if an attachment is missing?
Find or notate missing file
What items do you remove from a document prior to filing?
All mail control forms and receipts
How is a record marked for filing?
File #Initials
What is the primary purpose for maintaining records?
To have information readily available
What is the first item in a file plan?
File plan
What form do you use for cross-reference?
DD Form 2861
What can you use if the official cross-referencing form is not available?
Make multiple copies and file in appropriate locations
What does cross-referencing provide?
Better filing system/service
Why are records kept?
They contain needed information
Why are filing systems developed?
For efficient info recovery/accessibility
Where is the AF Form 614 filed?
Where missing file should be
Define disposition.
Instructions for record destruction or transfer
What are the two categorized areas of disposition?
What key roles does the records disposition program play in the management of Air Force records?
What does the records disposition program consist of?
-Disposition guildes for record protection-Government protection
What are the three objectives of the records disposition program?
1. transfer short-term records2. destroy short-term records3. retire long-term records
What is the length of time the Air Force must keep a record?
Retention period
What retention period do records have that are not authorized for a specificic disposition?
What does enduring value mean?
Indefinant existance
Define a temporary record.
Records deamed by NARA to hold little value
How do you destroy magnetic tapes or other magnetic medium?
What should you do with records when a unit is redesignated or reorganized and there is no change in function or mission?
Records disposition stay the same
When can records with a retention period of more than two years be retired to the proper federal records center any time after the cutoff?
If in hostile areas.
When can you dispose of records without regard to the table and rules?
War breaks out and outside of CONUS
What does the vital records program ensure?
Continued running of government and offices during national emergencies
What are the two traditional types of vital records?
-Emergency operating-Records to protect rights
What is an emergency?
Serious event requiring immediate response
What is a disaster?
Event causing massive damage that causes long-term affects on government
Given the importance of vital records, how should agencies arrange for offsite storage?
Away from restrictive disaster rules but still accessible by staff
How do records custodians accomplish the end-of-year closeout?
By destroying or staging inactive files
Define cutoff.
Term for separating active records from inactive records
How often should the records custodian review the file plan?
What determines the cutoff for active records?
Retention period
What are the three cutoff periods?
How is the cutoff identified when it does not contain a month or year?
What form is used as a packing list for transferred or retired records?
SF 135
When is a separate SF 135 prepared?
When staging classfied/unclassified records
What minimum items should be included on deployed unit file plans?
-Maintenance and disposition-Policy and precedent-Delegations-Correspondance-Admin files
What record management advice did the DOD provide on 15 Aug 2003?
Records in regads to Iraq are historical and should be maintained for study
Who is the Air Force working with to establish archiving capabilities?
Who manages the staging area for a base?
Base Records Management (BRM)
What type of records do these facilities maintain?
Files under 9 years
What types of records are not kept at the staging area?
Active files
Who must approve a waiver to grant small volumes of 2 to 8 year rention records to be kept in the current files area?
What are some of the critera that must be met for selecting a staging area?
What does an OPR use an Air Force Form 525, Records Disposition Recommendation, for?
Suggestions to change RDS
What must you do if the disposition of the record cannot be determined in advance of the implementation of a directive because of unknown user and reference needs for the record?
Submit form AF Form 525
What is the minimum length of time an Air Force Form 525 stays in suspense with the records manager if a disposition cannot be determined?
6 months
What is the Federal Register?
Official publication of rules and executive orders
What are some of the responsibilities of the AFFRLO?
-Provide help with publication rules-Maintain certificates of determination
What information doe sthe public have a right to?
The government activities
A record requested by a member of the public who follows rules established by proper authority will nto be withheld in whole or in part unless what?
Exempt due to FOIA
How does the Air Force conduct its activities?
Openly and in accordance with the law
Who obtains recommendations from the OPR for records?
FOIA manager
Who provides training for the FOIA program?
FOIA Manager
Who finds and provides the requested records?
When is a FOIA request considered received?
When the office physically receives the request
When are fees waived?
$15 or less
Within how many working days must a final response determination be made?
20 working days
What can requesters do if they are dissatisfied with the results of a FOIA request?
Sue the Air Force
What are the two types of FOIA request?
What type of request is processed quickly and in small volumes?
Who does a requester submit an appeal to?
Secretary of the Air Force
What report is mandated by the statute, reported on a fiscal basis, and submitted to the Attorney General?
FOIA Report
Who is responsible for reporting information ont he annual FOIA report?
FOIA Manager
What does the Privacy Act of 1974 do for individuals?
Protects personal information
What is a system of records?
Any agency reecords that contain PII
Where must the Air Force publish a description of its records systems covered by the PA?
Federal Register
Who is responsible to manage and safeguard the system?
System Managers
Who is the focal point in their functional area for general PA questions and correspondence?
Does a requester need to state the act when requesting records that are contained in a system of records?
How many workdays, if possible, should you give a copy of the requested records to the requestor?
10 workdays of receipt
What may a system manager ask if a third party is present during a record review?
Written consent
When can you release information to a third party?
When the person agrees orally or in writing
What is the fine for maintaining PA record systems that has not been published in the Federal Register or for making an unauthorized disclosure?
What are some examples of nonreleasable information?
How many days does a system manager have to process access denials?
5 workdays
How is PA information protected?
According to sensitivity
What must the system manager verify to avoid unauthorized disclosure of PA information?
Identity of requesters
How are records containing personal data disposed of?
However prevents compromise
What are the four heading for a PA statement?
-Purposes-Routine Users-Authority-Disclosure
What is displayed when an information system contains PA information?
Warning banners
For official use only information is a designation that applies to what type of information?
Government-specific business
What criteria must FOUO information meet under the FOIA?
Exemptions 2-9
How is an individiual paragraph in a classified document marked as FOUO?
FOUO at the beginning
What must be done if FOUO information is transmitted to authorized persons outside the DOD?
Explain why marked as FOUO
How is "For Official Use Only" information protected during duty hours?
Information kept out of sight.
How is "For Official Use Only" information protected during nonduty hours?
Stored to prevent unauthorized access.
What is done with "For Official Use Only" when protection from public disclosure is no longer needed?
Inform those who are affected
How is "For Official Use Only" information disposed?
Shredding/ripping the information
Can "For Official Use Only" information be recycled?
What is one objective of the publications and form smanagement program?
Make sure pubs and forms are accurate and accessible
Who is authorized to serve as the POC for publications and forms where the Air Force serves as the lead service?
Civilian employees and military members
Who ensures that OPRs follow guidance on creating, maintaining, and disposing of reports according to AFIs?
Who is solely responsible for the accuracy, currency, and integrity of the contents and for compliance with their publications and forms?
Who at a minimum needs to be one organizational level above the OPR?
Certifying official
What are approving officials?
Leaders responsible for policies and procedures.
What are the two types of Air Force publications?
All publications in the directive publications category must carry what statement in the publication header?
Compliance with publication is mandatory
What are some directive publications?
An AFPM must be converted to or integrated into an AFDP within how many days or the policy is no longer in effect and who approves all AFPMs?
-180 Days-SECAF
What are publications that extend or add material to publications issued by higher headquarters or agencies?
Air Force personnel use nondirective publications in what manner?
Instructional guides/how-to
What are the two types of visual aids and how are they used?
Temporary- To inform about contentPermanen- Explain content
Describe a departmental form.
A form used AF-wide by many different levels
What is important to remember if you download publications to your computer?
Check for changes constantly.
What is the single source for accessing, viewing, downloading, ordering, and printing electronic products?
What are the sections in Part I of the product announcement?
-publications released-pubs not available-rescinding pubs-general info
What is a subscription service?
E-mail notifications about changes
Why is the Rehabilitation Act important in publications?
To make sure all people can all have equal access to publications
Why is a releasability statement added?
Specify distribution limitations
How many interim changes can be issued to an Air Force departmental publication?
Up to 5
What are the two types of changes?
On administrative changes, why is there no coordination required?
Changes are non-substansive
What is the fine for maintaining a records system that has not been published in the Federal Register?
$50,000 or less
What is the Federal Register?
Daily pubs for rules and notices
What is an official system of records?
Federal record authorized by law to carry out the Air Force mission
What should you check prior to releasing personal information to third parties?
That its authorized under the PA
When can you ask a third party for personal information?
-Verify information-When you can't reach the individual
What are the two ways a PA statement may be given?
When is a PA statement given?
When collecting personal information from anyone
How are SSNs protected?
How are tapes and magnetic medium destroyed?
What is the purpose of the information collection and reports management program?
Reduce inefficiency in information collection
What is the basic policy for information collection reports?
Supply information for military purposes in a timely manner
What type of information collection requires a control symbol?
Information that is sent between multiple organizations
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