Intro to Database Chapter 1-3 Flashcards

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The purpose of a database is to help people keep track of things? (T or F)
An advantage of keeping data in lists is that if you update a data value in one row of data in a list, other occurences of the same data item in other rows will be automatically updated as well. ( T or F)
One problem with storing duplicated data is the potential for inconsistent values.( T or F) 
A relational database stores data in the form of lists. ( T or F) 
By separating data into tables containg data on only one theme each, making changes to the data is simplified. ( T or F) 
A relational database can be defined as a self-describing collection of related tables. ( T or F) 
Refential integrity constraints must be enforced by the application program. ( T or F) 
Most commercial databases are base on ______?
hierarchical model.
Relational database stores data in the form of ________? 
SQL stands for? 
Structured Query Language.
What are the four baisc components of a database system?
1) Database, 2) user, 3) DBMS, 4) Database Application 
The component of a database that makes it self-describing is the________?
The creation of a database and its tables is a functrion of which component of the database system?
Microsoft Access is an example of a _______?
Database Management System
What are the three things that make a relation?
The order of the columns in a relation must go from largest to smallest.
All entries in any column must be of the same kind.
A relation may have duplicate column names. 
What does tuple mean?
A row.
A key that contains more than one attribute is called a(n)__________?
composite key
A candidate key is ____?
When the primary key of one relation is placed into a second relation, it is called a ______.
foreign key
A rule that requires that the values in a forein key must have a matching value in the primary key to which the foreign key corresponds, is called _____.
Referential integrity constraint 
What are three true things about surrogate keys?
They are usually hidden on forms and reports.
They are unique.
They are numeric 
Which of the following is not a function of the database application in a database system?
a) Execute Application Logic
b) Control Concurrency
c) Create and process reports
D) Create and transmit queries
E) None of the above 
B) Control Concurrency. All the other three are functions of a database.
Name something true about a key.
It may be unique.
It may be nonunique.
It may identify more than one row.
What is the function of the DBMS in a database system?
What is an example of something thats not metadata and something that is metadata?
 Names of tables in a database is (METADATA)
Random numbers.(NOT)
Properties of tables in a database(METADAtA)
NAmes of columns in a database of which they belong(METADATA) 
Name two data types in Microsoft access
Text, Num
Name two other things that have the same meaning as field.
column and attribute both mean the same as field.
Name the three types of objects in Microsoft access.
forms reports and quieres
What is a relation?
A Table.
Each relation is a ____ dimensional table.
The attributes of an entity become the ____ in a table.
Rows are also called ________.
The ____ key of a table is the column that uniquely identifies a row in a table.
Primary Key
What is a primary key?
It is a unique.
Used to represent rows in relationships
Can be candidate key
Used to identify unique rows
STUDENT(SID, S-Name, Major, AdvisorID)
ADVISOR(AdvisorID, A-Name, Office, Phone) 
What is the foreign key? 
In Microsoft Access the data type of a surrogate key is called a _______? 
The first step of the Normalization process is to _____?
Identify all candidate keys of a relation.
What is true about null values?
Null values cannot be avoided
Null value can mean that the value is known to be blank
a null value can mean that the vaule is unknown
value is amibuous. 
Name an example of a popular DBMS software 
SQL, Oracle, Microsoft access, many more.
The relationships between two attributes that denotes that given the value of the first attribute is known,m the value of the second attribute can be determined, is called a(n) ___________?
funtioncally dependent.
What does the primary key of the relation determine?
It funtionally determines all of the attributes in the relation.
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