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Terms Definitions
The successful diagnosis of a problem results in a KE. On the basis of this KE a RFC may be raised. When can the KE be closed?
When a review of the change has lead to a satisfactory result.
When an organization decides to control the flow of incident information within the IT organization, which ITIL process would it be putting in place?
Incident Management
When must a Post Implementation Review take place?
After every change.
IT Service Continuity Management responsibilities include...
Analyzing risks. Testing back-out arrangements. Drawing up back-out scenarios.
Which ITIL process has the objective of helping to monitor the IT services by maintaining a logical model of the IT infrastructure and IT services?
Configuration Management.
According to the Deming quality circle a number of steps must be performed repeatedly in order to ensure good performance.
The Deming quality circle is a model for control based on quality. Which step in this model must be taken first?
A process is a logically coherent series of activities for a pre-defined goal. What is the process owner responsible for?
The result of the process.
What is the difference between a process and a project?
A process is continuous and has no end date, whereas a project has a finite life span.
What is the basis of the ITIL approach to service management?
Interrelated Activities.
The following is one benefit of ITIL...
The quality and the costs of the IT services can be controlled more efficiently.
Which activity takes place immediately after recording and registering an incident.
In an organization, the purchasing department has relocated their IT resources. A service desk employee has been comissioned to relocate this departments workstations. In which ITIL process is this employee now playing a role?
Change Management
Information is regularly exchanged between Problem Management and Change Management. What information is this?
RFCs resulting from known errors.
In IT Service Continuity Management various precautionary measures are taken, for example using an emergency power provision. Which ITIL process could also initiate this kind of measure?
Availability Management.
The __________ functions as the first contact for the customer.
Service Desk.
Which ITIL process or which ITIL department has responsibilites that include distributing information to users?
Service Desk
Is the following statement True or False? Solving a problem IS NOT a Service Desk activity.
Who is responsible for tracking and monitoring an incident?
Service Desk
A call to the Service Desk regarding a system message that a printer is not working would be classified as an __________
Is the following statement true or false? The Service Desk is a process.
False. The service desk is a department.
One of problem management's tasks is to proactively prevent incidents. With this in mind is the following statement true or false? Analyzing reported incidents in order to make recommendations can be categorized as being proactive.
One of the objectives of problem management is to minimize the impact of problems on IT services. Which activity needs to be carried out by problem management in order to achieve this?
Managing Known Errors.
Which status is a problem assigned once its cause has been identified?
Known Error.
Which activitiy in the problem management process is responsible for generating Requests for Change (RFC) ?
Error Control.
When the cause of one or more incidents is not known, additional resources are assigned to identify the cause. Which ITIL process is responsible for this?
Problem Management.
Which ITIL process provides change proposals in order to eliminate structural errors?
Problem Management.
When is a known error identified?
When the cause of the problem is known.
Is the following statement true or false? Analyzing trends is part of proactive problem management.
Which ITIL process is responsible for tracing the underlying cause of errors.
Problem Management
Is the following statement true or false? Trend analysis is an example of proactive problem management.
How does problem management contribute to a higher solution percentage of first-line support?
By making a knowledge database available.
What is the primary task of error control?
Correcting known errors.
What is the term used for a situation derived from a series of incidents with the same characteristics?
A problem.
What is meant by the urgency of an incident?
The degree to which the soulution of an incident tolerates delay. calls the service desk and reports that the system is slow. He asks whether he can be given another pc like his colleague's which is much faster. Which term is applicable to this situation?
Reports of different types arrive at a service desk. A report that is printer is not working would be also known as an __________
Which ITIL process has the following objective? Correcting malfunctions in the services as quickly as possible by minimizing the consequences of the malfunctions, so that the user is hindered as little as possible.
Incident Management.
What is the first step when registering an incident?
Assign an incident number.
Which ITIL process has the task of classifying incoming interruption reports?
Incident Management
Which of the following parties involved in an incident determines whether that incident can be closed?
What is the use of additional technical expertise in the Incident Management process called?
Functional Escalation.
Of which ITIL process are Reliability, Servicability and Maintainability components?
Availability Management
What is the meaning of the term serviceability?
The degree to which the provision of IT services can be supported by maintenance contracts.
What's the definition of the term "Mean Time To Repair" (MTTR)?
Average downtime of a service.
Which ITIL process manager requires a report specifying the duration of an interruption of a configuration item?
Availability Manager
The application sizing activity is part of capacity management. What is application sizing?
Determining the hardware capacity required to support new or adapted applications.
The capacity manager asks the user of an application whether a certain activity can be peformed at night so the CPU is not overloaded during the day. What part of the capacity management process does this refer to?
Demand Management
For what is capacity management responsible?
resource management.
Which ITIL process is responsible for determining the hardware necessary in order to support an application.
Capacity Management
An analysis has been made regarding the expansion of the customer information db. The result indicates that the mainframe disk capacity must be increased. Which process is responsible for sharing this information on time?
Capacity Management
The cash registers ina supermarket experience network disruptions daily between 4pm and 6pm. Which ITIL process is responsible for solving these difficulties on a structural basis?
Problem Management.
In change management, a number of activities take place between the acceptance of a reques for change and the completion of the change. Which activity is performed after acceptance of a request for change?
Determining the urgency of the change.
Where are the statuses of changes recorded?
In the configuration management database. (CMDB)
A user reports a PC problem to the Service Desk. A service desk rep determines that the PC is defective and indicates that according to the services catalogue, the PC will be replaced within three hours. Which ITIL process is responsible this?
Change Management
Who decides the category of a change?
The change manager.
An organization plaons on implementing a new network operating system. Before the actual implementation takes place, the plan of approach for achieving the implementation is discussed. Under whose leadership is the discussion held?
The change manager
What is a change that must be made quickly called?
An urgent change.
Changes are divided into categories. What criterion defines a category for a change?
The consequences of the change such as limited, substantial, significant, etc.
When implementing a new version of an application both change management and release management are involved. What is the responsibility of the change management process here?
Change managmement plays a coordinating role in this phase.
What is a request to replace something within the IT infrastructure called?
Request for change.
In the change management process, which role is ultimately responsible for the entire process?
Change Manager
Which ITIL process is responsible for handling an application for a new workstation according to a standard working method?
Change Management
Where is the planning of changes kept up to date?
FSC (Forward Schedule of Changes)
What is the term used for a fully described and approved change that does not have to be evaluated by change management each time?
Standard Change
Which ITIL process aims to prevent incidents resulting from changes to the IT infrastructrue?
Change Management
Which subject should be one of the standard items on the agenda of a meeting of the Change Advisory Board (CAB)?
Ongoing or concluded changes.
A power failure has knocked out the entire IT infrastructure. Fortunately, there is an ITSC Plan available. When should power failure be considered a disaster to enact the ITSC Plan?
When the continuity manager expects the failure to last longer than the maximum period of time mentioned in the service level agreement.
Which ITIL process is responsible for analyzing risks and counter measures?
IT service continuity management
Which ITIL process aims to trace business-critical services for which supplementary emergency measures must be taken?
IT Service Continuity Management
Which ITIL process carries out a risk analysis on the possible threats to and vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure?
IT Service Continuity Management
Is the following statement true or false? The service catalogue describes all services that can be supplied by the IT management organization.
Which aspects are described in a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
The quality expressed in quantity and costs of the services offered.
What aspects would you not expect to see in a Service level report designed for the customer?
The average utilization Level of the service desk
How can an organization determine the effectiveness of the Service Level Management process?
By measuring customer satisfaction.
Which ITIL process is responsible for creating the cost agreements for extra support of the service desk?
Service Level Management
Users have complained about the e-mail service. An evaluation of the service has been performed. Which activity takes place after the evaluation of a service?
Adjusting of the service.
Where are activities documented with the aim of improving an IT service?
Service Improvement Program (SIP)
In the service level management process, what happens during the activity called "monitoring"?
Guarding agreements with the customer
Which ITIL process verifies that the modifications which have been made to the IT infrastucture have been properly documented?
Configuration Management
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) includes both Asset Management and Configuration Management. What is the difference between the two?
Asset Management monitors aspects such as depreciation and configuration management monitors aspects such as the relationships between the configuration items.
In the company a specific component of the IT infrastructure has been modified. This could have consequences for other components. What ITIL process should be set up in order to provide good insight into these consequences?
Configuration Management
What does the term 'detail level' mean in the context of the configuration management database (CMDB)?
The depth of the database structure.
Which ITIL process includes the activity of describing and registering all components in the IT infrastucture?
configuration management
What is a baseline in the IT infrastructure?
A standard configuration (such as a standard workstation)
For which of the following activities of configuration management are audits regularly implemented?
Which data, for a new configuration item (CI), is recorded in the configuration management database (cmdb)?
The relationship to other configuration items.
A number of new PCs have been installed at a company's offices. Recording data regarding the PCs would be a responsibility of which process?
Configuration Management.
True or false? The following question can not be answered directly from the CMDB. Which members of the staff of deparment X have moved to department Y?
What is the criterion used by change management in determining the category for a request for change?
When is a back-out plan invoked?
When it is found that something went wrong when implementing a change.
Release management has distributed a defective release. As a result, monthly invoicing has come to a standstill. This has very radical consequences for the business and has been reproted as an incident. According to ITIL best practices, what should hap
Release Management will implement the back-out plan.
What is the first activity when implementing a release?
compiling the release schedule
The spell check module of a word-processing software package contains a number of errors. The development department has corrected these errors in a new version. Which process is responsible for ensuring this updated version is tested?
Release Management
Best describe the contents fo the Definitive Software Library.
Authorized versions of all softtware used on the infrastructure.
Software is checked for viruses before it goes into the Definitive Software Library (DSL). What ITL process is responsible for ensuring that only virus-free software is put into the DSL?
Release Management
Which ITIL process is responsible for annually allocating the costs of underpinning contracts?
Financial Management for IT Services.
Which ITIL process is responsible for setting up the cost allocation system?
Financial Management for IT services.
Which activity in the ITIL process "Financial Management for IT Services" is responsible for billing the services that were provided to the customer?
Which ITIL process provides an insight, through the modeling activity, into trends that could cause performance problems in the future?
Capacity Management.
Which ITIL process has responsibility in preventing unauthorized access to data?
Security Management.
Where are agreements regarding security management recorded?
In a Service Level Agreement. (SLA)
Which ITIL process handles the implementation of the policy for access management and access to information systems?
security management
Which ITIL process ensures that the information that has been made available satisfies the specified information security requirements?
security management
The correctness of data best describes the basic concept of integrity in which process?
security management
Security Management includes a number of sub-processes. Which activity of Security management leads to a security sub-clause in the Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
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