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Windows Live
Terms Definitions
Transferring a subfolder to a USB flash drive is called importing.
If an appointment is being moved to a new date but remaining in the same time slot, the appointment can be dragged to the new date in the Date Navigator.
Appointments can be deleted using the INSERT key.
The Record button allows you to insert a voice recording to your message.
   instant messaging
Outlook has a(n) _____ feature that works in conjunction with Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger.
_____ can be set up either to delete expired items permanently, and/or move old items to a special archive file.
When a conversation is complete, the _____ window should be closed to end the conversation.
   free, busy, or out of the office
The details of an event can be indicated as time that is _____ during the event.
A(n) _________________________ is an appointment to which other resources or people are invited.
   8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The default workday time slots are set from _____ in one hour increments.
Work Week
The advantage of displaying a calendar in the _________________________ view, shown in the accompanying figure, is to see how many appointments are scheduled for the Monday through Friday timeframe, eliminating the weekends.
Scheduled events occupy time slots in the appointment area.
If you accidentally delete a subfolder without first exporting it to an external storage device, the subfolder still can be opened by double-clicking it in the Deleted Items in the Folders List.
To use Windows Live Messenger with Outlook, the person with whom you want to communicate must be online.
Examples of events include birthdays, conferences, holidays, and vacations.
When you send an appointment to a coworker or classmate, right-click the appointment and click _____ on the shortcut menu.
   Change color scheme
The _____ button allows you to change the appearance of the message window.
per-folder settings
You can have _________________________ that will override the global settings.
   all of the above
Calendar allows you to schedule _____ for yourself as well as others.
Outlook’s Calendar is unable to convert words such as yesterday and tomorrow to actual dates.
daily style
A printout of a single day of the calendar, called _________________________, shows the day’s appointments, tasks, and a two-month calendar.
When a recipient receives a task assignment, it appears in his or her _____.
To add details to tasks, such as start dates, status, and priority, double-click a task in the task list to open a Task window.
   Navigation Pane
The _____ contains two sets of buttons and two panes: the Date Navigator pane and My Calendars pane.
print styles
All or part of a calendar can be printed in a number of different layouts, also called _________________________.
When entering an appointment into a time slot that is not visible in the current view, you can use the scroll bar to bring the time slot into view.
Saving your work to an external storage device allows you to take your schedule to another computer.
   MSN Hotmail
_____ is a Microsoft service that provides free e-mail accounts to allow you to read your e-mail message from any computer connected to the Internet.
Events display as individual time slots in the appointment area.
Tasks allow for the creation of a(n) _____ list of items that need to be traced through completion.
All of the following are possible recurrence patterns in the Appointment Recurrence options dialog box except _____.
It is not possible to invite multiple attendees to a meeting by sending a single invitation in Outlook.
Outlook can display calendars in _____ different views.
It is not possible to propose a new time when you receive a meeting request.
The Work Week view shows seven days (Sunday through Saturday) in columnar style.
   all of the above
A possible reason to update a meeting request may be _____.
The default settings of AutoArchive are referred to as _____ settings.
In the accompanying figure, the Print _____ area of the dialog box determines the layout for the calendar.
natural language phrases
The start time shown in the accompanying figure is an example of using _________________________, such as next Wednesday and noon, to enter appointment dates and times.
If an appointment needs to be changed to a new time slot, you can _____ it to the new time slot.
Moving a subfolder back to a computer is called _____.
   Instant messaging
_____ is real-time communication shown in a pop-up style application that occurs as a typed conversation between two or more participants.
   Assign Task
To assign any task to an individual in your contact list, click the _____ button on the Ribbon.
Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrence patterns are not possible in the Recurrence pattern options.
When an event is scheduled, its description appears in a small _____ below the day heading.
Appointments may be _____ to make them easier to view.
Import and Export Wizard
Outlook uses a(n) _________________________ to guide you through the process of saving an entire subfolder.
Outlook offers up to _____ color categories to choose from to categorize appointments and meetings.
A single occurrence in a series of recurring appointments cannot be altered.
A(n) _________________________ is an activity that lasts 24 hours or longer.
To display the Smart Tag menu, you click the Person Names Smart Tag in the _____ Pane.
When a recipient receives a task assignment, he or she has the option to accept or decline the task.
   Deleted Items folder
If the meeting request is declined, the request is moved to the _____.
Week view
The advantage of displaying a calendar in _________________________ is to see how many appointments are scheduled for any given week.
All appointments, events, meetings, and tasks are saved as a group on your hard disk.
When you receive a meeting request, you can choose any of the following responses except _____.
In Week view, the seven days of the selected week appear in the appointment area.
If an appointment is being moved to a month not displayed in the Date Navigator, it can be dragged to that date.
Outlook allows you to add or delete columns, called _________________________, so you can display only the information that you want to view.
With the daily appointment organized, the best way to organize the many duties and projects for each day is to use Calendar.
AutoDate function
In the accompanying figure, Outlook’s _________________________ provides the capability of specifying appointment dates and times using phrases such as yesterday and two weeks from today.
Printing a calendar in Weekly Style can be accomplished by clicking the _____ button on the Standard toolbar while viewing the calendar in Week view.
If you make a mistake while typing and notice the error before clicking outside the time slot or pressing ENTER, use the DELETE key to erase all the characters back to and including the error.
   Windows Live ID
The _____ service is a secure way for you to sign in to multiple Web sites with a single user name and password.
Outlook can save a subfolder on a USB flash drive, adding the extension _________________________.
Windows Live Messenger
_________________________, which is included with the Windows Vista operating system, allows you to communicate instantly with your online contacts.
Show full week
To change the calendar displayed in the accompanying figure to Week view, click the _________________________ option button.
   24 hours
An event is an activity that lasts _____ or longer.
The _____ designation in the Appointment window prevents viewing by other users with access to your calendar.
   Daily Style
In the accompanying figure, the calendar will print in the _____ printout which includes the day’s appointments, tasks, and a two-month calendar.
_____ is the perfect tool to maintain a personal schedule and help plan meetings.
Appointments can be color coded to make them easier to view.
If you decide that you want to move archived items back to their original folders, you can use the Restore wizard to move the items back to the original folder or any folder you specify.
If an activity happens regularly on the same day and time, it is _____.
_________________________ provides you with a medium on which to record thoughts, ideas, and questions.
Appointment window
You can enter appointments either by typing them directly into the appointment area or you can enter them using the _________________________.
When an event is scheduled, its description appears in a small _________________________ below the day heading.
The Calendar – Microsoft Outlook window includes a variety of features to help you work more efficiently.
The default settings of AutoArchive are set to archive all folders except the _____ folder.
Day/Week/Month view
The default view type of the Calendar folder is the _________________________.
   Page Setup
In the accompanying figure, the margins or paper size can be changed in the _____ dialog box.
   show a ScreenTip indicating the person’s online status
Placing the mouse pointer over the Person Names Smart Tag will _____.
   Page Setup
In the accompanying figure, the _____ button allows style modifications to calendar printouts.
The Month view resembles a standard monthly calendar page and displays a schedule for an entire month.
_________________________ can be simple to do items, daily reminders, assignments with due dates, or business responsibilities.
Many appointments are _____, which means they occur at regular intervals.
An appointment can be set as recurring when it first is entered.
If a meeting request is declined, the request is moved to the Recycle Bin, and the meeting organizer receives a message indicating that the request was declined.
_____ can be deleted from Outlook.
A(n) _________________________ is an activity that does not involve other resources or people.
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