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Computer file
Terms Definitions
When ____ follows a menu command, clicking that command will display a dialog box.
an ellipsis
Across the bottom of the document window, Photoshop displays the _________________________.
status bar
The gray work area, the options bar, and the palettes are referred to collectively as the _________________________.
Resizing works best for small changes where exact dimensions are critical.
Photoshop does not allow you to save composite images.
_________________________ refers to the percentage of enlargement or reduction on the screen.
File _________________________ are identified by a three- or four-letter specification after the file name.
Rulers help you position images or elements precisely.
The default setting for file extensions in Photoshop is to use a three-letter extension.
Metadata is divided into four categories: file information, image usage, image creation data, and optimization options.
On the left side of the workspace is the Photoshop _________________________, which includes the Move Tool and the Dodge Tool, for example.
Tools palette
Blending refers to the level at which you can see through a color to reveal the paper or layer beneath it.
The ____ process adds new pixels to a photo to match those already there.
The _________________________ of the document window displays the name of the file.
title bar
Photoshop opens a default photo automatically, in the same way that Microsoft Word opens a blank document.
You can press the CTRL + or CTRL - shortcut keys to zoom a photo.
_________________________ use a numerical method to determine how to display and print colors.
Color modesColor models
____ modes are the ways in which pixels in an image are affected by a color.
Optimization is the process of changing a photo to make it most effective for its purpose.
The Zoom Tool (Z) button displays a microscope icon in the Photoshop Tools palette.
If you do not make any changes to a photo since the last time you saved it, when you quit Photoshop, you will be prompted to save the photo nevertheless.
Magnification changes the size of a photo physically.
One type of digital image is a digital _________________________, originally produced on light-sensitive film but now commonly captured and stored as a digitized array inside a camera.
Zooming in or dragging a corner of the document window to change the size is the same as changing the dimensions of the photo.
At anytime while you are using Photoshop you can get answers to questions through Adobe Help.
Editing involves a wide variety of tasks such as changing the focus of interest, recoloring portions of a photo, correcting defects, and changing the file type for specific purposes.
Adobe Bridge is a file exploration tool similar to Windows Explorer.
A(n) _________________________ is a collection of graphically displayed choices and commands, such as those involving colors, brushes, actions, or layers.
As shown in the accompanying figure, the Photoshop ____ consists of a variety of components to make your work more efficient and photo documents more professional.
Your installation of Photoshop may display rulers at the ____ of the document window.
top and left
When you point to many objects in the Photoshop window, such as a tool or button, Photoshop displays a ____.
tool tip
All photos lend themselves to resizing.
When you have a print copy of a picture that you wish to use in Photoshop, rather than a digital file stored on your computer, it sometimes is necessary to digitize the picture using a ____.
1% opacity appears nearly completely opaque, whereas 100% opacity appears nearly transparent.
A(n) _________________________ refers to the internal characteristics of digital files; it designates the operational or structural characteristics of a file.
file type
Which of the following may display in the message area?
all of the above
Photoshop keeps track of all your edits in the ____ palette.
Some palettes display by default as stacked tabs in small windows on the right side of the workspace.
Computer systems use the file size to help users open the file with the appropriate software.
The colored box in the Navigator palette is called the ____.
proxy view area
Selections can be the entire photo or as small a portion as one pixel.
A photo does not need to be stored as a digital file in order to be opened in Photoshop.
To _________________________ a photo, you bring a copy of the file from the storage location to the screen where you can make changes to the photo.
Changes you make to a photo do not become permanent until you _________________________ or store them on a storage device.
The Hand tool can be used to change the size of a photo.
Photoshop CS3 is available for the PC, but not for the Macintosh computer system as of this writing.
The options bar changes to reflect the tool currently selected on the _________________________.
Tools palette
A ____ is an individual dot of light that is the basic unit used to create digital images.
A(n) ____ separates a file name and its extension.
Clicking the _________________________ collapses a palette group.
Collapse to Icons button
____ files can contain both bitmap and vector graphics.
The Tools palette is a group of _________________________ or buttons, similar in general purpose, organized into a movable toolbar.
The _________________________ palette is used to change quickly the view of artwork using a thumbnail display and to change magnification.
Bridge replaces previous file browsing techniques and can be used with any of the software programs in the suite.
A ____ is a decorative edge on a photo or a portion of a photo.
The _________________________ is a special toolbar that displays the Photoshop menu names.
menu bar
The options bar also contains the _________________________ button that is clicked to access the file browsing and organization tool included with Photoshop.
Go to Bridge
When you close a palette by clicking the Close button, it no longer is displayed.
PSD supports files up to 2 MB.
A(n) ____ in a Photoshop menu means the setting is currently used or displayed.
check mark
Photoshop displays some _________________________ commands that appear gray instead of black, which indicates they are not available for the current selection.
A shortcut menu sometimes is known as a(n) ____ menu.
To start Photoshop, Windows must be running.
Some tools open a dialog box.
When you use the Print One Copy command to print a document, Photoshop prints the photo automatically using preset options.
Smoothing a border adjusts the radius of the pixels at the inner corners of the border and adds them to the selection, resulting in a rounded, rectangular border selection.
You can move the options bar by dragging its _________________________ located on the left of the options bar.
gripper bar
Only Photoshop can import PSD files because there is no integration across Adobe products.
The _________________________ is the portion of the document window that displays the photo or image.
display area
Adobe Illustrator is like a database for all your photos.
____ is a standard format used by photo hardware devices that supports many different color modes, and one that can be used on the Web.
You can cluster individual palettes into preference groups.
Photoshop CS3 is part of the Adobe ____ Suite.
A printed version of a photo is also called a soft copy.
_________________________ display on the right side and bottom of the document window.
Scroll bars
The goal of most cropping is to make the most important feature in the original photo stand out.
If you point to a command on a menu that has an arrow to its right edge, a(n) _________________________, or secondary menu, displays another list of commands.
Using Adobe Help can increase your productivity and reduce your frustration by minimizing the time you spend learning how to use Photoshop.
Clicking the black _________________________ expands a palette group.
Expand Dock button
A(n) _________________________ menu displays commands relevant to the active tool, selection, or palette.
As you work in Photoshop, the palettes, the selected tool, and the options bar settings are unlikely to change.
Dragging the proxy view area changes the portion of the picture that is displayed in the document window.
The options bar is _________________________, which means it changes as you select different tools.
context sensitive
Rounded borders soften the images in a photo.
The _________________________ displays the active open file
document window
The ____ format is a compressed graphic format designed to minimize file size and electronic transfer time.
Each edit or state of a photo is recorded sequentially in the Redo palette.
Selection tools on the Tools palette can help users make selections in a photo.
The _________________________ is displayed below the menu bar, and it contains buttons and boxes that allow you to perform tasks more quickly than using the menu bar and related menus.
options bar
To deselect a previous selection, click the document window away from the selection.
____ allows you to focus on certain parts of a photo.
As shown in the accompanying figure, the _________________________ on the Tools palette, is used to drag or select the portion of the photo you wish to retain.
Crop Tool (C) button
A(n) _________________________ command does not currently display on a menu.
Many photographers and graphic artists use the rule of thirds when placing the focus of interest.
If you press and hold ____ when you click the menu name, all menu commands including hidden ones will display.
When you quit Photoshop, a dialog box may display asking if you want to save the changes.
Pressing the ____ key toggles the display of palettes, Tools palette, and options bar on and off.
You can activate Adobe Help by pressing F1.
Menus may display keyboard _________________________ that indicate keys you can press on the keyboard to perform the same tasks as clicking a command on the menu.
The tools on the Tools palette are organized alphabetically by tool name.
Specifying or isolating an area of your photo for editing is called making a selection.
A(n) _________________________ is a device used to convert an image into a digital form for storage, retrieval, or other electronic purposes.
Image editing software refers to computer programs that allow you to create and modify _________________________, or pictures in electronic form.
digital images
If you turn off the computer, the document in memory is lost.
Each _________________________ contains a list of commands you can use to perform tasks such as opening, saving, printing, and editing photos.
If you make a mistake while dragging the cropping area and want to start over, you can press the ____ key, which cancels the selection.
The Photoshop _________________________, located below the menu bar and options bar, is arranged to help you focus on creating and editing photos.
____ is a flexible file format based on the PostScript imaging model that is cross-platform and cross-application.
Photoshop uses a mathematical process called ____ when it changes the number of pixels.
Many Web sites offer royalty free stock photos.
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