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Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete _____ program that allows you to produce professional-looking slide shows.
   presentation graphics
All of the following are PowerPoint features except _____.
   database management
The _____ feature in PowerPoint allows you to create bulleted lists, combine words and images, find and replace text, and use multiple fonts and type sizes.
   word processing
PowerPoint gives a user the flexibility to make presentations _____.
   all of the above
The best starting point to developing a presentation is to _____.
   establish why the presentation is needed
When choosing words for PowerPoint slides, _____.
   use the less is more principle
The title of a presentation is displayed in the _____.
   title bar
The _____ view is the default view when a user opens PowerPoint.
The basic unit of any PowerPoint presentation is a(n) _____.
In the accompanying figure, what is the box with the dotted or hatch-marked borders that are displayed when you create a new slide known as?
In the accompanying figure, what is the area with ‘Slide 1 of 5’ and “Flow” known as?
   status bar
In the accompanying figure, what is the bar between the Slides tab and the Slide pane known as?
   splitter bar
When a second slide is added to a presentation, a _____ appears on the right side of the Slide pane to allow users to move forward or backward through the presentation.
   vertical scroll bar
The status bar consists of information about the document and _____.
   the View buttons
The _____ is considered the control center in PowerPoint 2007.
Information that you would like to share with your audience but not appear on the slide can be written in the ____ pane.
Groups are located on a particular _____.
The ____ can be minimized.
The most often used commands are located on the ____ tab.
Dialog boxes can be displayed by clicking the _____ located in the lower-right corner of some groups.
   Dialog Box Launcher
What is initially transparent, disappears if not used, but is bright in appearance when the mouse is moved over it?
   the Mini toolbar
To include a command on the Quick Access Toolbar, _____.
   right-click the command
In the accompanying figure, what is the circular button in the top-left corner of the PowerPoint window called?
   Office Button
In the accompanying figure, what are the eight colorful slide thumbnails called?
How are themes arranged in the Themes gallery?
   in alphabetical order running from left to right
The default setting for the Undo command reverses up to the last ____ changes.
How many paragraph levels does PowerPoint 2007 allow?
After you have selected text that you would like to change the font size, click the Decrease Font Size or Increase Font Size buttons located _____.
   on the Mini toolbar
If you want text indented on a line to create a lower-level paragraph, _____ the text.
A selected placeholder is indicated by a ____.
   dashed line
The ____ button is used to view the PowerPoint presentation in full screen view.
   Slide Show
You can run through slides in a slide show by clicking the mouse or using the ____ keys.
When running a slide show, a ____ appears near your mouse pointer when you right-click.
   pop-up menu
A(n) _____ is available in PowerPoint to add special words such as proper names, cities, and acronyms to a presentation, so that they will not be marked as spelling errors.
   custom dictionary
What button in the Spelling dialog box is used to skip a word one time?
What happens when PowerPoint encounters a proper name, an abbreviation, or a technical term?
   It treats the word as a misspelling and places a red line under it.
What button is used in the Spelling dialog box after you have selected a word from the list and want to include it in the presentation?
Generally, the three types of corrections made to text in a presentation are _____.
   additions, deletions, and replacements
The DELETE and ____ keys on the keyboard will delete a word from a PowerPoint slide.
If you have highlighted a word and want to have a different word replace it, what must you do?
   type the new word
The charting feature of PowerPoint assists users in developing a presentation using an outline format and/or importing outlines from word processing programs.
PowerPoint users can insert artwork and multimedia effects, including pictures, photos, sounds, and movies, into a presentation.
Graphics and animations, as well as text, can be entered on the Outline tab in the Normal view.
The Ribbon contains tabs, scroll bars, and the status bar.
Commands are located within a group.
Each time you open PowerPoint, the Ribbon appears the same way it did the previous time you used it.
A command is a set of graphical choices arranged in a grid or in a list.
CTRL+F1 allows you to minimize or maximize the Ribbon.
A dialog box can remain open and visible while working on a presentation, but a task pane must be closed before continuing to work.
The Mini toolbar contains buttons for bold, italics, and alignment.
A shortcut menu appears when you right-click an object.
The shortcut menu initially contains the Save, Undo, and Redo commands.
You can add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar but you cannot delete them.
The SHIFT key can be used instead of the mouse to display a Key Tip badge.
A document theme is a collection of formatting options such as a set of colors, a set of heading and content text fonts, and a set of lines and fill effects.
When a line of text is too long to fit in a placeholder, the text is automatically line wrapped.
A paragraph is a portion of text with the same format and at the same level when you press the ENTER key in a placeholder.
The Increase Font Size button is available on the Mini toolbar.
You cannot save PowerPoint 2007 files in previous version formats.
A saved presentation is referred to as a file.
When a new slide is added to a presentation, PowerPoint keeps the same layout used on the previous slide.
Slides cannot be duplicated.
The drag and drop method can be used for text but cannot be used for objects such as graphics.
PowerPoint 2007 files can be viewed in previous versions of PowerPoint only after downloading a compatibility pack from Microsoft.
It is considered good practice to save a presentation and then print it.
The Notes pane is primarily for graphics, animations, and hyperlinks.
The Ribbon contains seven top-level groups.
Clicking the Redo button reverses the last undo action.
Use the ALT key to select different placeholders or different paragraph text that are nonadjacent.
There is a Save As button located on the Quick Access Toolbar.
The _________________________ feature in PowerPoint provides the capability to share your presentation with others.
Using the _________________________ feature in PowerPoint, a user can form and modify diagrams using shapes such as arcs, arrows, cubes, rectangles, stars, and triangles.
A(n) _________________________ allows you to verify that your presentation has not been altered since you created it.
digital signature
A(n) _________________________ window fills the entire screen.
_________________________ are boxes that display when a new slide is created.
The _________________________ bar can be adjusted to change the height of the Notes pane.
The _________________________, which may be located at the bottom of the Slide pane, allows a user to display a portion of the slide when the entire slide does not fit on the screen.
horizontal scroll bar
The feature that allows you to point to a gallery choice and see how it will look on your slide is known as_________________________.
live preview
A(n) _________________________ contains a list of commands or items that relate to the item to which you are pointing when you right-click.
shortcut menu
The _________________________ is located directly above the Ribbon.
Quick Access Toolbar
A PowerPoint 2007 file name in Microsoft Vista can be as many as _________________________ characters in length.
While PowerPoint is saving a file, it briefly displays a message on the _________________________ indicating the amount of the file saved.
status bar
Press the _________________________ key to increase the indent, or demote, bulleted text.
The Cut button is located in the _________________________ group.
Details about a file can be found in the _________________________.
document properties
Click the _________________________ button to overwrite a new version over a previously saved file.
The _________________________ function key runs the slide show.
While running a slide show, the _________________________ command allows you to jump to any slide in the presentation.
Go to slide
The _________________________ command finishes the Slide Show view and returns to the same view as when you clicked the Slide Show button.
End Show
The _________________________ button on the View tab shows a presentation in black and white so you know what it will look like if you are printing it on a printer without color.
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