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Supply chain management terms
Terms Definitions
A vendor has just delivered materials to you. The materials were received directly into Blocked Stock. As a result, SAP performed...(1 answer)
Material management document
Your project team is involved in implementing the MM module for procurement. You need to explain the organization level relevant to procurement. What will you descibe to your team?(4 answers)
- Client- Plant- Purchasing Organization- Purchasing Group
A colleague is asking a question about purchase organizations and purchasing groups. While explaining purchase organization, you include...(2 answers)
- The unit legally responsible for purchasing contracts- negotiates prices and conditions with vendors
Your company has agreed to purchase materials from a new supplier. Master data must be created for this supplier. While creating this master data, you can create....(2 answers)
- general data which has data relevant at the client level- accounting data relevant for the company code
A client calls you asking about purchasing a new vehicle needed for transportation. This vehicle will be put into use immediately upon receipt.. Your client wants to know how to handle this. What is correct regarding this vehicle?(2 answers)
- no material master record- with a master record with no value based inventory but with quantity based inventory
You're explaining consumable materials to a client. When purchasing a consumable material, you explain the importance of account assignment objects. What can be used as account assignment objects?(4 answers)
- cost center- asset- production order- sales order
A raw material jsut arrived from a vendor. You perform a GR with reference to the PO. What are not effects of this receipt?(2 answers)
- Dedit GR/IR account- Price variances posted
Your accounting department is about to enter a vendor's invoice for materials into SAP. As a result, SAP will perform...(2 answers)
- Debit GR/IR account- Credit vendor subledger
While explaining PO creation to your client, you emphasize the importanct of organizational levels. During your explanation, you identify what to be required to create the PO?(3 answers)
- Plant- Purchasing Organization- Purchasing Group
Logistic invoice verification, in SAP ERP, is the process whereby a vendor's invoice is compared to the goods receipt document and the purchase order. What business integration processes, within SAP ERP, occurs with the completion of logistic invoice veri
- the provisions in the GR/IR clearing account are reversed- the purchase order history is updated- an open item is created in the vendor's account
Within SAP ERP Procurement, the procurement process is completed by logistics invoice verification. What happens when the invoice is posted in SAP ERP?(1 answer)
the GR/IR account within the general ledger is detailed
True statements about Purchasing Organization(CATA-2 answers)
- negotiates Conditions of purchase with vendors- can purchase for multiple plants
What organizational elements control(s) the entry of the financial data view for a vendor?(1 answer)
Company Code
What information can be maintained on a Purchasing Info Record?(CATA - 2 answers)
- Freight and Discounts- Texts
Which item category would you use to have the vendor ship the goods directly to a customer?(1 answer)
Third Party
Which statements are true about Purchase Order based Invoice Verification?(CATA - 2 answers)
- Invoices for purchase orders with no receipts may be posted- a purchase order with 3 lines and only one line received, can be fully paid
What are the required assignment of organizational data for a Purchase Order? (header or item?)(CATA - 5 answers)
Company Code - headerPurchasing Organization - headerPurchasing Group - headerPlant - itemStroage Location - S. loc. is not required for PO but is for GR
What organizational units are used in purchasing?(3 answers)
- Purchasing Group- Plant- Purchasing Organization
Examples of item categories?(3 answers)
- subcontracting- consignment- third party
Which kind of Business Process follows Invoice Verification?(2 answers)
- moving average price is updated- invoice document is in PO history
What are the impacts of a Goods Receipt?(CATA - 3 answers)
- posts material document- has an integration FI- updates the PO history
Purchase requisition can be created by...(CATA - 2 answers)
- automatically via MRP- manually
In what scenario can you have a cross-plant purchasing organization buy materials?
all plants in one company code
What accounts are impacted in FI as the result of a GR?(CATA - 2 answers)
- Inventory Account- Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt Account
What field facilitates the integration from the Vendor Master record to Financial Accounting?(2 answers)
- Accounts payable- reconcilliation account
A purchasing group...(CATA - 2 answers)
- represent a individual or group of buyers- are responsible for certain purchasing activities
Material master records must be maintained for consumable material(true/false)
False - can or cannot be maintained, not msut
What are Account Assignment categories for consumable materials?(CATA - 4 answers)
- cost center- project- asset- sales order
What determines the views available when creating a material master?(1 answer)
material type
A GR is used for goods received from what scenario?(CATA - 3 answer)
- external procurement from a vendor- from a prodcution order- stock transfer
Goods receipt into stock in quality inspection can be preplanned in...(CATA-3 answers)
- in the material master- on the GR- on the PO
What is available in LIS?(CATA - 5 answers)
What organizational levels are relevant to procurement?(6 answers)
- client- company code- plant- storage location- purchasing organization- purchasing group
Which G/L accounts are updated at goods receipt when purchasing a stock material?(2 answers)
- stock account- GR/IR
In ME21N, you can create a purchase order with reference to what items?(3 answers)
- RFQ*- Purchase Requisition- Contract
During the Invoice Verification process, user can use waht document as a reference?(2 answers)
- Purchase Order- Material Document
Purchase Orders inlcude waht organizational data? What is excluded?(3 answers included, 1 exlcuded)
Included:-Company Code- Purchasing Order- Purchasing OrganizationExcluded?-General Data
Account payable is posted to accounting upon creation of what document?(1 answer)
Invoice Verification
Invoice Verification is the final step in the procurement cycle.True/False
Upon invoice verification, the system automatically carries out the payment process. True/False
What are functions of the purchasing organization?(3 answers)
- negotiate general conditions of purchase with vendors- set pricing conditions- legally responsible for completing purchasing contracts
The purchasing view of the material master is relevant at waht organizational level?(1 answer)
- Plant
What are the advantages of posting goods receipt by referencing to Purchase Orders, except...(1 except, 4 advantages)
Except:- an account payable is created automaticallyAdvantages:- data from Purchase Order is copied automatically to the Good Receipt transaction- Purchase Order history is updated upon Good Receipt creation- Accounting document relating to Good Receipt transaction is automatically posted- Material Document is automatically created containing material information and quantity
A material master record is required to purchase a material.(True/False)
What are item categories in purchase orders?(3 answers)
- standard- consignment- third party
A logistics execution document is created at all steps of teh procurement process except for...(1 answer)
Steps performed during the automatic payment run?(3 answers)
- post payment documents- clear open items- prepares data for printing of payment media
What documents provide condition records in the procurement process?(4 answers)
- outline agreements- purchasing info record- purchase order- quotation
The purchasing view of the vendor master record is created for purchasing groups. (True/False)
A purchasing group...(CATA - 3 answers)
- represent a individual or group of buyers- are responsible for certain purchasing activties- are assigned in the material master data
Which of the following are Account Assignment categories for consumable materials?(CATA - 5 answers)
- cost center- project- profit center- asset- sales order
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