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Sales order
Terms Definitions
What is the relation between client and company
one to many
What is the relation between company and sales org
one to many
what is a company code
a complete independent accounting unit can be represented as the smallest organizational unit of external accounting
What is the relationship between a plant and company
many to one
what is the relationship between a plant and a shipping point
many to many
What is the realationship between sales org and distribution channel?
many to many
What are the entities of a sales area
sales org, distribution channel, division
What is a completion rule and where do we find it
indicates how to react when an item is referenced. It is an indicator on the item category
What is the determine cost indicator and where can we find it?
The indicator will ensure the costs are detrmined during pricing on the order and it is on the SO item category
How do we know if schedule lines are allowed?
On the sales order item category an indicator will show this
How do we know if an item has order relevant billing?
Billing relevance indicator on the item category set to B
What controls whether an item is delivered for free or not?
sales order item category; Pricing indicator = B
What controls whether we can have diferent business data on the item vs the header?
Sales order item category - busines item flag. when set it can be different.
What does the "item relevant for dlv" on the sales order item category indicate?
whether a value or text item is is copied to the delivery document.
When is the high level item field on the sales order document used?
for BOM services and free goods
How can we know if for specific order items quotations exist?
On the sales order type the indicator quotation messages is set to check
How do we prevent a sales order type to be listed in the pick list?
on sales document type indicate the sales document block
What controls the numbering of the sales order item?
sales order type; Item no increment
What controls the numbering of the sub items on a sales document?
Sales order type; sub-titem increment
When we create a sales order, the delivery ate is prefilled, how did that happen?
On the sales document type the lead time in days is filled and the propose delivery date indicator is checked.
The system can propose the PO date for the sales document type 10 days in the future true or false?
false, there is only an indicator on the sales document type to indicate the proposal for the current date.
The number for the sales order document type cannot be manually entered, what happened?
The external number range field on the sales order document was set to blank.
How can we make sure we can enter our own number when creating a sales order?
On the sales order type we set the externl number range to a specific range.
I cannot change the division on the item to make it different from the header, what happened?
The sales order item indicator check division is not blank. If 1 (dialog) or 2 (error) you cannot change the division
Where is the item division coming from in the sales document ?
when the item division indicator on the sales order type is checked it comes from the material master (basic view) otherwise from he sales document (from sales area - from sold to party)
I entered a CMIR for the customer and material used on the sales order, but the values are not picked up, how come?
The indicator "Read Info record" on the sales order type is not checked.
What controls whether I can save an incomplete sales order document?
Incomplete Messages indicator on the sales order type. If blank you have a choice (3 options message) if not you cannot leave the order without completing it.
When I create an order I want the delivery created immediately. How do I do that?
On the sales order type I fill the Immediate Delivery indicator (A for always, X only if the quantity is confirmed).
When I created delivery for sales order type OR, the system proposes type LF, why?
On the sales order type the delivery type is set to LF.
How can I force the standard order OR to be created from a quotation always?
Set the field Reference Mandatory on the sales order type OR to B
When I create an order and I enter a PO number I get a warning that the number is already used, how did that happen?
The indicator Check purch order no is checked on the sales order type
I did not enter the PO number on the sales order document, but it is filled with the order number, why?
On the sales order type the indicator Enter PO number is checked.
What determined the credit check options?
the Check credit imit on the sales order type
What determined which default billing type is used for an order?
Sales order type: in case of delivery rel. billing the delivery rel. billing type and in case of order related billing the correspondng type.
After creating the sales order I cannot do the delivery why?
A delivery block was set on the sales order type.
I want to prevent the billing to be created until a review of the payment terms is done, how can I do that?
Set the billing block to 04 on the sales order type.
Where can we set copy control in the configuration?
In Spro - IMG :
Sales and distribution - sales - Maintain copy control for sales documents
Sales and distribution - Billing - Maintain copy control for Billing documents
Logistics execution - Shipping - Copying Control - Specify Copy Control for deliveries.
Which option do I use for copying a sales document into a delivery document?
copy control for deliveries: TARGET determines the option
The item increment for an order type is set to 100, but when I create an order from a quotation the increment is 10, why?
in copy control the switch Copy Item number for the target document type is checked.
I want to copy only part of the quantity for a certain item into a sales order from a quotaton, but I cannot, why?
in cop control the Complete reference switch is checked.
When I create an order type ZAxx from a quotation QT, the item category for the items is set to ABC, and the item category determination tables shows TAN, why?
the Item Cat Proposal field is filled on the item level in the copy control for this combination.
What information is used to determine the plant in the order?
Material Master
What does the system use to determine the shipping point?
Plant from sales document
Shipping condition - first sales document type if not found then sold to to party customer
Loading group from material master
I can not change the proposed shipping point why not?
In the shipping point determination table the manual shipping points are not filled.
How does the system determine the route?
from shipping point use deprture country departure/transportation zone
use shipping conditions from sales document type / sold to
use transportation group from material master
use destination zone and country from ship to party
Which lead times do we find on the route?
transit time, transport planning  time.
Which lead times are found on the shipping point?
Loading time and pick/pack time
What is delivery scheduling? Which lead times are used?
consider the the pick/pack time and loading time (if indicated) to schedule the delivery.
what is transportation scheduling and how is it controlled?
the transport scheduling is the determination of the transport leadtime. Considers the leadtimes in the route or not, depending on the indicator by sales doument type
Name the fields in the CMIR
Own material
Customer material and description
delivery plant
delivery priority
minimum delivery quantity
Partial delivery/item (includes comlete delivery)
Max. part deliveries
delivery tolerances
item usage
How do I know whether an item is relevant for delivery?
For text/value item this is indicated on the sales doc item category, for others on the schedule line category in field Item Ref f. delvery
How do I know which movement type is used for PGI?
on schedule line cat the field Movement type is used to determine this.
I want the requirements for the sales order to be reflected in MRP, how?
set indicator Req./Assembly on the schedule line category.
How is the schedule line category determined?
Use item category from sales document and the MRP type from the material master (defaults to blank if not found)
Where do we set the delivery block ?
Sales document header and schedule line category
On the order the delivery address comes from which partner?
Ship to
On the order the billing address comes from which partner?
BP - Billing partner
on the order the shipping conditions come from which partner?
Sold to
On the order the account assignment comes from which partner?
On the order payment terms come from which partner?
On the order Inco terms come from which partner?
Sold to
On the order goods receiving hours come from which partner?
Ship to
On the order POD comes from which partner?
Ship to
On the order Rebate Active check comes from which partner?
On the order customer pricing procedure comes from which partner?
sold to
Which fields can be changed with the fast change option?
Reason for rejection
delivery date
delivery priority
delivery block
Billing block
For mass change accross orders, which fields can be changed?
Apart from blocking the delivery creation, which other consequences can a delivery block have?
Order: warning when we create an order for a customer (set specific customer in VD05)
Confirmation cancellation
(not) added to delivery due list
Printing of sales document can be blocked
Picking / goods issue can be blocked.
What are the pre-requisites when you want to change the sold to?
sales area,
sales office and group
availability and product allocation
no status relevant preceding or subsequent documents exist
What is redetermined when the sold to is changed?
Customer master data
Free goods
Plant and shipping point
What are the 3 parts of the customer master?
general data
company data
sales are data
What do I need before I can create a customer master record?
account group
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