Phonology- Levels of Severity and Tests Flashcards

phonological processes
Terms Definitions
Mild- Phonetic Inventory
-Delayed (vowels ok)
- Most cons. are present and often produced correctly
- errors most likely to be distortions
Mild- Phonological Processes
a few delayed errors. Patterns typical of a younger child. Suprasegmentals usually correct.
Mild- Intelligibility
close to 100% but speech draws attention to itself- impact is minimal
Moderate- Phonetic Inventory
Incomplete acquisition of consonants. Vowels are generally ok. Even when C&V completely acquired child may not use them accurately.
Moderate- Phonological Processes
Inconsistent accuracy- increases with complex words. EG: CR, FCD. Child will show larger delay relative to typically developing peers.If atypical patterns occur, child may also have a speech disorder along with a delay.
moderate- Intelligibility
reduced because of the inconsistent accuracies- child may not talk as much as peers
severe- phonetic inventory
incomplete. Word shape is likely incomplete.
Severe- phonological processes
incomplete. Accuracy very low except in single words and short utterances. Gestures, eye contact used to supplement communication.
Severe- intelligibilty
very low. Child may use gestures and eye contact to supplement communication. If there is contextual support then communication may be more successful. May be unable to generate multiword utterances.
CAAP- what does it stand for?
Clinical Assessment of Articulation and Phonology
HAPP-3- what does it stand for?
Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns- 3rd edition
KLPA-2- what does it stand for?
Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis- 2nd edition
PAT-3- what does it stand for?
Photo Articulation Test- 3rd edition
What ages is the CAAP for?
How long does the CAAP take to administer?
15-20 min
What does the CAAP test?
Articulation and Phonology
What ages is the HAPP-3 for?
How long does it take to administer the HAPP-3?
15-20 minutes or a 2-5 minute screening
What does the HAPP-3 test?
What ages is the KLPA-2 for?
How long does the KLPA-2 take to administer?
10-30 minutes (for scoring)
What does the KLPA-2 test?
What ages is the Goldman-Fristoe test of Articulation for?
How long does the Goldman-Fristoe take to administer?
5-15 minutes for one section
What does the Goldman-Fristoe test of Articulation test?
Articulation- tests consonants and clusters in all positions
PAT-3- what ages is it for?
How long does the PAT-3 take to administer?
20 minutes
What does the PAT-3 test?
articulation- all consonants, and vowels (except 1)
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