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Dialog box
Terms Definitions
The title of a presentation is displayed in the _____.
title bar
Dialog boxes can be displayed by clicking the _____ located in the lower-right corner of some groups.
Dialog Box Launcher
What happens when PowerPoint encounters a proper name, an abbreviation, or a technical term?
It treats the word as a misspelling and places a red line under it.
If you have closed the Tabs pane, how do you redisplay it?
click the View tab and then click Normal in the Presentation Views group
In the accompanying figure, why is slide four selected?
it is the current slide in the Slide pane
In the accompanying figure, what is the section on the right of the window called?
Clip Art task pane
In the accompanying figure, what is the set of three blue boxes with circles inside and the arrow across them known as?
The ____ is the control center in Word.
As shown in Figure 1-2, a(n) _____ is an on-screen note that provides the name of the command, available keyboard shortcut(s), a description of the command, and sometimes instructions for how to obtain help about the command.
Enhanced ScreenTip
To enter a blank line into a document, press the ____ key without typing any text on the line.
____ are words or phrases that describe a document.
_____ are types of changes that occur when text has been omitted from a document and must be inserted later.
With ____ editing, the selected item is moved to the new location and then inserted there.
The ____ shortcut keys remove character formatting
A(n) ____ is a placeholder for data whose contents can change.
To select a sentence, press and hold down the ____ key and then click the sentence.
To search for a special character, first click the More button in the Find dialog box and then use the ____ button.
The ____, which automatically appears based on certain tasks you perform, contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document.
Mini toolbar
As an alternative to using the Recolor button on the Format tab to display the Recolor gallery shown in the accompanying figure, you can right-click the graphic, click ____ on the shortcut menu, click Picture in the left pane and then click the Recolor bu
Format Painter
____ characters often are used in a table of contents to precede page numbers.
On the horizontal ruler, an upside down T indicates a ____ tab stop.
Typing text, followed by two hyphens, followed by more text and then a space changes the two hyphens to a(n) ____.
em dash
If you want to select the first and third rows in the table in the accompanying figure, you select the first row, and then hold down the ____ key while selecting the third row.
Items like the phone number in the accompanying figure are copied from a(n) ____ document.
The green circle in Figure 5-1 is the object’s ____.
rotate handle
In a data source, fields ____.
may be listed in any order
____ results are the results that represent the value to display after Word evaluates the instructions of the IF field.
Records can be merged based on the contents of a specific ____.
The order of data records can be verified without printing them by using the ____ button on the Mailings tab.
View Merged Data
The horizontal lines in the nameplate in the accompanying figure are called ____.
rules or ruling lines
To format a graphic as floating, first select it and then use the ____ button on the Format tab.
Text Wrapping
A floating object ____.
Both a and b
To create a drop cap, display the ____ tab on the menu bar and then click the Drop Cap button.
____ graphics are visual representations of ideas.
* ______________________ GIFs are simply a number of GIF images saved into a single file and looped.
* A(n) ______________________ is a type of visual guide that provides precise positioning and resizing of layers.
* A(n) ______________________ can be a text box, check box, radio button, list, menu, or other buttons.
form object
* A Dreamweaver ______________________ is a special type of HTML document.
* A template can have, and usually does contain, multiple ______________________ regions.
* A(n) ____________________ contains styles that apply to a specific page.
internal style sheet
In the accompanying figure, what does the small button by the lower-right corner of the arrow represent?
that options are provided for inserting text
If a Text pane is not displayed, what does the control look like to access and display it again?
a tab with two arrows pointing to the right and left
Why might formatting changes that you created not appear in a Text pane?
not all formatting changes are evident in the Text pane
When you point to a hyperlink, the mouse point changes to a(n) ________________________.
How many action buttons are provided in PowerPoint?
How many action buttons are provided in PowerPoint?
the action button
When an object is close to a guide, it automatically _________________________ to attach to it.
Each of the following is a type of proposal except a(n) ____ proposal.
Each of the following is a type of proposal except a(n) ____ proposal.
Each of the following is a type of proposal except a(n) ____ proposal.
To place a border using the same settings as the most recently defined border, click the ____.
Border button on the Home tab
If you do not want the border style to carry forward each time the ENTER key is pressed, you need to ____.
clear formatting
To change alignment for a document but retain a different alignment for the first page, a new ____ must be created in the document.
If you have a header and footer that you want to appear in all sections of a document, you would leave the ____ button selected on the Design tab.
Link to Previous
You use the ____ command on a chart’s shortcut menu to move legend placement in a chart like the one shown in the accompanying figure.
Format Legend
Word’s ____ is used to create a complex table like the one shown in the accompanying figure.
Draw Table Feature
To change all margin settings, use the Margins button on the ____ tab.
Page Layout
The run-around should be at least ____ and should be the same for all graphics in a document.
The Cut button is located in the _________________________ group.
____________________ add pattern and texture to a background
Fill effects
If you point to a background on the Background Styles gallery, a(n) ____________________ with the background’s name appears.
The Find command is available on the ____________________ tab.
If the layouts offered in PowerPoint 2007 are not adequate for your needs, you can create a ____________________ layout.
The globe image in the lower-left corner of a clip art image in the Clip Art task pane indicates that it was obtained from the Microsoft Office ____________________ site.
Online Web
Webdings, Webdings 2, and Webdings 3 ____________________ have a variety of symbols.
Choosing well-coordinated colors and styles for text and objects in a presentation is possible by using ____________________.
Quick styles
he interior of a line, shape, or character is known as ____________________.
The ____________________ command cuts unwanted areas of a picture except an animated GIF picture.
Each SmartArt graphic has a(n) ____________________ with bullets that function as an outline.
text pane
You can add your name and class name as ____________________.
document properties.
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