4N051A Vol 3 Aerospace Medicine and Medical Standards Flashcards

Terms Definitions
flight surgeon
 The Following mishap investigation responsibilities would reside with this person and not MAJCOM
identify and prevent future mishaps
managing mishap investigations
a. each individual
Locally, who is responsible for implementing safe proactices to prevent mishaps
a. each individual
b. unit commanders
c. base safety officers
d. wing safety officer
a. any flight surgeons
specifically , who makes final determination on return to flying status when aircrew are treated in other clinics.
a. any flight surgeons
b.health care provider
c. flight management office
d. chief, aeromedical services
c. once ignited, it cannot be extinguished
Which of the following is a unique characteristic of the solid propellant used in most missile systems
a. the exhaust fumes are highly toxic
b. it is not stable fuel source until ignited
c. once ignited, it cannot be extinguished
d. it is responsible for maneuvering the weapon system while in space.
a. sanitation, food, water, and facility safety
which of the following concerns would be considered primary physical hazards for personnel assigned to Missle Alert Facilities?
a. sanitation, food, water, and facility safety
b. physical fitness, long hours, and sanitation
c. poisonous bites and stings, long hours and sanitation
d. food safety and water safety, physical fitness, and long hours
d. there is an intent for flight
record mishaps as aircraft flight mishaps when
a. the pilot declares it
b. they occur off ground
c. the occur on the taxi waste
d. there is an intent for flight
whenever a mishap results in reportable damange of $1,000,000 or more, you must report it as what class of mishap
a. upwind
when responding to a mishap, you should approach the scene from what direction
a. upwind
b. downwind
c. most direct
d. most accessible
a, photgoraph the site
what action should you take prior to removing human remains from the scene of a mishap
a, photgoraph the site
b. draw blood on all deceased.
c. complete 72 hr report from survigin members
d. obtain permission from the medical grp commander
b. betadine
what solution should you use when preparing tissue and skin samples for autopsy analysis
a.tap water
b. betadine
c. normal saline
d. isopropyl alcohol
a. complie all necessary data
what steps need to be completed before completeing and aircraft mishap report?
a. complie all necessary data
b. obtain the cost of the aircraft
c. compile character statements for the pilot
d. obtain the results of the investigation board
a. promote safe flying
the overall purpose of lfight line visits is to
a. promote safe flying
b. establish good rapport
c. establish a close working relationship with every unit
d. ensure all working environments are properly lighted
d. provide advice to unit personnel of protective equipment programs
what is your specific responsibility to the Life Support Section
a. inspect food and water sanitation
b. shedule the flight surgeon flying time
c. make weekly shop visits ti assess the working environment
d. provide advice to unit personnel of protective equipment programs
a. navigators, pilots, and flight surgeons
which of the followin are rated officers?
a. navigators, pilots, and flight surgeons
b. weapons controllers, pilots, and navigators
c. pilots, missle launch officers, and astronauts
d. air traffic co ntrollers, flight surgeons, and pilots
b. file it in the individuals health record
what so you do with the original AF Form 1042 after it is completed?
a place it in permanent file office
b. file it in the individuals health record
c. send it to the local flightm anagement office
d. sned it to the individuals squadron operations sections
a. 2
how many years must the AF form 1041 be kept on file
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
a. optometry
who is responsible to train aircrew in the emergency removal of soft contact lenses
a. optometry
b. family practive
c. slight medicine office
d. force health protection
a. identification, documentation, evaluation
what steps are necesarry to safe and productive soft contact lens program?
a. identification, documentation, evaluation
b. identification, ordering, and issueing prescriptions
c. evaluation, documentation, and issuing prescriptions
d. documentation, training, ordering prescriptions
b. hard drive
what is the primary device a computerr usees to store information?
a zip drive
b. hard drive
c. floppy disk drive
d. compact disk readd only memory
c. track physical exams for flying status and special operations personnel
what is the purpose of the PEPP?
a. track physical exams for all military personnel
b. identify military personnel who are due
c. track physical exams for flying status and special operations personnel
d. identify next annual exam for military or non military members
c.Files Plan
what administrative tool shows every record series maintained for an office of record?
a. UMD
b. MFR
c.Files Plan
d. Staff summary sheet
b. set up an account through AF Portal
what step must youtake before you can use PEPP?
a. compleete 5 level upgrade training
b. set up an account through AF Portal
c. Complete User's Training Guide
d. Obtain permission fromthe FHM office
d. items are outdated and needs attenetion
what can you determine when you review a military member's individual medical readiness status is yellow
a. there is no duty limiting condition
b. the member is in dental class 3 or 4
c. lab requirements are missing
d. items are outdated and needs attenetion
d. set up and datta management
a supervisor has access to what additional tabs in the AF Complete Immunizations Trackin Applicationf (AFCITA)
a. units andd perrsonnel
b. multiple entry and set up
c. family inquire adn bar code
d. set up and datta management
a. go to the menu bar and access the VEARS website
what step should you take if youhave a patient that experiences an adverse reaction?
a. go to the menu bar and access the VEARS website
b. make an entry in the perrsonnel screen
c. make an entry in the units screen
go to the VAX history site
d. track waivers for personnel on flying or special operations status
what does AIMWTS serve?
a. tracks and manages annual physical examinations
b. tracks medical eligibility of military and dependents
c. tracks personnel who are exempt from immunizations
d. track waivers for personnel on flying or special operations status
c. Eneter the patient's demographics
what step must you complete first to complete initial waivers within Aeromedical Information Management Waiver Tracking System?
a. Download DEERS information
b. Print the daily roster of waivers
c. Eneter the patient's demographics
d. Load your supervisors informattion
c. place information in patient record
what do you do once the AIMWITS process is completed?
a. notify your supervisor
b. notify the flight surgeon
c. place information in patient record
d. send the documents to the FHM Office
AFPAM 48-133: the format and procedures for conducting and recording a physical examination
AFI 48-123: the medical standards, the frequency, scope, and instructions for completeing required physical examinations properly.
a. type of medical exam
suring a physical examination, the depth of evaluation of any body system depends primarily on the
a. type of medical exam
b. availability of equipment
c. specialty service available
d. medical history of the examinence
c 30 days
members with 4t profiles must have the AF Form 422 reviewed every
a 10 days
b 15 days
c 30 days
d 45 days
d 6
how many human functions factors are considered in the physical profile serial?
a 1
b 3
c 4
d 6
d. P - Physical Conditions
which factor would apply to an individual who has organic defect of the ears?
a. H -  hearing
b. E - ear defects
c. S- Sensory defects
d. P - Physical Conditions
c. distant visual acuity only
what is the main consideration under the E physical profile factor?
a. near vision early
b. organic eye diseases
c. distant visual acuity only
d. distant and near visual acuity
d X
the strength aptitude test is rated in which profile factor
a P
b U
c L
d X
d 5 years
Members may be retained on temporary disability retired list for no more than
a 12 months
b 18 months
c 3 years
d 5 years
b. Initiate a MEB
what is the first step in the AF disability evaluation process?
a initiate a PEB
b. Initiate a MEB
c. Establish LOD
d. Appoint a PEBLO
what organization authorizes an L suffix on AF FORM  422
c. Local MEB
c. Records must be reviewed to identify correct profile actions
What step muist be takedn is a military member has been discharged after being  admitted to a hospital
a. admission must be entered into PIMR
b. pt must be put on Con Leave
c. Records must be reviewed to identify correct profile actions
d. Pt must schedule an appt with Flight Surgeon the day of release
d. injury occured during an unauthorized absense
when would disability compensation not be authorized?
a. injury occured off base
b. accident occured off duty
c. individual is retirement eligible
d. injury occured during an unauthorized absense
a. refer case to flight surgeon
what should you do if potentially disqualifying information is discovered during a records review?
a. refer case to flight surgeon
b. document the information in PIMR
c. notify the individual's commander by phone immediately
d. document the finding in the record so that it is addressed in the next appt.
d. US Government
who owns the health records?
a patient
b. base commander
c. sponsor of the dependent
d. US Government
b. home base MTF
where is the original medical record maintained on deployed active duty and ARC personnel
a.with individual
b. home base MTF
c. with individual PCM
d. Area of operation MTF
AF security Center
where is the rpository for all mishap reports
flight, weapons, ground, system safety
what are the 4 specific disciplines in the USAF safety programs
at the local level who is responsile for implementing safe practices to prevent mishaps
Mishap C
10,000 and 200,000
injury 8+ hrs away from work
Mishap D
sivilian and military on duty mishaps as well as air launched missile, space, and explosive incidents
damage between  2,000 and 10,000
Mishap A
Damage $1,000,000+
fatality or permanent total disability
destruction beyond repair to AF aircraft
  Mishap B
Damage between 200,000 and 1,000,000
permanent,partial disability
inpatient hospitalization 5+ personnel
M - minimal (green)
E - expectant (blue)
D - delayed - tx can be delayed w/o threat to pt life (yellow)
I - immediate - life threatening injuries (red)
C - "change"
what is the acronym to remember the 4 triage categories?
crash ambulance and crew until fire chief declares the area safe and all rescue and recovery perrsonnel have left the area
who should be the last to remain at the scene and when are they able to leave
mortuary affairs officer
search and recovery is the responisbility of who?
alcohol can contaminate the blood sample and cause false leves of alcohol in deceased
why should you  use betadine instead of alcohol pads?
DNIF, Return to Flying Status, Incoming Clearance
what are 3 situations that require preparation of an AF Form 1042
AF Form 1041
when is the AF form 1041 prepared
2 years
how long are you required to keep AF Forms 1041 on file
what is the gaseous envelope that surrounds the earth?                                     
troposphere, stratosphere, ionosphere, and expsphere
what are the practical divisions of the atmosphere?
most phenomena of weather  occur in this layer and it also has the greated barometric pressure. Goes from Sea level  to 60,000 ft
this layer has high velocity winds known as jet streams, has almost a complete absense of moisutre, and begins at tropopause ans extends for 50 miles
begins at 50 miles and extends 600 miles above sea level
this layer extends from 600 to 1200 miles and gradually becomes the vacuum of space
nitrogen and oxygen
what 2 gases make up the greatest percentage of the atmosphere
barometric pressure
the combined weight og all atmospheric gases, creating a force upon the surface of the earth and it decreases with altitude
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