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Terms Definitions
Which of the following is not a unit of weight?
A. Pound
B. Centigram
C. Ounce
D. Deciliter
D. Deciliter
Which may be measured by volume in a bkeshop?
A. Flour, sugar, and water
B. Flour, water, milk, and eggs
C. Water, milk, and honey
D. Water, milk, and eggs
A. Flour, sugar and water
One half pint of water weighs?
8 ounces
A ______ is a microorganism that can cause disease
A. Chemical hazard
B. Physical hazard
C. Pathogen
D. Allergen
C. Pathogen
Which of the following does not provide a good condition for bacterial growth?
A. Lukewarm temperature
B. Low pH
C. Moisture
D. Protein Food
B. Low pH
The Food Danger Zone?
41F to 135F
In the HACCP system, hazards are divided into three categories: contamination, growth of pathogens, and?
Survival of Pathogens
Which of the following can become contaminated by disease-causing organisms?
A. Cream fillings
B. Crisp, dry cookies
C. Fruit pies
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
The term "lag phase" refers to?
A period during which bacteria get adjusted to their surroundings before starting to grow
Bacteria that need air to grow are called?
Which of the following is not a biological hazard?
A. allergen
B. antimony
C. fungus
D. virus
B. antimony
Baker's percentages are based on the weight of the ________ at 100%
Which of the following statements about AP weight and EP weight is false?
A. EP weight is always greater than AP weight
B. Calculating EP weights is a necessary part of calculating recipe costs.
C. AP weight of fresh fruit is the weight you pay for
A. EP weight is always greater than AP weight
A bread formula requires two kinds of flour: white bread flour and whole wheat flour.  The quantity of white bread flour indicated in the formula is 73%.  The quantity of whole wheat flour needed is?
I am a bread that looks like a beat-up old slipper.  My name is
As Chef Charles demonstrated how to make ciabatta, he stressed that
A. the dough should be very stiff
B. It should be carefully shaped into a loaf before it is baked
C. The dough should be kneaded long enough to develop gluten and produce a smooth text
D. It should produce a loaf with a very light and open texture
Another name for milk bread is?
Pain au lait
The purpose of a sour in a dough is to provide
A. Flavor
B. leavening power
C. both a and b
D. neither a nor b
C. both a and b
Which of the following sentences in not usually found in the instructions for producing a rye dough?
A. Baked the dough with steam
B. Underproof the dough
C. Use a high speed to mix the dough
D. Do not over mix the dough
E. Handle the dough carefully
C. Use a high speed to mix the dough
Which of the following can be an ingredient in a sour?
A. Apples
B. Yougurt
C. Potatoes
D. Honey
E. All of the above
E. All of the above
_________are cooked on a griddle
A. Bagels
B. Crumpets
C. English muffins
D. Both b and c
D. Both b and c
______ puffs up when baked to form a hollow center
A. Focaccia
B. Challah
C. Pita
D. Ciabatta
E. None of the above
C. Pita
True Bagels are ____
A. Light and tender
B. Made with high gluten flour
C. Made with a high proportion of water
D. Flavored with berries, raisins, and nuts
E. None ofthe above
B. made with high gluten flour
Which of the following resembles pizza dough most closely?
A. Pita
B. Focaccia
C. proscuitto
D. ciabatta
B. focaccia
Jonathan used too much dusting flour.  The product he made had
A. streaks in it
B. seams that did not seal
C. both a and b
D. neither a nor b
C. both a and b
When making crescent rolls, you must _____
A. roll the dough ina tight circle
B. Press a crease in the center of each roll
C. Cut each dough circle into wedges using a pastry wheel
D. Flatten the dough in a rectangle
C. cut each dough circle into wedges using a pastry wheel
Chef Ali uses a banneton when she makes ____
A. round loaves like French rye or pain de campagne
B. kaiser rolls
C. English muffins and crumpets
D. fougasse
E. none of the above
A round loaves like french rye or pain de campagne
For which of the following types of bread do you cut completely through the dough before baking it?
A. French rye
B. Pain de campagne
C. fougasse
D. Challah
C. Fougasse
When making cloverleaf rolls, you must _____
A. cut the dough with scissors
B. Fold the dough
C. divide each piece of dough into 3 equal parts
D. cut into strips and then stack the strips
C. divide each piece of dough into 3 equal parts
When making french baquettes, you should make the ends of the loaves?
A. tapered
C. not pointed
D. all of the above
D. all of the above
Which of the following four statements about pullman loaves is incorrect?
A. A pullman loaf is baked in a pan with a lid
B. Pullman loaves are used to make sandwiches.
C. Pullman loaves should be baked with steam
D. The slices from a pullman loaf are
C. Pullman loaves should be baked with steam
Braided loaves are?
A. Made from relatively stiff dough
B. often made from egg-enriched dough
C. commonly made from one to six individual strands of dough
D.egg-washed after proofing
E. all of the above
E. all of the above
Which of the following breadsis most likely braided?
A. challah
B. pullman
C. Baguette
D. Banneton
A. challah
A dark rye bread made with coarse rye meal
A lean, crisp-crusted bread usually made in long, thin loaves
french bread
a bread made from a dough rich in eggs and oil
A type of loaf made in a covered rectangular pan, so that the slices have a square shape ideal for sandwiches
A type of lean yeast roll mad eby boiling the rolls in a malt solution before baking them
a flat, lean yeast roll baked on a griddle
english muffin
A type of dinner roll made by placing three small balls of dough in a muffin tin
cloverleaf rolls
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