Acupuncture Points - Indications I Flashcards

Chinese philosophy
Terms Definitions
Ren, Du Chong Crossing point
Benfit essence
Red Light district
RN 1
Meeting of Yin
Front Mu UB
Lin Syndrome: (+) B28, Sp 9
Clear damp-heat
local stagnation: amenorrhea d/t blood stasis
Comparison: RN 3 (sedate excess) vs RN 4 (Tonify xu)
Crossing pt SP, K, Lv
RN 3
Central Pole
tonify yin, yang (moxa), blood
DU 4 - tonify yang only
Ren 3 - sedate excess
Crossing pt SP, K, Lv
RN 4
Origin Pass
Tonify qi and yang
Raise Yang qi : Bu zhong yi qi tang
Regulate Qi: GI tract
Rn 6: Move Qi (MJ, LJ), tonify qi (whole body)
Ren 17: move qi (UJ)
Tonify yuan qi
xform damp and regulate pulse
RN6Sea of Qi
Chong channel
Yin Intersection
Moxa only
Salt - rescue yang
garlic - skin issues
fu zi - K yang xu

strengthen spleen
Don't needle - RN8, S17, LV12
RN8Spirit gate
Promote transformation of fluids
Controls the water passages
Indication: damp, edema, tan-yin, ascites
Water metabolism points: RN9, S28, B39, RN5, B22, LI6, K7, DU26, LU7, SP9, LI4, SJ4
RN9Water divide
Anatomy of ST
Fundus: RN13 (Descend Qi) (St Qi Rebellion)
Body: RN12 (regulate Qi) tonify, sedate, harmonize
Pylorus: RN10 (Descend Qi) Food Stagnation

RN 12 crossing point of ST & SI & SJ
RN 13 crossing point of ST & SI
RN 17 crossing w
RN 10, 12, 13
Front Mu of ST
Influential point of Fu
RN12, S36 - abdominal problem
RN12, S36, PC6 - Epigastric problem
Central Venter
Front Mu of Heart
Palpitations & mental symptoms
Stomach issues
Great Tower Gate
Luo connecting point of Ren - itching abdominal skin
calm the mind
Neddling - .4 - .6 OD
Turtledove Tail
PC front mu
influential point of qi
Regulate Zong Qi: circulation respiration
Local point: chest breast
Chest Center
Benefit throat
soothe asthma
stop cough
Needling - 0.2 perp then .5 - 1.0 down
Celestial Chimney
local point for tongue: aphasia, slurred speach
Aphasia - RN23, HT5
Ridge Spring
Local point for facial problem - paralysis
Sauce Receptacle
Regulate DU Channel
Supporting point for rectal prolpase
S36, RN6, DU20, DU1
Long Strong
Basic point for lower back pain
B40, DU3, B23

Yao yang is 3.5 cun lateral
Lumbar Yang Pass
Tonify K Yang
Warm the Mingmen
Tonify Yang only
A line around the body
DU4, B23, B52, Jing Gong, GB26, SP15, St25, K16, RN8
Life gate
Jaundice: yin chen hao
Resolve damp-heat in GB/LV
Extremity of Yang
Empirical point for boils
Spirit Tower
shen issues
Eliminate internal wind: spasm, convulsion, tremor epilepsy
Tonify LU: DU12, B13, B43
Located below T3
Body pillar
6 yang crossing
Clear heat (ext. & shaoyang)
Release exterior wind-heat
warm four limbs (moxa)
Great Hammer
stimulates speech
aphasia: DU15, Ht 5
Needling 0.5 - 0.8 perpendicular or downward
Crosses yang wei
Mute's gate
Ext & Int wind
Int & ext - GB20, LI4
Ext. only - B12
Int. only - GB31
fang feng, chan tui, gou teng, bai ji li

Too deep needling into Medulla oblongata
Wind Mansion
clear mind
lift spirit
Ascend SP Yang: xu above, excess below
Promote resuscitation
Eliminate interior wind
DU 20
Hundred Convergence
Open the nose : LU7, LI4, DU23, LI20
Bai zhi, xin yi hua, cang er zi, xi xin
Contraindicated in babies and anyone whose fontanel has not closed (Du 21 - Du23) (metopism)
Upper Star
Location: tip of the nose
Loss of consciousness d/t ETOH
Promote resuscitation
Traumatic lower back pain
facial edema: yang edema
Crossing point for ST & LI (Yangming)
Water Trough Mansion
Front mu vs Back Shu
Front-Mu: Collecting evil qi (sedate)
Back shu: Transmit good qi (tonify)
LU1 - Excess (Zhi bei mu)
B13 - xu ((chuan bei mu)
LU1 vs B13
LU5 vs S40
LU5 - phlegm in the lung
S40 - Phlegm anywhere (even invisible)

LU5 vs LU10\
LU5 - phlegm heat - Ding chuan tang
Cubit Marsh
Stop hemoptysis (coughing blood) - LU6, B17
Tx Hemorrhoid - Moxa LU6
Collection Hole
Luo connecting and confluent point
LU7 - Ren
PC6 - Yin Wei
SP4 - Chong
SJ5 - Yang Wei

Command point for head and neck
Exit point
Broken Sequence
Disperse Wind-cold - + LI4, B12
Ren Confluent pt - K6
Open water passeges for yang edema
Command point for head and neck - Ge Gen Tang
LU7 (cont)
Broke Sequence
Yuan Source - Tonify LU
Vessel influential  - Benefit HT
Sheng Mai San - Target LU/HT
LU7 vs LU9
LU7 - int, ext / excess, deficiency / water
LU9 - interior / deficiency            / phlem
Great Abyss
Ying Spring : clear Lu heat and sore throat
Clear LU heat herbs: Huang qin, sang bai pi, di gu pi
Fish Border
Bleeding to Tx sore throat (Yin qiao san)
One of the ghost pts
mental problem, manic disorder
Lesser Metal
LI4 - Move qi
located at yin yang transition
Most yang

LV3 - Move blood
located and yang to yin transition
Most Yin
LI4 + LV3
Four gates
Disperse exterior wind
WC & WH - LI4, B12, DU16, GB20
W-C: LU7
W-H: LU10, LU11, SJ6

Tx internal wind
stop pain
command point of face
Promote delivery during labor
Union Valley
Open LU water passage
LU7, LI7, B39 - Yang edema, wind water
Yang Edema - ????
Yin Edema - pitted, below belt, from SP & K Yang xu
Slanting Passage
LI10 + ST 36 = arm 3 mile + foot 3 mile
powerful qi and blood tonic only ton. pt on LI

Both are yangming (Big qi and blood)
Both are locted elboe/knee : tonify/balance
LI10 + ST36
Clear heat
organ heat: lv, ht, st, lu
Other: W-H, blood-heat, T-H, D-H

Possible tongue and pulse
red w/yellow coat, rapid

The Fire engine point
LI 11
Crooked Pond
Benefits sinews
Promote circulation of channels
stop pain
expel wind
LI 15
Shoulder Transporting Point
LI 20, LU 7, LI4 = open nasal orifice
xin yi hua, bai zhi, cang er zhi, xi xin
LI 20
Welcome Fragrance
St 4 - St 6 : thread 1.0 - 1.5 cun
facial paralysis, Bell's Palsy : + LI4
ST 4
Earth Granary
Major local point
Dizziness d/t damp phlegm
ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang

Yangming Headache
ST 8
Head Spport
Thoracic outlet
Crossing of all Yang except UB, + yang wei
ST 12
Local pt for breast problems
mastitis, pre-menstrual swelling, lump

Nursing Mother : regulate lactationST18, RN17, SI1
ST 18
Breast Root
level w/ RN 12
ST prolapse local point
ST 21
Beam Door
acute/chronic constipation + SJ6, K6, ST25, B25
acute diarrhea + ST36
Basic point for diarrhea : ST36
Weight loss
4 doors - RN12, 6, ST 25
8 doors - RN 10, 13, 4, SP15 (I know it doesn't add up)
ST 25
Heavenly Pillar
ST27 - Qi
ST28 - Water
ST29 - Blood
ST30 - Chong
ST 27, 28, 29, 30
Open the water passage
Water metabolism Points
ST28, RN9, SJ4, B22, B39

Men's issues
ST 28
Water Passage
excess case o gynecological disease (blood stasis)
Remove blood stasis and regulate menses
Amenorrhea d/t blood stasis
ST 29 = Dang gui
SP6 - basic point for amenorrhea
ST 29
xi-cleft point - stop pain
Da jian zhong tang
ST 34
Beam Mound
Majr pt to tonify qi and blod
Regulate abdomen
Any etiology : excess/deficiency, heat/cold
He sea and Horary pt
ST 36
Foot 3 mile
ST36 + RN12 - abdomen
ST36 + RN12  + PC6 - Epigastrium
ST36 + SP 3 - Tonify middle jiao
ST36 + LI10 - Boost up immune System
ST36 + GB39(moxa) - prevent stroke (internal wind)
ST36 + B12(moxa) - prevent cold (internal wind)
ST 36 combinations
ST37 - Regulate LI (damp-heat, heat)
ST39 - Regulate SI (SI qi pain, SI qi tied)
B39 - Regualte SJ (water metabolism)
Lower He-Sea
Empirical distal point for Shoulder pain
ST 38
Narrow Opening
Luo pt
Any phlegm - visible and invisible
Mental issues

Herbs - Ban xia/yuan zhi
Formulas - er chen tang, wen dan tang
ST 40
Abundant Bulge
ST Heat (+LI11) - Bleeding gums etc
Distal point (+LI4) - facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, yangming headache
Inner Nei ting (just below) for food stagnation
ST 44
Inner courtyard
Moxa SP 1 - Uterine Bleeding (also LV 1)
Gui pi tang/Gu Jing Wan/ Wen Jing Tang / Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

Insomnia, mental stuff
SP 1
Hidden White
Horary pt - Earth on Earht
ST 36 + SP 3 = Tonify Sp
si jun zi tang, bu zhong yi qi tang, li zhong wan etc
SP 3
Greater White
Luo, chong confluent
Remove stagnations of blood, col fod, damp and phlegm
SP 4
Ancestor and Descendant
local point for foot edema w/ GB41
SP 5
Metal Mound
Nourish Kd Yin
Soothe Lv Qi Stag, Lv blood
Remove SP damp
Nourish yin, calm shen
genital area problem - man and women
Insomnia - SP6, ht7, an mian
SP 6
3 yin intersection
Stop pain
stomach pain
SP 8
Earth Pivot
Sp 9 for damp
damp-heat / cold damp
edema, lin syndrome
SP 9
Yin mound spring
Cool blood, move blood (+ B17) = chi shao, mu dan pi
skin problem - + LI11, B40
Keep the blood in the vessel - Gui pi tang
Muscle - Vastus medialis
SP 10
Sea of Blood
same level as ST 25
support ST 25 for abdominal complaint
Lv overacting SP type of abdominal pain
SP 15
Great Horizontal
1.3 cun below SP 15
SP 14
3 cun above SP 15
SP 16
Lateral to ST 18
SP 17
Lateral to St 17
SP 18
Luo pt of MAJOR collateral channel
control all minute blod connecting channels

Generalized pains : blood stasis, moving muscular pain
SP 21
Great Embracement
Ht 5 - qi - tongue - aphasia
Ht 6 - yin - (night sweating)
Ht 7 - Blood - (calm shen) - Insomnia
Ht 8 - Fire - (heat)
Ht 9 - Orifice
HT 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Tonify H Qi
Aphasia (b/c ht uo goes to tongue)
Ht heat transmit to SI
Mu tong, deng xin cao, dan zhu ye = H8, H5, Rn3
HT 5
Connecting Village
Nourish Ht yin
Stop night sweating
Ht 4, 5, 6, 7 are radial side of tendon m. flexor carpi ulnaris
HT 6
Yin Cleft
Nourish Ht blood - shen disturbance, palpitation
Calm shen basic point  - + SP6, An mian (Insomnia)
HT 7
Spiritual Gate
Clear Ht heat - + LI11
tongue - red tip
herb - huang lian
Lesser Mansion
Open heart orifices
phlegm misting Ht
Phlegm fire harassing the mind
HT 9
Lesser Surge
Pu gong yin
Empirical point - Promote lactation
SI 1, RN 17, ST 18, SI 11, PC6
SI 1
Lesser Marsh
Malaria, Night sweats
Du confluent = Opening = Master - Neck and spine (+ B62)
Vertex H/A
B67, Lv3, Du 20
Gao ben, whu zhu yu
SI 3
Back Ravine
Brighten the Eyes
Good for the Elderly
Styloid process of ulna
Nursing the Aged
difficulty in Rotating neck (torticullis) (w/ Luo zhen)
SI 7
Branch to the correct
Breast issues
shoulder and arm pain
SI 11
Crossing SJ, GB, SI, LI
two intestine and Shao yang
SI 12
one to inner canthus, one to outer canthus
SI 18
GB, SJ, SI crossing point
Benefit the ears - tinnitus, deafness
SI 19
Auditory Palace
/ 89

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