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Terms Definitions
what are the 3 reasons that dining facilities are constructed and operated?
1. subsistence entitlement to enlisted members living in the dorms 2. training environment for food service personnel to meet our war fighting mission  3. the flight meals service in support of our daily operations
define discount meal rate
cost of food only
what meal rate is charged to ESM?
no charge
when are family members of military and DOD civilians authorized to use the enlisted dining facility?
when assigned overseas if the installation CC authorizes this after determining other facilities are not available or adequate
who provides the MSG CC with a statement in writing describing the emergency and the persons to whom it is essential that the AF furnish food for a limited time?
Installation CC
what form is used to record signatures when persons are unable to pay for their meals?
AF form 79
how many max days supply of MREs per ESM patron are units authorized to purchase?
2 days
what is the one of the biggest problems managers face?
how often should shift leaders meet with the employees?
what is the key to successful food service operation?
trained and effective supervisors
what must shift leaders and facility managers do to prevent manpower shortfalls?
know the peak hrs for serving food, plan overlap of shifts to occur before this time, forecast the # of meals, and plan the work force needed to do the task
how often does the cyclic menu get developed, published and distributed?
who many days is the CFS menu cyclic plan based on?
14 days
what is the 1st step in menu planning?
review what is appropriate for the facility
how should an item be replaced, when a change is made to the menu?
with like item
what meals must be replicated?
Xmas, Thanksgiving, AF Bday
where can u find a management tool for planning and serving a good choice of flight and ground support meals?
preface to CFS
what meals may not be issued as primary meal for flight feeding?
small/snack meals
when are small meals served?
aircrew with oxygen masks
what meal may be issued as a 2nd meal on flights of long duration?
what does the FSO use to rate food service operation?
AF 1038
where can u document your findings corrective actions and follow up procedures?
reverse of 1038
what are two major sanitation problems when handling and preparing food?
cross-contamination and food danger zone
where does preventing food borne illness start?
with personal hygene
what does personal hygiene require?
vigilance and personnel attention
who should you chill custards, cream fillings, and other hazardous foods?
what temps are considered danger zones?
41 and 140
what does potentially dangerous foods contain?
what temp should fruit and veggies cooked to for hot holding?
what must the water temp be for thawing food?
70 or below
what internal temp do we cook all beef, fish and lamb?
145 for 15 sec
what does the HACCPs success depend on?
facility and people
how are the major flavor compounds developed when grilling or broiling?
browning and marinate
what happens to meat during the exposure to moist heat?
the proteins unwind and denature
what is the temp range for frying?
325-400 degrees
how can you tell if the doneness of the meat is rare?
juices run dark red with temp of 130
what is the cardinal rule when displaying food on the serving line?
arrange food properly
who is responsible for the entire serving operation?
shift leader
what is the most important garnishing characteristic when producing the desired effect?
what agency should be contacted before ordering any MRE?
what degrades the food service mission at any level?
poor management
what causes the food borne infection Norwalk VIrus?
water and ice
what do the principles of HACCp embody?
the concept of active managerial control that ensures food borne illness risk factors are controlled
what is the key to producing good food?
control of heat transfer
what other concern must you be aware of in reference to waste prevention besides food?
fuel or energy
what are some reasons to override your production log?
adding a backup item, preparing special/ethnic meal
what watt log will you use for the leftover flour mix used to coat chicken for frying?
raw waste
what waste log will you use for leftover gravy at the end of a meal?
finished waste
why its important that the cashiers don't use the miscellaneous key?
it can alter the inventory
what database does the AFFRS maintain?
recepies, CFS menu, brunch/lunch, holiday menu
how many categories are in each section of the 
what info from POS does the CFS track?
trends and customer desires using a selection ratio concept
what is STORES?
designated to automate all installation level subsistence ordering and receipting for DOD food customers
what are 4 of the catalogs that STORES support?
PV, milk, dairy, bread, vegetable (any 4 of these)
what should you do after you receive subsistence, before you issue it to the kitchen?
post your receipts to storeroom records
what is a major factor in the success of any food service operation?
the quality of the raw food products used for meal prep
what should you do if u receive food that does not meet specification requirement?
report it to HQ AFSVA/SVOHF on a DD form 1608 (UMR)
what are the proper temps for perishable food items?
1. frozen food below 0
2. meat and poultry 32-36
3. eggs 40-45
4. milk 38-40
5. fresh fruit and veggie 40-45
what are some examples of semi-perishable foods?
jars, cans, bottles, packages, bags
what should you do if you receive an item that does not have a packing date?
label it with the delivery date
in CFS, what projects your thawing requirements?
all items to be pulled and their quantities
why is careful attention to proper inventory management important?
it prevents pilferage and multiple abuse
what is your on hand summary?
dollar value of the physical inventory
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