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Who reviews a Hazard Report to determine whether it is a valid hazard and whether any immediate interim control measures are necessary?
Base safety office
Within how many days should a Hazard Report be investigated?
How may days does the person responsible for making sure corrective actions are completed have to return a Hazard Report to base safety?
How long are Hazard Reports monitored?
Until the Hazard is eliminated.
Who determines what the control measures will be?
What measures do you take to reduce the degree of risk in an occupational hazard or deficiency pending completion of an abatement action?
Interim control
Who do you immediately inform in imminent danger situations?
What document serves as an additional training tool that outlines info. on Services specific tasks?
Services Training and Education Plan (STEP)
Who uses the Career Field Education & Training Plan to plan, prioritize, manage, and execute training?
Which part of the CFETP is not required to be in each individuals training record?
Part I
Which part of the CFETP is required to be in each individuals training record?
Part II
What does the new supervisor do each time an Airman changes duty positions?
Performs an initial evaluation that includes a review of all previously certified tasks.
Who is responsible for writing the Workcenter Training Plan (WTP)?
Activity Manager
Who identifies training needs upon completion of your initial evaluation?
Who is required to maintain task qualifications when conducting training?
Who is the focal point of the Air Force training program?
Who controls your authorizing end strengths and appropriating civilian workyears and military grade distributions?
What document is a detailed manpower listing that reflects the distribution of manpower allocations into finite structure of authorizations by work center?
Unit manpower document
Who develops manpower standards to provide an affordable level of service?
HQ USAF functional managers
How long must Services flights work per day, per manpower requirement above the normal workday before earning an additional requirement?
30 minutes
Wartime man-hour availability factors are reviewed how often?
Every three years
Temporary manpower requirements should not last longer than how many years?
Two years
Who manages the activation of Air Reserve Component units?
HQ Air Force Reserve
How many days annually can the Air Force use non-extended ARC and ANG officers and Airman MPA man-days to meet short term needs?
139 days
How many types of manpower does the Airforce rely on to do its missions?
Three. Military personnel, in-service civilian employees, & contract services.
What do base-level planners use to determine wartime in-place requirements and resources?
Base-level planning process
What are Emergency Essentiel positions?
Civilian Positions required for direct support of combat operations
Who develops, coordinates, and executes NAP fund civilian personnel polocy and approves essential procedural guidance for Air Force NAF program management?
Who approves a NAP fund Instrumental- ities Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)?
Installation commander
What allows continued in-house operation of activities despite the loss of AP fund manpower?
Strategic source memorandums of agreement.
What is the primary purpose of the temporary memorandum of agreement?
What is the primary document that reflects positions authorized to accomplish the mission?
Unit Manpower Document
What product identifies people assigned to a functional allocation code (FAC) and identifies personnel who have a projected assignment?
Unit Personnel Management Roster
Who is responsible for the appointment of equipment custodians?
Squadron commander
What area of your inventory are you verifying by signing the Custody Authorization/Custody Receipt Listing?
Items and quantities
What form is mantained on all property outside your span of control?
AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt
In the event of a robbery, what should you do?
Not discuss details of the robbery withother witnesses. Determine and record the names of witnesses. Phone security police when safe and infrom them of the robbery. Designate one person, when safe, to wait outside for the security police.
What 2 steps make up the internal control process of protecting assets?
Degree of control & internal control standards.
Who manages intrusion detection systems?
Resource management flight chief.
Who or what determines whether your cashiers operate a cash rgister or locking cash box?
Volume of cash receipts.
Who is responcible for administering the internal management control program?
Resource management flight chief.
Who issues guidance for compliance and reporting requirements?
Director of internal management control
What monies are not allocated by Congress?
NAF (Non-appropriated funds)
What are operations and maintenance funds used for?
Temporary duty, payroll, contract services, and supplies required for operating and maintaining installations, facilities, and equipment. Not for investment items.
What is the first step in the budget process?
Identify your unit's mission.
What is the second step in the budget process?
Establish and write down the activity's goals.
What is the third step in the budget process?
Establish the requirements of your operation.
What budget is prepared to forecast all income and expenses for each cost center in every Services activity with income and expences?
Operating budget.
At base level, who is the single custodian for all non-appropriated fund assets?
Resource management flight chief.
Who is responsible for preventing losses and promptly notifying the proper authorities when a loss occurs?
All Air Force military & civilian personnel.
In cases of losses up to and including $50, who completes a review?
Activity Manager
For losses over $250, up to and including $1000, and losses of $250 or less that appear to involve neglect or misconduct, who appoints an individual to conduct an inquiry?
Squadron commander
For losses that exceed $1000, who ppoints an investigating officer?
Installation commander
Who approves fund storage limits?
Installation commander
Who is responsible for making daily deposits to the central cashire or the financial institution and for keeping cash on hand to a minimum?
Activity Manager
When should you programa replacement for a new piece of equipment into your long-range capital improvement plan?
When you purchase it
Which category activities(A,B,or C) are Libraries, child development centers, and community activity centers?
Category A
Which category activities(A,B,or C)are golf courses, marinas, and family camps?
Category C
Wha award recognizes an individual at HQ USAF/ILV, MAJCOM, or HQ AFSVA who best exemplifies personal leadership, innovation, and ingenuity to improve processes for to the Servies community?
General Michael P.C. Carns Servies
What award is given to a Services squadron at a large base (over 5,000 miliary and civilians) assigned?
General Curtis E. LeMay Servies
What award is given to a SAervices squadron at a small base (less than 5,000 miliary and civilians) assigned?
Major General Eugene L. Eubank Services
How many days following an evaluation do evaluation team chiefs have to give afteraction report to HQ USAF/ILV?
15 days
What award recognizes excellence in Air Force food service?
John L. Hennessy
What award program recognizes excellence in Air Force lodging?
Air Force Innkeeper
Who establishes Services award policy?
The Golden Eagle Standards represents what?
the minimum level of service accepted in Services.
When should facility or section managers run the appropriate Golden Eagle Standards checklist?
Who supports Services squadron commanders or directors, flight chiefs, and activity managers by ensuring they adopt sound marketing practices?
Services marketing
What are the primary goals of the marketing program?
Recognize the needs and expectations of customers.
Servies operating environment require all managers to have accurate, reliable, and timely market information for what purpose?
So they can anticipate customer needs & respond to changes in consumer demand.
The Services' commander/director, flight chiefs, and the marketing director conduct long-range marketing planning to develop the overall Services strattegy and marketing objectives for how many years?
3 to 5 years.
To be responsive to mission needs and requirements, the contracting system must award contracts in who's best interest?
The government
Procedures to resolve disputes between contractors and thier employees are set by law, who must remain neutral in dealing with contract-related labor disputes that occur on AF installations?
The Air Force.
Who determines fair and resonable pricing when commercial entertainment is purchased non-competitively?
Contracting Officer
What contracts are awarded to specified individuals for their unique skills, experience, or knowledge in performing a service for the nonappropriated fund instrumentality (NAFI)?
Individual service
In what situation do you not use individual service contracts?
For services that the individual is obligated to provide the NAFI as a result of thier military or civilian employee position. For construction services. For services by an employee of the activity where performance of the service would create a conflict of interest.
After how many days are MAJCOMs and individual bases required to be prepared to expand their operations to keep essential activities operational in a contingency or wartime?
first 30 days
Who uses Air Force Manpower Standards (AFMS) to develop their Services sustaining force requirements?
Who is responsible for determining strtegic mission support requirements for Air Feserve component installations?
Gaining MAJCOMs
Who determines total wartime manpower requirements?
/ 80

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