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What is the main job of the circulatory system?
The circulatory system brings food and oxygen to the cells and carry away cells' wastes.
What are four components of blood?
plasma, platelets, red blood cells,and white blood cells.
What is the function of plasma?
plasma carries food, water, and some chemicals to cells and wastes away from cells.
What is the function of Red blood cells?
Red blood cells carry oxygen to cells.
What is the function of White Blood cells?
White blood cells work hard to protect the body from germs.
What is the function of Platelets?
Platelets cause blood clots to form, this helps to stop blood loss from cuts.
Name the three type of blood vessels.
The three type of blood vessels are arteries, capillaries and veins.
What is the function of the arteries?
The arteries carry blood away from the heart to other parts of the body.
What is the function of the capillaries?
The capillaries are the smallest kind of blood vessels that take blood from cells.
What is the function of the veins?
Veins are blood vessels that take blood from cells back to the heart. Valves are flaps that act like doors to keep blood flowing in one direction. The pumping of the heart keeps the blood flowing in the right direction through the arteries and capillaries
what is the respiratory system?
the respiratory system carries gases between the outside air and your blood. your respiratory system is at work whenever you smell, sing, talk, laugh, or breathe.
what is mucus?
a sticky, thick fluid that traps dust and germs.
what is sinus?
air pockets in the facial bones, they warm and moisten the air.
what is the function of the trachea?
it is a tube that carries air from the larynx to the lungs
what does the Larynx contains?
it contains the vocal cords
what is the bronchioles?
they are small tubes in the lungs
what is air sacs?
they are the Alveoli, thin walled pouches where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxides leaves the blood
what is the diaphragm?
a large dome shaped muscle that regulates the movement of air into an out of your lungs.
How the respiratory system works?? part 1
air enters through the nose or mouth. Hairs and mucus in the nose trap dust and germs. Sinuses warm and moisten the air. air passes from the sinus to the back of the throat and into the larynx. the trachea carries air from the larynx to the lungs.
how the respiratory system works part 2??
the trachea leads to two branches called bronchi that go to the lungs. the bronchi branch into smaller and smaller tubes called the bronchioles. the bronchioles end in clusters of tiny pouches called air sacs. Air sacs are called alveoli.
how does the respiratory and the circulatory system work together??
they work together to deliver oxygen to cells and remove carbon dioxide from the cells.
How does the digestive system works?
the organs of the digestive system breaks food down so that the nutrients can enter the blood and reach the bodies cells. it turns food into a form the body can use.
what is Saliva?
it is a liquid in the mouth that has chemicals to digest food.
What is the esophagus?
it is a tube that carries food to the stomach.
what is the epiglottis?
it is a flap that covers the trachea when you swallow to prevent the food from going down the trachea.
what is the Stomach?
it is a tight round muscle which produces fluids that digest foods into a soupy paste.
what is the pancreas?
it is an organ that produces substances for digestion.
what is the liver?
the liver is the largest organ in the body, it produces substances for digestion.
what happens in the small intestine?
the particles of food move into the blood from this organ.
what are the villi
they are small finger like projections that line the small intestine and absorb digested food.
What is the function of the large intestine?
food waste that cannot be digested goes to the large intestine. Water and salts are taken from wastes. Solid waste is pushed out of the body.
How the digestive system works??part 1
Digestion starts in the mouth. the teeth tears and grinds the food while the chemicals in saliva break down the food even more. when you swallow it enters the esophagus. the muscles in the esophagus move the food down to your stomach.
how the digestive system works?? part 2
Muscles in the stomach mix and churn the food. The digestive juices help to break it down still further. it now passes to the small intestine. your liver and pancreas help with digestion also. Villi absorb the digested food.
How the digestive system works? part 3
the villi are filled with capillaries and the food passes through the walls of the capillaries into the blood stream. The undigested food passes into the large intestine. The water and salt is absorbed leaving solid waste.
How the digestive system works part 4?
waste leaves the body through the anus at the end of the large intestine.
what is the function of the urinary system?
The urinary system rids the blood of most wastes produced by the cells.
what is the function of the Kidneys?
they kidneys are organs that clean the blood by getting rid of liquid waste. Kidneys remove cell waste and regulate the amount of salt, water, calcium, nutrients and other chemicals in the blood.
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