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The Walls of Limerick
OXXOProgressiveReelPlace Name32 BarsAll 8 barsAdvance and Retire- 8Half Right and Left- 8Dance with Opposite-8Dance Around- 8
The Four-Hand Reel
OXXO256 barsLead Round- 16The Body- 48-The Square- 16-Four Sevens-8-Hands Across-8-Down the Centre-8-Right and Left Chain-81st Fig- Fig of 8 and rings of three-32Opp Couple- 1st Fig- 32Body- 482nd Fig- Ladies' Chain- 16Opp Couple- 2nd fig- 16Body- 48Finish- Lead Round- 16
Eight- Hand Reel
360 Bars BAG F H E CDLead Round-16Body- 80-Extended Sides- 16-Skip Across- 32-Return Chain- 16-Back to Back- 161st Figure- Advance and Retire- 16(X2)Body- 802nd Figure- Ladies' Chain- 16 (X2)Body- 80The Finish- 40
Morris Reel
360 Bars BAG F H E CDLead Round- 16Body- 80-Sides-16-Right Hands Across- 16 (X2)-Return Chain-16-Back to Back-161st fig- Advance and Retire- 16(X2)Body- 802nd Fig- Ladies' Chain- 16(X2)Body-80The Finish- 40
High-Cauled Cap
568 Bars3 Figures BAG FH E CDLead Round- 16Body- 80-Sides-16-Double Quarter Chain-16-Ladies Interlace-16-Gents Interlace-16-Stamp and Clap- 161st Fig- 16 (X4)Body-802nd Fig- Circle and Cross- 24(X4)Body-803rd Fig- Ladies' Chain- 16(x2)Body- 80Finish- 40
Sixteen- Hand Reel
536 bars3 figuresLead Round- 16Body- 64-Sides-8-Hands Round-8-Sides-8-Hands Round-8-Half Chain-16-Link Arms-161st Figure- Advance and Retire-16 (X4)Body-642nd Figure- Right hand to opposite Lady- 24(X4)Body-643rd Figure- Arch Arms- 16(X4)Body-64Finish-40
Humours of Bandon
304 barsTune of Same NameJig3 figures-All 16 barsBACDLead Round-16Body-32-Sides-8-Half R and L-8-Sides-8-Half R and L-81st figure- Advance through centre-16Body-321st Fig- Opp Couple-16Body-322nd Fig- Centre Meet-16Body-322nd Fig- Opp Couple-16Body-323rd Fig- Ladies' Chain-16Body-32Finish-Lead Round-16
Eight-Hand Jig
320 BarsJig BAG FH E CDLead Round-16Body-56 -Sides-8-Skip Across-16-Swing into line-16-Set all around-161st Figure-Advance and Retire- 16 (X2)Body-562nd Figure- 32 (X2)Body-56Finish-40
Siege of Ennis
32 barsLong DanceJigOXOXXOXOAdvance and Retire-8Sides-8Hands Across-8Advance, Retire and Pass Through-8
Harvest Time Jig
64 BarsOXOOXO7 movementsAdvance and Retire-8Sides-8Right Hands Across-8Sides-8Left Hands Across-8Step and Turn-16Advance, Retire and Pass Through-8
Rince Fada
XOXOXOXO32 bars- not all 8JigNo SidestepSister to Haste-The Rising Step-4-Right Wheel-4-The Rising Step-4-Left Wheel-4-Advance down the Centre- 8-Dance Around-8
The Bridge of Athlone
XOXOXOXOXOXO-Rising Step, Advance and Retire- 16 (x2)-Down the Centre-8-Cast off- MARCH-The Bridge- MARCH
Haste to the Wedding
40 BarsTune of Same Name in Jig TimeXOXOXOXO-The Rising Step-4-Right Wheel-4-The Rising Step-4-Left Wheel-4-Up the Centre- 8-First Ring- 4-Second Ring-4-Swing out-8
The Siege of Carrick
32 barsHTTW musicOXXO-Ring-8-Right and Left Wheels- 8-Down Centre and Turn-8-Up Centre and Swing-8
Antrim Reel
64 BarsOXXO-Advance and Return-4-Right and Left Half-Turn-4-Sidestep and Heyes-8 (X2)-Dance Down the Centre-8-Right and Left Wheels-8-Sidestep with Opposite- 8-Left and Right Wheels-8-Swing out to Next Couple-8
Glencar Reel
56 bars all 8OXOXOX-Advance and Retire-8-Ring-8-Sidestep Through- 8-Figure of Eight-8-Double Figure of Eight-8-The Waves-8-Full Chain-8
The Three Tunes
208 Bars BAG EH F CD-Sides-16-Rings- 8 (X2)-Lead Round-16-Stamp and Clap-16-See-Saw-16-Roly Poly- 12 (X2)-Hook and Chain-16-Rings- 8 (X2)-Thread the Needle- 16-Stamp and Clap-16-Sides Under Arms- 8 (X2)-Roly Poly- 12 (X2)
St. Patrick's Day
456 bars BAG EH F CD-Lead Round-16Body- 72-Sides- 8-Half Right and Left-14-Sides-8-Half Right and Left-14-Double Quarter Chain-16-Extended Sides-14-Full Chain-14First Figure- Advance and Retire-16Body-72First Fig- Sides-16Body-72Second Fig- Ladies' Chain-16Body-722nd Fig- Sides-16Body-72The Finish- 16
Trip to the Cottage
336 barsTune of Same NameCo. Armagh OXX OO X XO-Cross-over and Lead Around-16 (X2)Body-48-="Diagonal Line"-8-=Ring-8-=Swing-8Sides do same movement-241st Fig- "Pretzel"-24Rep 2-24Rep 3-24Rep 4- 24Body-482nd fig- "Criss Crossing"-162nd fig- Sides rep-16Body-48Finish- Cross over and Lead Around-32
An Rince Mor
40 bars- All 8Ring any number of couples-Ring to Left and Right-8-Swing with Ladies on Left-8-Swing with Partners-8-Link Arms-8-Lead Round-8
Haymaker's Jig
OOOOOXXXXXNo Sidestep-Advance and Retire-16-Turn in Centre-16-Swing in Centre-16-Link Arms-Arch
The Fairy Reel
96 barsoxooxo-Advance and Retire-8-Rings-8-Advance and Retire-8-Rings-8-Slip Sides-16-Gents Centre and Link Arms-16-Square-16-Arches-8-Advance, Retire, and Pass Through-8
The Duke Reel
232 barsOX OX XO-Rings-8Body-40-Sides-16-Link Arms-8-Interlace-8-Advance and Retire-81st Figure- Figure of 8-16-2 & 3- 16-3 & 1- 16Body-402nd Fig- Right and Left Chain-16-2 & 3-16-3 & 1-16Body-40Finish- Swing Around-8
Lannigan's Ball
112 barsNo SidestepRound- 6 couples-Ring-16-Quarter's Hook-8-Rise and Grind Step-16-Lead Round in centre-16-Flirtation-16-Stack up-16-Lead Round-8-Ring- 16
The Cross Reel
312 BarsRound- 4 couples-Lead Around-16Body-64-Extended Sides-16-Full Chain-16-Gents Interlace- 16-Back to Back- 8-Exchange Places-81st Fig- Figure of 8 and Ring-161st Fig- Sides- 16Body-642nd Fig-Circle Round and Hands Across-162nd fig- sides-16Body-64Finish-40
The Waves of Tory
No SidestepOOOOOOXXXXXX-Advance and Retire-8-Right and Left Hands Across-8-Advance and Retire- 8-Left and Right Hands Across-8-Lead off to the Right and Up the Centre- MARCH TIME-NO BARS-The Waves- NO BARS- MARCH-Cast Off- No BARS- MARCH
The Rakes of Mallow
40 bars- All 8No SidestepTune of Same Name-Advance and Retire-8-Swing with Opposite Lady- 8-Swing with Lady on Right-8-Link Arms in Centre-8-Swing Out-8
The Gates of Derry
240 BarsSingle JigFavourite Tune- Quaker's WifeOXOXXOXO1234-Advance and Retire-16-The Gates-8-Rings-8-The Gates-8-Rings-8-Telescope-16-Right and Left Wheel-8-Swing Around-81st repeat2nd repeatFinish- As in A
The Sweets of May
208 barsCo. ArmaghTune of Same NameStarts with fig- All figs in 3 tunes1st fig- Rings-16Body-32 -Cross over and back-8-Advance and Retire-8-Ringing the Bells-162nd fig- Lead Around-16Body-323rd Fig- See-SawBody-324th fig-Sides under arms-16Body-321st Fig- Rings-16
Bonfire Dance
88 barsRound- no fewer than 6 couples-Advance and Retire-8-Rings-8-Advance and Retire-8-Rings-8-Side-step in and out-4-Link Arms-4-Sidestep in and out-4-Link Arms-4-The Rose- 16-The Rose- Gents-16-Swing and Exchange Partners-8
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