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Chinese philosophy
Terms Definitions
List General aspects Of Yin
• Feminine• Earth• Softer• Moon• Receptivity• Passivity• • Structure (Body Structure)• Rest• Night• Right (side of body too)• West• Shady side of the mountain• Matter• • Material• Produces form• Substantial• Energy of consolidation (but in macrobiotic diet is reverse)• Descending energy• Water• Front of Body
List Aspects of Yang
1. Masculine2. Light3. Hard4. Heaven5. Sun6. Body Function7. Activity8. Active9. Day10. Left (side of body too)11. East12. Sunny side of the mountain13. Energy14. Immaterial15. Produces energy16. Non-substantial17. Energy of expansion (but in macrobiotic diet is reverse)18. Ascending \ rising energy19. Fire20. Back of Body
List Yin General Areas of the Body
List Yang General Areas of the Body
List the Four Basic Relationships of Yin and Yang
1. Opposition2. Interdependent3. Mutual Consumption4. Inter-transformation
Define Opposition in Yin and Yang
Never static; never an absolute 50% yin vs 50% yang; Opposites on a continuum of energy and matter
Define Interdependance in Yin and Yang
a. Can’t have one without the otherb. Relay on each othe for mutual benefitc. Each depends on the other for identity
Define Mutual Consumption in Yin and Yang
Relative levels of Yin Yang are continuously changing. Normally this is a harmonious change, but when Yin or Yang are out of balance they affect each other, and too much of one can eventually weaken (consume) the other.Four (4) possible states of imbalance:Preponderance (Excess) of YinPreponderance (Excess) of YangWeakness (Deficiency) of YinWeakness (Deficiency) of Yang
Define Inter-transformation in Yin and Yang Relationship
One can change into the other, but it is not a random event, happening only when the time is right. For example: Spring only comes when winter is finishedExtreme excess of yin turns to yang and vice versa. Example a yang flair up of mood for someone that had been weak for a long time before death (think hospice care)
Some more specific Yang Areas of Body
Exterior of the body,skin and muscles and hairo Wei Qi (protective qi) circulates in the exterioro Heado Arms: red side (sunburn) outer side of arm
More specific Yin areas of the body
Interior of the bodyArm (white side) insideIInternal organs (generally)Anterior \ Front of body (compare to back)• Chest and Abdomen overallAreas of the body that are more depressed like K3 (inner depression btw ball of ankle and achilles
General nature of a Yin organ
Solid, store pure substance
General nature of a Yang Organ
Hollow, Transform, digest and excrete substances
General deference between and sign and a symptom
Signs are something that can readily seen (vomiting)Symptoms are something the patient complains about (nausea)
What is Qi, Ki, Chi?
Common translation: Energyo Some have argued that it’s oxygen in the bodyo Energy operating at different frequency (e.g. materia vs immaterial)Also "vital energy", "life force", or "Breath" but no single English word will suffice.
Describe Chinese Character of Qi
Steam coming off a pot of rice
How does Qi Manifest in general and in the human body
Qi manifests both on the physical an spiritual/psychological level.Qi is in a constant state of flux and its immaterial/material state constantly varies. When Qi condenses, it accumulates to form physical shape.Example: Poor circulation of Qi in the body can result in condensation of Qi to form lumps, masses or tumors.Although there are many types of Qi in human beings, all these types are ultimately one Qi, manifesting in different forms.Qi changes form according to its locality and function.
Jing translates to
Where does Pre-heaven (Prenatal) Jing come from
At conception, the Prenatal Jing is the combination of energy passed to the fetus from the parents.
What does Pre-heaven (prenatal) Jing determine.
determines basic constitution, strength, vitality, reproductive ability, and individual aspects. It is fixed in quantity, determined at birth: debatable whether or not it can be added to. TCM says cannot, but pre-heaven jing can only conserved and used up more slowly.
Generally, where is Pre-heaven Jing Housed?
Describe the Yang Aspect of Pre-heaven Jing and what responsible for
Fire Fire at the Gate of Life aka Ming Man Fire, said to be housed in Kidneys, In west med. Adrenal sits on top of KD.Fire in the form of adrenalinResponsible for body warmth, all physiological processes (similar to metabolism)
Describe the Yin Aspect of Pre-heaven Jing
Deepest water of the body Internal coolant
How does one conserve \ add to the quality of pre-heaven jing
Striving for balance in all life activities. Balance meaning moderation in diet, work/rest, sexual activity. Irregularity or excess in these areas wastes Prenatal Jing.Certain exercises help conserve Prenatal Jing, such as breathing exercises, Taiji (Tai Chi), and Qi Gong.Organ transplant: could be said to be a modern way to improve pre-natal jing
If Pre-heaven Jing is your savings account then,
Post-heaven Jing is your checking account
Where is Post Natal \ Heaven Jing aka Post Natal Qi derived from
Food and Air
Which organs exact jing from food to make Post Heaven Jing (Post Natal Qi)
Spleen and Stomach
Pre-heaven Jing and Post Natal Qi (Post Heaven Qi) combine to create what form of Jing
Kidney Qi
What form of jing replenishes Kidney Jing
Post natal qi \ post natal Jing
What is Kidney Jing responsible for
Kidney Jing plays important role in physiology.Is hereditary, like Prenatal Jing and determines constitution.Forms the basis for continued adult development: growth, development, sexual maturation, and reproduction.Moves in long, slow cycles, and presides over the major phases of development in life. Responsible for marrow• Bone marrow• Spinal cord and brain (brain is Sea of marrow)• Issue of weak bones, osteoporosis weakness of KD JingResponsible for out Constitutional Strength• Strength of wei qi dependent on KD Jing• Ears shapes and lobes, can signify quality of constitutional health
What the three treasures (in the body)
Shen corresponds to what organ \ realm
Heaven, Heart \ Spirit \ consciousness
Qi corresponds it what organ \ realm
Spleen , Stomach, Humanity, People
Jing corresponds to what organ \ realm
Kidneys Earth
List 7 types of Qi of the Body (not organ specific)
Yuan QiGu QiZong Qi,Zhen Qi, (Wei and Ying Qi)Zheng Qi
What is Yuan Qi or Original Qi and where does it reside
Jing that has been transformed into Qi, or Jing in motion. Yuan Qi, like Prenatal Jing, is hereditary, fixed in quantity, but nourished by Postnatal Jing.Resides in KD
Which type of qi is the motive force for life and catalyst for all other types of qi
Yuan Qi \ original Qi
What are some aspects and fx of Yuan Qi
It is the foundation of all the Yin and Yang energies of the body. Yuan Qi Functions:It is the dynamic force that motivates the functional activity of the internal organs, and is the foundation of vitality.It circulates all over the body in the channels, relying on the transporting system of the San Jiao (Triple Burner).It is the basis of Kidney Qi, and dwells between the two Kidneys, at the Gate of Vitality (Ming Men).It facilitates the transformation of Qi. Yuan Qi is the spark of change, transforming Zong Qi into Zhen Qi.Yuan Qi participates in the production of blood by facilitating the transformation of Gu Qi into Blood.It emerges and stays at the 12 Source points.
What is Gu Qi and where does it come from
Food Qi \ Qi of Rice and water-- the nourishment aval. in foodFood rotten and rippened from the SP and ST
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