Holt World Geography Today Chapter 8 and 9 U.S. and Canada Flashcards

Terms Definitions
A colony is...
A territory controlled by people from a foreign land.
Plantations are...
Large farms that produce one major crop.
A person who is bilingual can...
Speak 2 languages.
What is a megalopolis?
A group of cities that have grown into one large, built-up area.
Textiles are...
Cloth products.
A metropolitan area is...
A city and its surrounding built up areas.
When land is arable, it is...
Fit for growing crops.
The Corn Belt stretches from...
Nebraska to Ohio.
The Dairy belt includes...
Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.
Silicon Valley is the countries leading center of...
Computer technology.
Smog results from chemical reactions involving (2)... from (2)...
Sunlight and pollutants, from automobiles and industries.
Gentrification is when people...
Buy run down houses and restore them.
A superpower is...
A huge powerful country.
A trade deficit is when a country's...
Exports are of less value then it's imports.
NAFTA stands for...
The North American Free Trade Agreement.
Who were the first Europeans to sail to Canada's eastern shores?
Canada has howmany provinces ane how many territories?
10 provinces, 3 territories
Canada's capital is...
What two provinces are the heartland provinces?
Quebec and Ontario.
A hinterland is...
A region that lies far away from large population centers.
Canada's largest city is...
Parliament is...
Another word for a minister is...
Consensus means...
General agreement.
The United States has __ times the population Canada.
Regionalism refers to...
The feeling of strong political and emotional loyalty to one's own region.
Seperatisim is the belief that..,
Certain parts of a country should be independent.
How many American's are of African descent? Native American?
12%, Less than 1%
What two ethnic groups are the most rapidly growing in the U.S.?
Hispanics and Asians.
How many religious groups are there in the U.S.?
What is the U.S.' old industrial region called and where is it located?
The "Rust Belt" - NE
What states make up the Wheat Belt? (7)
Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas.
Name 4 environmental issues of the U.S.
Energy comsumption, waste/pollution, acid rain, fertilizer runoff.
Name 4 natural hazards of the U.S.
Earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
What does the U.S. economy largely rely on?
World trade.
Who were KYs first inhabitants? What was the first settlement?
Native Americans. Harrodsburg.
What does commonwealth mean?
From the consent of the people.
Ky became a state in...
Describe Ky during the Civil War.
Neutral; families were against families about the issues of slavery.
What are the 5 Regions of Ky?
Bluegrass, Cumberland Plateau, Western Coal Field, Pennyroyal, and the Jackson Purchase.
Name the French's 3 goals in exploring Canada.
Fine NW passage, fishing/fur trade, spreading Christianity.
The settlement of Quebec City was in...
What country is the second largest in the world?
What is Canada's economy based on?
Manufacturing and service industries.
What is Canada's 2nd largest city?
What happened in the U.S. in the 1960s?
The Civil Rights movement.
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