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blood glucose
Terms Definitions
test used to monitor heparin therapy
with air
clumping, as in clumping of red blood cells in a transfusion reaction
substance being measured or detected by analysis
antimicrobial therapy
treatment with antibiotics
term used to describe blood donated for one's own use
test platelet plug formation in the capillaries
chain of custody
special protocol for collecting, handling, and testing legal specimens
suitability to mixed together with favorable results
ex vivo
outside the body
fever for which the cause is unknown
detects carbohydrate metabolism problems
high-dose heparin monitoring test
program that requires notification of recipients of blood products from donors that test positive for a transmissible disease.
peak level
highest serum concentration of a drug
bedside testing
after a meal
pathogenic bacteria in the blood
procedure used to manage individual patient drug treatment
trough level
lowest serum concentration of a drug
glucose measured in whole blood
what are the eligibility for donating blood?
age 17-66 years, 110 lb or more
identify the condition in which a unit of blood is withdrawn from a patient as a treatment
which specimen requires especially strict identification and labeling procedures?
blood type and crossmatch
before blood salvage during surgery can be reinfused in the patient it must be tested for?
residual free hemoglobin (high level indicates to many red blood cells have been destroyed)
donor units of blood are typically collected by using what gauge of needles?
16-18 gauge
a typical unit of donated blood contains approximately?
450 ML
Which type of tube can be used to collect blood for a type and screen?
lavendar to EDTA, nonadditive red top, and pin top EDTA
what test is collected using special skin decontamination procedures?
blood cultures
which type of test is performed to determine the probability that a specific individual was the father of a particular child?
why would blood cultures be collected with an antimicrobial adsorbing resin?
the patient is taking a broad-spectrum antibiotic
which speciman tubes must contain a 9:1 ratio of blood to anticoagulant to be accepted for testing?
which blood culture container is inoculated first when the speciman has been collected by syring?
anaerobic (without air)
the most critical aspect of blood culture collection is?
skin antisepsis
a blood culture collection site is typically cleaned using?
chlorhexidine gluconate
what additive is sometimes used to collect blood culture specimen?
which type of specimen may require collection of a discard tube before the test specimen is collected?
the abbreviation for a test that assesses platelet plug formation in capillaries is?
BT (factor assay)
which test is used as a screening test for glucose metabolism problems?
glucose tolerence test (GTT)
which of the following activities can affect glucose tolerance test results?
chewing sugarless gum, dringing tea without sugar, and smoking low-tar cigarettes
when does the timing of specimen collection begin during glucose tolerance test (GTT)?
after patient finishes the glucose beverage
a phlebotomist arrives to collect a 2 hour postprandial glucose specimen on an inpatient and discovers that 2 hours have not elapsed since the patient's meal. What should the phlebotomist do?
ask the patient's nurse to verify the correct time to draw the spicmen
a patient undergoing a glucose tolerence test vomits within 30 minutes of drinking the glucose beverage. What action shold the phlebotomist take?
notify the patient's nurse or physician immediately to determine if the test should be continued or rescheduled
increased blood glucose is called?
blood sugar (glucose) levels in normal individuals typically peak within what amount of time after glucose ingestion?
30-60 minutes
Glucose tolerance test specimens can be collected by which means
can be skin puncture or venipunture but must be consistent for all specimens taken
patient preparation before a glucose tolerance test involves?
eating balance meals containing 150 g of carbohydrate for 3 day before the test, fasting for at least 12 hours before the test, and no smoking or chewing gum before or during the test
what is used to clean a site before blood alcohol specimen collection?
benzalkonium chloride
when is the "chain of custody" documentation used?
drug screen
purpose of therapeutic drug monitoring is to?
determine and maintain a beneficial drug dosage for a patient
drugs that are subjected to therapeutic monitoring are?
digoxin, gentamicin, and theophylline
a peak drug level has been ordered for 0900 hours (9 am). You draw the specimen 10 minutes late because of unavoidable circumstances. What additional action does this necessitate?
establish the last dosage time, notify the patients nurse, and record the time change when verifying the specimen
a trough level is collected?
immediately before administration of the next scheduled drug dose
which test requires the collection of multiple specimen?
glucose tolerance test
timing of collection is most critical for drugs with short half-lives, what are the drug?
digoxin, gentamicin, and phenobarbital
a bleeding time (BT) test assesses the functioning of this cellular element?
the most common reason for glucose monitoring through point-of-care testing is?
monitor glucose levels in patients with diabetes
a trace-element-free tube is best choice for collecting a specmen for?
copper, lead, and zinc
Sources of error in point-of-care testing for blood glucose are?
dehydrated patient, elevated bilirubing count, and hematocrit sample size
which test typically has the shortest turnaround time?
whole blood glucose (WBG)
what is the name of a point-of-care testing ananlyzer?
coaguchek, hemochron jr., and I-Stat
monitoring blood coagulation through point-of-care testing my be performed during the following?
cardiac therapy, coumadin therapy, and heparin therapy (cannot be performed during lithium therapy)
what is the most common bedside or point-of-care testing test?
whole blood glucose
test used to monitor heparin therapy is?
ACT (activated clotting time)
what equipment is needed for a bleeding time test?
butterfly bandage, standarized incision device, and stopwatch
at what intervals is the blood blotted during a bleeding time test?
30 seconds
which of the following will prolong a bleeding time test?
abnormally low platelet count, recent ingestion of aspirin, and touching the incision site with the filter paper
this test can determine if an individual has developed antibodies to a particular anitgen.
skin test
ionized calcuim plays a critical role in?
blood clotting, cardiac function, and muscular contraction
below normal blood pH is referred to as?
what protein is specific to heart muscle?
troponin T
B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a
cardiac hormone
this test is used to evaluate long-term effectiveness of diabetes therapy
hemoglobin A1c
this test is also referred to as packed cell volume
hematocrit (HCT)
this test detects occult blood
which of the following is a skin test for tuberculosis exposure
PPD (purified protein derivative)
the abbreviation for thehormone detected in urine pregnancy testing is?
HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)
which point-of-care blood glucose analyzer uses a microcuvette instead of a test strip?
an uncorrected imbalance of this analyte in a patient can quickly lead to death?
what type of specimen is needed for a guaiac test?
how much antigen is injected when performing a purified protein derivate (PPD) test?
0.1 mL
erythema means?
when reading a patients tuberculosis test, there is an area of induration and erythema that mearsures 7 mm in diameter. The results of the test is?
point-of-care detection of Group A strep normally requires?
throat swab
what can be detected in urine by color reactions that occur on a special reagent strip that is dipped in the urine specimen and then compared visually against color codes on the reagent strip container?
bilirubin, glucose, and leukocytes
new noninvasive technology can be used to measure?
bilirubin, glucose, and oxygen saturation
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