KY Grand Council, Province III Executive Committee, and Chapter Officers Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Grand Regent
Brother Dr. E. Ben Welch
Grand Vice Regent
Brother Dr. Kali Weaver
Grand Counselor
Brother Dr. Eric Gupta
Grand Historian
Brother Mr. Michael D. Cournoyer
Grand Ritualist
Brother Dr. Matthew Lacroix
Collegiate Member-at-Large
Brother Dr. Kathryn Kropp
Graduate Member-at-Large
Brother Dr. Latha Radhakrishnan
Immediate Past Grand Regent
Brother Dr. Lawrence M. Brown
Executive Director
Brother Mr. Johnny W. Porter
Brother Dr. William Shealy
Vice Satrap (Province Assembly)
Brother Mr. Chris Charles
Secretary-Treasurer (Province Assembly)
Brother Ms. Christyn Mullen
Brother Ms. Kristin N. James
Historian (Province Assembly)
Brother Mr. Evan Tatum
Chaplain (Province Assembly)
Brother Mr. Travis S Combs
Province Supervisor
Brother Mr. Michael D. Cournoyer
Parliamentarian (Province Assembly)
Brother Dr. Lawrence Lopez
Newsletter Editor (Province Assembly)
Brother Mr. Adrian Wilson
Webmaster (Province Assembly)
Brother Mr. Eric Wong
Regent (Chapter)
Brother Justine Beck
Vice Regent (Chapter)
Brother Kathy Johnson
Recording Secretary (Chapter)
Brother Larren Collins
Corresponding Secretary (Chapter)
Brother Matthew Han
Treasurer (Chapter)
Brother Eric Wong
Brother Dawn Andanar
Brother Czarlite Ricasa
Brother Andrew Haines
Grand Council Deputy
Brother Dr. Lisa Charneski
Brother Dr. Meghan Sullivan
Brother Dr. James Trovato
Brother Dr. John Watts
Ravens' Coordinator
Brother Jennifer Abernathy
Pledge Masters
Brother Hee-Jung Pyun
Brother Gracella Potente
Community Service Coordinators
Brother Mo Mounce
Brother Michael Shaaw
Social Chairs
Brother Christian Lee
Brother Anna Thai
Alumni Liaisons
Brother Jen Justice
Brother Heather Lim
Shady Grove Liaison
Brother Cindy Liu
Province Planning Chairs
Brother Anh Tran
Brother Serena Yang
PMR Chairs
Brother Katie Brant
Brother Taura Holmes
Past Regent (Chapter)
Brother Chris Charles
Current Editor of THE MASK
Brother Mr. Cameron Van Dyke
Founder of Kappa Psi
Brother F. Harvey Smith
Assistant Supervisor
Brother Dr. Andrew S Crowe
Past 5 Regents
Brother Chris Charles "Leon Phelps"
Brother Dr. Brian Elsworth "Playboy"
Brother Dr. Lakshmi Potti "Suni Kuni"
Brother Dr. Tina Shah "Trinity"
Brother Dr. Dean Howell "Rockstar"
Past Regent
Bro Chris Charles "Leon Phelps"
Past Vice Regent
Bro Ines Chen "Andromeda"
Past Recording Secretary
Bro Rosa Iannone "Principessa Aurora"
Past Corresponding Secretary
Bro Jason Kwong "El Diablo"
Past Treasurer
Bro Justine Beck "Barefoot Contessa"
Past Chaplain
Bro Brandon Shannon "Helios"
Past Ravens Coordinator
Bro Neal Vasist "Orion"
Past Sergeant at Arms
Bro Allen Tran "Rocky Racoon"
Past Historian
Bro Daniel Lee "Gossamer"
Past Pledge Masters
Bro Michael Shaaw "Oasis"
Bro Julie Nguyen "Dragonfly"
Past Community Service Coordinators
Bro Paul Ortiz "Don Ortiz"
Bro Sara Alizai "Lory Morning Glory"
Past Social Chairs
Bro Tam Dinh "Silver Mist"
Bro Jenn Yeung "Princess Hokulani"
Past Alumni Liaison
Bro Anh Tran "Gaea"
Bro Cathy Chang "Caliope"
Past SG Liaison
Bro Jackie Lu "Rei"
Past PMR Chairs
Bro Taura Holmes "Ammolite"
Bro Erin Doxtater "Dutches von Tater"
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