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Where were the Israelites punished with fire because of their complaining?A. KibrothB. TaberahC. Mount HorD. Marah
B. Taberah
How long did it take the Israelites to begin complaining again after they left Sinai?A. two daysB. three monthsC. three daysD. three weeks
C. three days
Who started the complaining for flesh at Kibroth-hattaavah?A. AaronB. KorahC. MiriamD. the mixed multitude
D. the mixed multitude
What was the amount of quail that each Israelite gathered?A. ten poundsB. ten homersC. ten bushelsD. ten quarts
B. ten homers
What punishment did Miriam receive because of her rebellion?A. fireB. a plagueC. leprosyD. death
C. leprosy
How many spies were sent from Kadesh-Barnea?A. tenB. elevenC. nineD. twelve
D. twelve
What was included among the fruits brought back by the Israelite spies?A. applesB. pearsC. bananasD. grapes
D. grapes
What were the names of the two spies who trusted in God?A. Joshua and AaronB. Joshua and PhinehasC. Joshua and CalebD. Eleazar and Joshua
C. Joshua and Caleb
The Israelite spies were afraid of whose giant sons?A. EsauB. MoabC. BalakD. Anak
D. Anak
How were all Israelites over the age of 20 punished because of refusing to enter the Promised Land?A. fireB. leprosyC. plaguesD. dying in the wilderness
D. dying in the wilderness
How long were the Israelite spies gone?A. forty yearsB. forty weeksC. four monthsD. forty days
D. forty days
What was the name of the man swallowed by the earth?A. BalakB. BalaamC. PeorD. Korah
D. Korah
Who or what did the rebels hold their censers before?A. priestsB. LordC. false god BaalD. waters of Marah
B. Lord
Which tribe did God call the priesthood from?A. MoabB. BenjaminC. MerariD. Levi
D. Levi
What was Aaron's budding rod a sign of?A. sinB. forgivenessC. callingD. disobedience
C. calling
What was Moses told to do in order to get water from the rock at Kadesh?A. strike itB. speak to itC. hold itD. look at it
B. speak to it
How long was Miriam to remain outside the camp because of her sin?A. seven daysB. seven weeksC. seven yearsD. seventy years
A. seven days
Which tribe did the Edomites descend from?A. MosesB. JacobC. EsauD. the Moabites
C. Esau
Which tribe were Jacob's descendants from?A. MidianitesB. EdomitesC. IsraelitesD. Canaanites
C. Israelites
What significant event is recorded in Numbers 20?A. Moses' deathB. Aaron's deathC. Joshua's appointmentD. the Moabite destruction
B. Aaron's death
Who succeeded Aaron as high priest?A. JoshuaB. PhinehasC. CalebD. Eleazar
D. Eleazar
Which king attacked Israel near the Dead Sea?A. BalakB. king of AradC. TuthmosisD. Balaam
B. king of Arad
How were the Israelites punished in Numbers chapter 21?A. fireB. lack of foodC. bitter waterD. serpents
D. serpents
What natural barrier separated the Amorites from the Moabites?A. Dead SeaB. Red SeaC. Arnon RiverD. Valley of Arabah
C. Arnon River
What false god did the Moabites worship?A. BalakB. BaalC. BalaamD. Shittim
B. Baal
In order to be healed from the serpent bites, the Israelites were told to look at a serpent made of what?A. woodB. brassC. silverD. gold
B. brass
The Israelites fought the Amorites at a place northeast of what?A. the Red B. the Dead SeaC. the Nile RiverD. the Promised Land
B. the Dead Sea
What were the Israelites refreshed with before battling the Amorites?A. mannaB. waterC. a vacationD. quail
B. water
What was the name of the false prophet the Moabite king tried to hire?A. BalakB. BaalC. BalaamD. Peor
C. Balaam
Where did the Israelites settle after the false prophet tried to curse Israel?A. EdomB. ArabahC. ArnonD. Shittim
D. Shittim
Who did God send to stop the false prophet hired by the Moabites?A. a burning bushB. an angelC. JoshuaD. Moses
B. an angel
Who led the Israelites into worshiping the false Moabite god?A. KorahB. AaronC. the Moabite kingD. Moabite women
D. Moabite women
The Levites did not receive an inheritance in the Promised Land because they were what?A. unfaithfulB. disobedientC. not IsraelitesD. servants of God
D. servants of God
Who took the Israelites' requests before God?A. CalebB. PhinehasC. BaalD. none of the above
D. none of the above
Who was the ordained successor of Moses?A. AaronB. PhinehasC. BalakD. Joshua
D. Joshua
Who was the king of the Moabites?A. BalakB. BalaamC. BaalD. Peor
A. Balak
As they returned from battle with the Moabites, the soldiers angered Moses by bringing back what?A. BalaamB. spoilsC. Moabite womenD. their king
C. Moabite women
Who did the Israelites pay tribute to after battling the Amorites?A. MosesB. BaalC. the priestD. God
D. God
Where did Moses view the Promised Land from?A. HorB. SinaiC. PeorD. Nebo
D. Nebo
To obtain sweet water at Marah, Moses threw in what?A. treeB. logC. rockD. lamb
A. tree
The Israelites were shown the way out of Egypt by what?A. a burning bushB. a pillar of fireC. JoshuaD. a prophet
B. a pillar of fire
Before leaving Egypt, the Israelites took the mummy of whom?A. PharaohB. JosephC. AbrahamD. none of the above
B. Joseph
Moses was the son of whom?A. AmramB. AbrahamC. PharaohD. Joseph
A. Amram
The Nile River was turned into what?A. stoneB. dustC. bloodD. wine
C. blood
Moses was called by God from what?A. burning bushB. fiery swordC. fiery serpentD. pillar of fire
A. burning bush
The job of the Israelites in Egypt was what?A. farmB. make breadC. make bricksD. serve as priests
C. make bricks
During the Passover, the firstborn of the Israelites were saved by the blood of what?A. a she goatB. a lambC. ChristD. none of these
B. a lamb
The place where God dwelt among the Israelites was in ______?A. their heartsB. MosesC. the priestD. the tabernacle
D. the tabernacle
The Isrealites were fed in the wilderness with a bread-like food called what?A. KadeshB. mannaC. flakesD. dew
B. manna
What did the sons of Gershon and Merari carry?A. tabernacleB. rod of MosesC. fruit from the promised landD. manna
A. tabernacle
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