General Surgery Instruments Flashcards

Terms Definitions
parker-mott retractor
ribbon retractor
deaver retractor
roux retractor
goelet retractor
gelpi retractor
army-navy retractor
babcock intestinal forcep
backhaus towel clip
pean intestinal clamp
rigby appendectomy retractor
straight mayo scissors
curved mayo scissors
debakey tissue forcep
foerster sponge forcep
#7 knife handle
yankauer suction with tip
poole suction with guard
crile-wood needle driver
fine, delicate suturing
brown-adson tissue forcep
multiple rectangular teeth
debakey-adson dressing forcep
Plain, no tooth
right angle clamp (aka mixter hemostatic clamp)
weitlaner retractor
-self-retaining retractor with an adjustable ratchet lock and thumb release
-used to retract tissue in SHALLOW areas
no. 12 scalpel
-infrequently used
-occasionally used in GYN or ENT procedures to excise
-hand held retractor
-used to retract tissues in shallow incisions
-jaws may be curved or straight
-teeth run in one direction
-used to clamp vessels and blunt dissection
adson tissue forcep
Single mouse tooth on the end
DeBakey tissue forceps
-jaws appear to have vertical serrations at first glance, but jaws actually have split horizontal serrations to enhance grasping
-used to grasp delicate tissues, organs and vessels
sponge forceps
-shanks are long with each tip forming an oval
-used for holding sponges securely during prepping or to sponge a wound during surgery
-may be used to grasp non-delicate tissue
poole abdominal suction
-straight tubular shaft with a hole at the end
-outer sleeve has multiple holes which extend from the tip to 1/4 the length of the sleeve
-used to remove large amounts of fluids from the abdominal cavity where tissue may have the tendency to plug a single hole suction tip
crile clamp
richardson retractor
richardson-eastman retractor
harrington retractor
halstead mosquito clamp
#3 knife handle
masson-judd bladder retractor
russian tissue forcep
ferris-smith tissue forcep
probe and groove director
cushing dressing forcep
cross hatch tip
mayo-hegar needle driver
heavy duty suturing
ribbon/malleable retractor
-flat, straight stainless steel which permits repeated bending and shaping
*** used where special retraction of tissue requires specific shape
tonsil clamp (aka schnidt hemostatic clamp)
allis clamp
-jaws have small interlocking teeth
-used to grasp tissue
-teeth are traumatic and cause tissue damage
-used to grasp biopsy tissue
parker retractor
-hand-held retractor
-used to retract tissue in shallow incisions
Senn retractor
-used to retract skin and shallow tissue
ferris smith tissue forceps
-jaws have interlocking teeth
-used for fascia closure
no. 20 scalpel
-typically not used in surgery but on occasion may be used to make long incisions or for digital amputation
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