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Database management system
Terms Definitions
"the dark side" - the database management system where info is stored.
Master files
What information in chronicles is organized into. (The "drawer" in the filing cabinet).
Clinical Administration
the text-based platform to view & edit data in Chronicles; a subset of "drawers" in the "filing cabinet".
the GUI; it presents information stored in Chronicles.
(Facility Structure) Department
Where a patient is scheduled for an appointment or is admitted; where a user works.
(Facility structure) Facility
The entire organization or enterprise.
(Facility structure) Location
An individual hospital or free-standing clinic; (a physical building).
(Facility structure) Room/bed
Where a patient is admitted to within a hospital unit.
(Facility structure) Service Area
A region often defined by geographical boundaries; used for grouping revenue flow.
The programming language used to build Chronicles.
Dynamic & Static
the 2 types of master files
This type of master file has records that are dynamically built & updated by end users as they work in the system.
This type of master file has records that are maintained & updated exclusively by administrators.
A 3-character initial of a master file. (A "label" on the cabinet "drawer").
Where information is stored within a master file. (The "file folders" in a filing cabinet drawer).
A name & an ID number
Each record within a master file has these two things.
Date-sensitive information is stored as these within a record. (A "dated sheet of paper" in the file folder).
Questions prompts within a record.
Answers to the question prompts within a record.
Data Type
the kind of data you must use for an item within a master file.
Master file prompt
the spot - indicated by a colon - where the system is waiting for you to tell it which record you want to access.
A unique & complete working Epic system in which you can perform multiple functions, (of which there are at least 3).
3 different Epic environments
Production (aka "Prod"), Test, & Training
another name for the free text data type within a master file.
CTRL + left mouse click
In Hyperspace, use this keyboard shortcut to learn the INI & item # for a field.
HOME + F8 or F7
In Clin Admin, use this keyboard shortcut to learn the INI & item number for an item in a record place.
question mark
What you can enter at the master file prompt to select a record when you can't remember its' name or ID.
this keyboard command deletes an entire value or line.
this data type must be a record from another master file in Chronicles.
"opt" + ENTER
typing this keyboard shortcut from a menu or master file prompt returns you to the main Clin Admin menu.
an individual workstation that is linked to servers.
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
a type of user interface that allows users to interact with the system with images rather than text commands.
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