Fire Prevention Flashcards

Active fire protection
Terms Definitions
Permit:Operational requirement
Must be conspicuousBusiness license?Certificate of Occupancy?
Permits are voided, if...
Change in operation, ownership, time expiration or revoked for cause.UFC 105.8
Permit renewal notice founded:
UFC 105.2.2
Lock box keys;Street Numbers;Fire Lane-ID;Fire Lane-Obstruction.
Locked box keys:
Updated master keys to all buildings,In writing to FD, if rekeyed.(UFC 902.4)
Fire Lane:
UFC 901.4.2 / CVC 22500.1,Min. 20' x 13.5'; Unobstructed(UFC 902.2.4),Restore curb/white stencilStencil on face,not top w/ CVC#;No curb: 8" x length w/ stencil.
1.Blocked exit-Aisles must be provided and maintained,Additional doors, which could be used as exits...must comply.No O.O.S. exits,without FM approval(UFC 1203)
Exit 2
Exit doors openable from inside, action unlocks door.All locking devices must be approved type. (UFC 1207.3)
Exit 3
This Door must remain unlock, while business is occuppied.In groups A-3,F,M,S,O and all churches.Key-locking hardware may be used on main exit door(s).
Exit 4
Exit signs:(min.6" x 3/4 stroke) must be illuminated (inside or outside). Path and Area too.Only when occupied.
Exit 5
Exit signs:(UFC 1211,1212.4)Where required, emergency exit lighting must be maintained in an operable condition at all times.
Exit 6
Self-closing exits doors shall close and latch, when released.(UFC 1207.1)Permitted opened doors, if automatic closing with smoke detector-activated releases. (UBC 3305(h),UFC1207.1)
Fire Protection Systems: 1-12
1. Maintenance records/service:Display records on system riser or an approved location,quarterly owners,5 year service by SFM,w/ report sent to FD. (UFC 1001.5)
Fire Protection Systems 2
Control Valves: padlocked or alternative(all break-aways)(UFC 1001.6.3)
Fire Protection Systems 3
Clearance around fire potection appliances...3 feet min.(UFC 1001.7)
Fire Protection Systems 4
Replaced damaged, missing, or painted, wrenchs, caps, etc...(UFC 1001.5)
Fire Protection Systems 5
Local Alarm bell must ring within 90 seconds, after Inspector's test valve is opened;clearly audible w/ proper sign posted.(UFC 1003.3.2)
Fire Protection Systems 6
Hood Duct & System: Serviced every 6 months. Look into "K" extinguishment.(UFC 1006)
Fire Protection Systems 7
Fire Alarm operation:Detection/Evacuation sys. must be maintained fully operational at all times.
Fire Protection Systems 8
Monitoring Deficiences:Central Station.Failed to transmit alarm immediately,Called premised first, before 911.Incomplete/incorrect information given.
Fire Protection Systems 9
Storage below sprinklers:(UFC 1103.3.2.2)18" below sprinkers,24" below ceiling-nonsprinkler
Fire Extinguihers 1-6 (Jan.01,2003)
1.Monthly inspections,gen. appearance.Dry Chem./Powder-every 6 years/12yrs hydro.Complete tear down.Service due to discharge,tampered, or annual inspection. Licensed Service.UFC 1002
Fire Extinguisher 2
Provide Extinguisher per 75 feet, walking distance. UFC 1002Min. U.L.rating 2A:10BC in approved location.
Fire Extinguisher 3
Commercial kitchen extinguisher:mount extinguisher in exit path,near fixed system pull station. Provide min.k-type extinguisher,in approved loaction.UFC 1006.2.7
Fire Extinguisher 4
Mount extinguishers with conspicuous signs,overhead. >'(top of extgh.)from grd.<'(top of extgh) from grd. 4" min. from grd.UFC 1002/std 10.1
Electrical 2
Discontinue multi-plug adapters: Not approved versions, only thoses (U.L. listed approval)that provide their own ckt. brk.or licensed permanent work. UFC 8507
Electrical 3
Replace damaged,deteriorated,or missing:Components,power cords,etc...Provide lockout for braker serving fire alarm system. UFC 8504Permit required for any reapirs or expansions of perm. wiring.
Electrical 4
Clearance:Maintain min. of 30" in front of all breaker panels. No posters or other material may conceal elect. panels. UFC 8509.2
Electrical 5
Identifaction:identify each circiut breaker; exterior door of elect.panel labeled "Main Electrical" in min. "1" letters
Electrical 1-5
1.Discontinue extension cords as permanent wiring; only for portable appliances in temporary use. UFC 8506.1
General Fire Safety 1-6
1.Dumpster: <1.5 cubic yards must be placed 5' or greater from combustible walls, openings, roof eave lines.Type 1 or 2 constr. must keep dumpster 10' from other buildings.UFC 1103.3.5
General Fire Safety 2
Combustible storage prohibited in furnace, electrical, or (below stairs except sprinklered). UFC 1103.3.2.3-5
General Fire Safety 3
Housekeeping: Maintain storage in neat,orderly manner-minimize fire spread/facilitate control. No combustible storage permitted within 10' of property line. Max ht.20'Storage meets ceiling restrictions.UFC 1103
General Safety 4Heat-producing equipmentUFC 1107
UFC 1107
General Safety 5Grease filter cleaningUFC 1006.2.8
UFC 1006.2.8Frequently clean grease filters and hood duct to prevent accumulation of grease.
General Fire Safety 6Secure compressed gas cylindersUFC 7401.6.4
UFC 7401.6.4Properly secure compressed gas cylinders; label contents; separate full / empty
Fire-resistive barriers 1-2Restore full function to fire assemblies.UFC 1111.2
UFC 1111.2Obstructions are prohibited in the path of fire doors / dampers. Develope means of maintaining operational path clear at all times. Post Sign: FIRE DOOR-DO NOT OBSTRUCT
Fire-Resistive barriers 2Restore fire-resistive construction.UFC 1111.1
UFC 1111.1Repair holes using fire-resistive construction: walls, ceilings; close access hatch.
Flammable/Combustible Liquids 1-4Class I&II liquids prohibitedUFC 7902.5.7
UFC 7902.5.7
Flammable/Combustible liquids 2Limits per control areaUFC 7902.5.7.2UBC 308
In B-2 manuf.max.30gal.-class IA;60gal.-class IB;90gal.-class IC;120gal.=Combo.all class I;class I combust.;combo. classes I/II (increased w/ sprinklers/cabinets)
Flammable/Combustible liquids 3ContainersUFC 7902.1.8
Must be stored in original containers or approved safety cans or else remove.
Flammable/Combustible liquids 4UFC 7901.8Flammable liquid ignition/vapor control
Use of F.L. in open operations must have approved spill control, expolsion control, ventilation, electrical, and other ignition control in place and operating.
Hazardous Materials 1-2UFC 8001.3 thru 8001.3.3Provide Data
Contact Fire Prevention Division for Haz.Mat. disclosure statement form and processing procedures.
Hazardous Materials 2UFC 8001.6 (MSDS)Material Safety Data Sheets
Provide F.D. haz.mat. inventory list, quanity stored, quanity in use.
Fire Extinguiher 5
Portable CLASS "K" Wet extinguisher w/ either 3 or 6 liter version for deep fat fryers. Hx of rekindled w/dry Ansul.30 feet max. distance
Fire Protection Systems 10
UL 300 sys.Wet agent vs. Dry(Ansul)Hood must cover all cooking mediums. Oils from animal to vegetable-flash pt down.Detail inspect.inter/exter.Mandatory by 2005
Fire Protection Systems 11
UL 300 sys.Nozzle per appliance w/ rubber booty.Auto shutoff-GAS/activation either by fuse or manual for 300. Plenum(throat) 1 hr. vs. 2hr
Fire Protection Systems 12
UL300sys,All seams/welds visable, clear grease traps within/outside. Type I vs. II=convection:schools w/ heated carts(4x7) plugged @ 190f;failed 300-400f
Fire Extinguisher 6
Use of CLASS "K"/Expensive for UL300/90% deep fat fryer incids/use CLASS K/turn off burner/clean mess/call extinguisher co.-replacement/start up business.versus $$/time/health dept. w/ UL 300
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