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Medical prescription
Terms Definitions
State board of pharmacy consists of how many members
13 members; 11 appointed by governor and 2 non-pharmacists
How often should the board of pharmacy meet ?
Once every 4 months
What can a certified optometrist prescribe?
Topical anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory
Trained optometrists can prescribe oral glaucoma meds, oral antihistamines for ocular allergies
Oral abx (select)
topical antiviral (<=3 weeks)
oral acyclovir (<=10days)
Codeine or hydrocodone + non-sched <=3 days and must have DEA #
Can an optometrist prescribe azithromycin?
Only for eye-lid infection and chlamydial dz
You receive a prescription for vicodin for a 10 day course from a license number that ends with T. What will you do?
This is a prescription from a optometrist. They can only prescribe controlled analgesics for <=3 days
Can naturopathic doctors furnish a prescription for a schedule 2 drug?
No. they can only furnish class 3,4,5 under a protocol from a licensed physician
How many naturopathic doctors can a licensed physician supervise?
Can a naturopathic doctor who does not have a protocol with a physician prescribe armour thyroid?
Yes. They can prescribe natural and synthetic hormones without a physician protocol. However, cannot prescribe testosterone which is sched 3.
Can physician assistants furnish a prescription for a schedule 2 drug?
Yes. Can furnish class 2,3,4,5 meds under a supervising physician
A drug order from a physician asst has to have which of the following elements?
Physician's name, address, phone#, license# and name and license and signature of the PA
True or false. A physician can furnish a prescription for vicodin on a regular prescription pad
False. All controlled substance prescriptions must be written on a special state approved security form
Can ceritified nurse midwives furnish a prescription to a patient's partner for a chlamydia infection without an established patient-provider relationship?
Yes. CNMs can write an order for the "patient and partner"
When should the pharmacy notify the board of a change in the pharmacist-in-charge?
within 30 days
How many pharmacies can a pharmacist serve as the PIC for?
2 which must be within a 50 mile radius
If a PIC resigns, how many days can an interim PIC serve for before a PIC needs to be declared?
What are the CE requirements for CA
30h every 2 years
How many years should a pharmacist retain their CE certificates
4years at least.
How many times can an intern fail a licensure exam before his intern card is no longer eligible for renewal?
3 times or more
If an applicant fails an exam >= 4 times, how many hours of pharmacy education will the applicant need to take before re-trying the exam?
16 semester units
Within how many days should an intern notify the board of a change of address?
Within how many days should an intern surrender his/her intern license once there is a change in eligibility?
30 days
True or false. Pharmacy intern may never be in possession of the key that opens the pharmacy
True or false. A pharmacy intern may do ALL the activities that a pharmacist can but only under the direct supervision of a phamacist
How many hours of intern experience is needed as a prequisite of pharmacist eligibility?
1500 hours. 600 max through externships and clerkships and 250 max during the 1st year of pharmacy sch
What is the ratio of pharmacist to interns?
Can a pharmacy tech check another tech's work before a pharmacist has reviewed the order?
No. The tech check tech program is only applicable when:
The other tech is filling floor and ward stock
Orders have been approved by RPh first
True or false. Any technician on staff can be involved in the tech check tech program
No. Only trained techs can be involved in the program
What are the qualifications for a tech to be registered by the board
Assc. of arts in a pharmacy related field
240 h of instruction
Candidate is eligible for RPh license
Tech program accreditated by ASHP
Tech program through the federal armed services
If a pharm tech receives his/her pharmacist license, when should he/she surrender the tech certificate?
Within 15 days of receiving the pharmacist license
A technician is interested in working at Walgreens. How many hours of experiential education will the tech require?
120 h to be completed in 6 months
A tech is interested in working at a hospital. How many hours of experiential education will the tech require?
200 h to be completed in 6 months
A tech is interested in working in both the community and hospital. How many hours of experiential education will the tech require?
320 h within 12 months
What is the tech to RPh ratio?
1 tech per RPh. 2nd RPh can supervise 2 techs and so on and so forth
Does a RPh have any recourse if she does not want to supervise 2 techs?
The RPh has to make a written request to the PIC within 24h of the schedule posting
Under what circumstances may a RPh supervise 2 techs at a time
If a community pharmacy is filling meds for an inpatient order for a health facilty or home health agency
A physician assistant calls in a prescription for morphine. Can you accept this prescription?
No. Only a prescriber can call in schedule 2 drugs. Other employees can call all other prescriptions including sched 3,4,5 drugs
Do vet-food animal drug retailers require a pharmacist in charge?
No. But do require a representative in charge who does NOT have to be a pharmacist
Is E-prescribing allowed for schedule 2 drugs?
No. It is however allowed for other sched drugs
Must all electronic data transmissions be reduced to writing?
Not required if the pharmacy can produce the RX hard copy upon request by the board.
However, for controlled substance, all RX must be reduced to hard copy, signed and dated by dispensing RPh
How long should a pharmacy maintain records of electronic data transmissions?
3 yrs from the last date of furnishing the drugs
May a pharmacy technician receive a refill auth from a prescriber
Yes. However, only a RPh and intern may accept a new RX
Can a pharmacy accept a controlled substance prescription on a regular prescription pad if written by an out of state physician?
Yes, as long as it complies with the regulations in the physician's state of origin
Can a provider utilize a pre-printed multiple check off prescription for a prescription for oxycontin?
No, multiple check off prescriptions may not be used for controlled substances
What are the maximal allowable refills allowed on a PRN refill
Maybe refilled upto 1 yr from the date the RX was written
Can a pharmacist accept a prescription for testosterone with PRN refills
No. PRN refills are not allowed for controlled susbtances
What are the exceptions to the drug diversion law?
The drug diversion law prevents a smaller vol for profit pharmacy from purchasing drugs from a larger not for profit institution.

The exceptions are:
1. When it is for personal use
2. When sold to a pharmacy that is eligible for the same price cuts
3. When sold to a walk-in customer as long as it is <1% of the pharmacy's sales
4. For an emergency a for profit may 'borrow' a drug but must return it EXACTLY as it is was borrowed.
Is a full time RPh required for a <=100 bed hospital
No but they do require a consultant pharmacist
Can a <=100 bed hospital dispense meds to patients?
Yes if:
1. Its for inpatients who are being discharged
2. For an emergency
3. it is for an outpatient as long as:
- its in the best interest of the pt
-there is no pharmacy within 30 mins or a 30 mile radius
- its for <= 72 h supply
- the med is properly labeled
Are pharmacist's considered exempt employees?
No, which means that they may not work >108h over a 2 week period
They must be paid overtime is work >8h/day or 40h/week.
PIC is also considered non-exempt
What is considered an exception to the exempt employee rule?
Employees working in an exec or adm capacity
Where employees adopt a diff work week based on a 2/3 vote
in case of emergency
If a pharmacist allowed to take a 30 min lunch outside the pharmacy with no relief RPh?
Yes. As long as no RX are dispensed. However, refills may still be dispensed if pt requires no consult
If a pharmacy agrees to dispense meds to an ocean vessel must the board be notifed?
Yes, 30 days within the the activity
What should a PIC do in the event of a theft by an employee?
Notify BOP within 30 days
Tom Cruise brings in a RX for John Smith and states that he would like you to create a pt profile under a false name. What should a RPh do?
You may Not falsify a patient's name or address
Is the Quality assurance report discoverable in court
No, only an incident report is.
What is the difference between a QA report and an incident report?
The IR only contains the details of the incident while the QAR contains details of the incident and what measures were taken to investigate and fix the prob
In the event of a error, when should they investigation begin?
Within 2 days of the error
How long should the QAR be kept on file
1 yr from the date it was created
Can a pharmacist furnish a prescription for sched meds?
Yes under a prescriber protocol
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