IV injectable for CPJE Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Can you adminster heparin via an IM injection
No. Only IV and SQ
How should you store hydralazine for injection
At room temp to avoid crystalization
How do you reconstitute Imipenem for IM use?
2ml of lidocaine to form a suspension.

Do not freeze imipenem for IV or IM
What are the special instructions for infliximab
Use within 3h of recon. Use 10ml of sterile water. The vials should be swirled gently and not shaken
Does infliximab require an infusion set with a non-pyrogenic, low prot binding filter
Yes. Pore size <1.2um
Levaquin should only be administered by IV
Levaquin is stable for 72h at room temp, 14 days when refrigerated and for 6 months if frozen
True. Frozen solutions should only be thawed once.
Levothyroxine should be used immediately
True.Do not mix with other solns
linezolid should not be mized with other solns
true. Yellow color intensifying over time is normal. Protect from light and keep in overwrap until time to use
Adm with filters for solns of >20% to remove crystals. May heat in a warm bath to dissolve crystals
When prepared with NACL is stable for 4h at room temp. If with D5W- then 1h. Do not mix with other drugs
Is stable for 4 weeks when frozen in NS
Should never be refrig or frozen
Opiod analgesic. Should be stored at room temp and protect from light
Its adsorbs to PVC so must use special sets
Do not use if soln is brown. Protect from light
Use in-line filter of 45 microns. Stop infusion if BP drops by 25mmghg or if asthma sx occurs.
Usually given as an undiluted soln at a rate <50mg/min. If diluted use a 0.22-0.5 micron filter and watch for precipitation
Maybe frozen and is stable for 30 days
Should not use Lactated ringers because LR contains calcium
Should NEVEr be given IM as it causes severe tissue damage
Doses need to be adjusted in pts receiving phenytoin and cyclosporine
Zoledronic acid
Do not use lactate ringers. Dose must be given over >15 mins to minimize renal deterioration
Dilute to final conc of <=7mg/ml, any more would result in phlebitis
Maybe frrozen. Stability is 30 days when frozen.
Dilute in D5W. Use glass or polyolefin bottles for infusions lasting >2h. Use an inline filter and a dedicated central venous cathether
Ampho B: fungizone
Soln should NOT be filered unless the pore diameter is 1 micron or larger. Protect from light
Do NOT freeze
IV should be administered by rapid IV injections to avoid paradoxical bradycardia
Cidofovir- vistide
must be prepared in class 2 laminar hood with protective gear
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