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What is the state's vision for public health nursing?
Healthy people in a healthy community
What is the mission of public health nursing?
Promote physical and mental health, while preventing disease, injury, and disability
What is the core function of public health (assessment)?
Assessment-systematic data collection on population, monitor populations health status and makin info available on health for community.
What is the core function of public health (policy development)?
Need to provide leadership in developing policies to support health population, include use of scientific knowledge.
What is the core function of public health (assurance)?
Assurance-make sure community health is available and make sure a competent physical health and health care workforce is available.
A patient needs to go in for rehabilitatio. What level of prevention is this?
What is the goal of healthy people 2010?
Increase the years of life whilst eliminating health desparities.
How did Flo Nightingale influence public nursing?
I don't know. Look it up.
A guy has just been laid off from his job. The company offered him assurance at 4 times higher than what he originally paid. What is his health care problem?
How many people are there in the world?
6.5 billion
What is the sole purpose of alma alta?
Health for all in 2000
You are interviewing an african american and he doesn't stare you directly in the face. What up wit dat?
A sign of respect.
What is one result of bioterrorism?
Small Pox
Who does cupping?
Asian Americans
What is the fastest growing population in America?
What agent is the most frequent cause of deatn?
Why is there a need for minority nurses?
To help with disparities
What situation has the most impact on healthcare?
People living longer with chronic diseases.
Which organization is used to help latin americans?
Pan american
What is a way of preventing diarrhea?
Man made appliances to help with clean water and sanitation
A hispanic woman is late for an appt. We associate this with what?
Time orientation
What do asians thing caused illness?
Yin and Yang
Who doesn't like to be touched or looked at by dying family?
Native Americans
Who believes in western health care?
White American Europeans
How does a native american speak to you?
In a low deep voice
Who doesn't believe in prolonging life?
Christian scientists
Who believes in cremation?
What has change in the health of population been largely related to?
Changes in safety, sanitation, and personal behavior
What is population?
Collection of individuals, who share at least on common characteristic
How is community health nursing defined?
Nurses who practice in comminity whether or not they have preparation in public health nursing.
What is immigration through the 19th century responsible for?
Overcrowding and communicable diseases.
Which of the following is an underdeveloped nation?
Current health problems needing control in developing countries?
Goal of WHO?
Attainment by all citizens of the worl a level of health that will permit them to lead socially and economically productive lives.
A culturally competent nurse is what?
A nurse who is consistent with a client's beliefs.
World health bank
Offers funding for education.
Public health has improved over the years due to:
Changes in sanitation, immunizations, and behavioral factors.
Core function of public health include all of the following except:
The core function in which you collect data and monitor the population's health status is:
The ANA defines public health nursing as having all except:
Specific and limited
Baccalaureate nursing prepares you for:
Staff public health nursing
Frontier nursing service:
Decreased infant mortality
After WWII, the number of local health deparments dramatically declined. True or false?
The nurse practitioner movement began as a way to promote advanced practice nursing in a hospital setting. True or false?
False (community setting)
True or false: In the future, nurses will be less involved in the delivery of primary health care, health maintenance, and health promotion?
Immigration in the 19th century
Immunization wand water treatment; what type of intervention is this?
Primary intervention
John snow was the father of epidemiology because of his work on:
In the epidemiology triangle, the lifestyle factor of diet what type of factor?
A host factor
How would you find out the number of males and females in an area?
Look in census beureau
Highest morbidity rate?
Prevalence rate?
Existing in poulation at the moment.
Incidence of disease refers to:
Number of new cases occuring within a specified time within a specefied population
The vast majority of individuals currently affected with AIDS lives in lesser-developed countries such as those in sub-saharan africa?
Focus of epidemiology is the study of:
populations in order to understand health and diseases.
Focus of epidemiology is:
study of opoulations in order to understand health and diseases.
Data that is collected through vital records, such as birth and death certificate, is an example of which category of data cources commonly used in epidemiologic investigation?
Routinely collected data
The belief that ones own group determines standards of behavior by which all other groups are to be judged:
A population is defined as:
A collection of people who have at least on characteristic in common
Henry Street Settlement?
Lillian Wald
True or false: There has been a trend toward urbanization?
True or false: Health professionals are interested in measures of infant mortality because they are used around the world as an indicator of overall health and availability of health care services?
True or false: Baccalaureate nursing students should be culturally aware because of the growing heterogeneous and munority population?
Judicial branch
Didn't take into consideration all aspects
Groups of people have certain beliefs and behaviors without recognizing individual differences within groups:
Define biological variation:
The physical, biological and physiological differences that exist between racial groups and distinguish on group from another
The focus of population focus practice is that problems are answered, defined, and solutions are implemented towards:
An accomplishment for which the frontier nursing services was made is:
Reduction of infant mortality and infant maternal mortality regardless of environmental condition.
True or false: After WWII, the number of local health depts dramatically declined.. .
True or false: Florence nightingale's vision of training nurses and a model of nursing education leads to the development of professional nursing and indirectly public health nursing?
True or false: At least 50% of the infectious diseases worldwide could be prevented through public health interventions?
Immunization and water treatment are examples of what level of prevfention?
Physical therapy is an example of what level of prevention?
A prevalence rate is:
A measure of existing diseases in a population at a particular time
The belief that people born into a particular cultural group are inferior in one or more ways is known as:
Avoids eye contact and hesitates to answer is a characteristic of:
To obtain the desire to health outcome whether for an individual family, group or society is called:
health policy
The term that refers to legal definition in customary practice of a particular profession is:
Scope of practice
True or false: LA is ranked 1st among all states for incidence of AIDS?
True or false: Every parish in LA has a person living with AIDS?
True or false: Southeast asians are 40xs more at risk of contracting TB?
What culture is more likely to practice folk mediceine?
Native Americans.
For a nurse to be found guilty of malpractice, which of the following must be proven?
All of the abofe (the nurse owed a duty to the client, failure of the nurse to act in a situation in a reasonable matter, the duty was not fulfilled, and injury provided the basis for the claim.
Which of the following is a health care function of federal, state, and local government?
All of the above.
Vocational rehab for a person with a neuromuscular disease is an example of:
Tertiary prevention
Asian men tend to have greater sensitivity to codeine than white Europeans do and they experience a significantly weaker effect from the drug. This is an example of what kind of cultural variation?
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