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People's Republic of China
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What are some important events in China’s early history (B.C.)? Name 4.
1)1) People began farming along the Chang River, 2)An organized society lived in small villages 3) The Shang Dynasty began 4) The first emperor conquered China.
Why did China’s first emperor order the connections of the ancient walls?
To prevent people from coming into North China.
After which dynasty is China’s main ethnic group named?
Chinas main ethnic group was named after the Han Dynasty.
Identify one accomplishment of each of the following dynasties: Han, Sung, Qin, Manchu, Ming
1)Han -Chinas military grew bigger2) Qin - First imperial government.3) Sung - Chinese culture thrived 4) Manchu - Had a puppet government 5) Ming - Japan got Hong Kong
How did the British come to control Hong Kong in 1842?
The British came to control Hong Kong by beating China in wars. (Opium War)
Explain China’s involvement in World War II.
An ally with the US against Japan.
How did Mao Zedong and the Communists come to power in China in l949?
He came to power because they fought for control of China and they helped defeated the nationalist and chang.
Identify the three parts of Mao’s plan to modernize China when he came to power in l949.
Three parts: 1) Communes 2) Cultural Revolution 3) Great Leap Forward
Who came to power in China when Mao died in l979? What economic changes did he introduce to China?
Deng Xiaoping took charge and he pushed new policies to improve Chinas agriculture, industries, and technology.
How has China’s command economy changed since the death of Mao?
Chinas economy changed by getting improved agriculture and industries. More open economy.
What is China’s official and most common language?
Chinas most official language is Mandarin.
What religions are practiced in China today?
The religions practiced are Buddhism and Taoism.
What distinctive Chinese cultural traits and patterns have spread to other parts of the world?
Chinese cultural traits that have spread around the world are religions, languages, and writing. Arts calligraphy.
What physical processes have created the distinctive karst towers near Guilin?
The physical processes are heavy precipitation, erosion in rock, and dense vegetation.
What are China’s major regions?
China’s major regions are the Southern region, Northern region, northeastern region, and the Southern region.
What has aided the growth of southern China’s cities?
What aided the growth o southern Chinas cities where there fertile soil for farming, their Chang river for cotton, and Shanghai’s new sky scrapers.
What is China’s most populated and industrialized area? Name the largest city in the area.
Chinas most populated city is Shanghai. Has Chang River Delta and valley.
What religion do most Tibetans practice? Who is their leader?
The Tibetans practice Buddhism. Their leader is the Dalai Lama.
How have Mongolia’s political and economic characteristics changed since l990?
Mongolia does not have free elections since 1990.
What is the most common economic activity in Mongolia? What are two problems facing the country?
The most common activity is processing clothing and footwear. Two problems are that the government needs foreign aid investments and they have water shortages. Livestock
What 3 factors influence Mongolia’s extreme climate conditions?
The 3 factors that influence Mongolia’s extreme climate conditions are Gobi Desert, Mongolian Plateau, and Altai Mountains because they dominate the region. High altitude high latitude and land locked.
How does Taiwan’s per capita GDP compare to mainland China’s?
Taiwan’s per capita GDP compares to mainland china by having five times the amount of china
What economic activities does Taiwan have with mainland China?
Taiwan economics activities with China are when China settled in Taiwan in 1949. Trade partners. Investment $
What is the capital of China? Mongolia? Taiwan?
The capital of China is Beijing. The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Batar. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
Identify 5 major cities (not capitals) in China and tell why each is important.
5major cities in china are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Chongqing
How much of China is covered by mountains? Name 5 mountain ranges found in China and tell where each is found. Where is the lowest point in China?
Mountains cover about 40 % of China. Some of the main mountain ranges are the Himalayas, Mount Everest, Kunlun Shan, Tian Shan, and Altay Shan. The lowest point of China is the Turpan Depression.
Name the 3 major rivers of China and tell where each is found.
The three major rivers are the Huang He River, the Chang River, and the Xi River.
Which climate types are found in the region? Identify where in China each climate is found.
The climate types that are found in the region are mild subtropical climate, humid continental climate, arid and semi- arid. The mild subtropical climate is in Southeastern China and Taiwan. The humid continental climate is in the Northeastern part of china. Also, the arid and semi- arid parts are in North-central China and Mongolia.
What factors influence Mongolia’s extreme climate conditions?
The factors that influence Mongolia’s extreme climate conditions are the Gobi desert, the areas elevation, and they are in the high latitudes.
What are China’s main natural resources? List 10.
Chinas main natural resources are: 1)Natural gas 2) Hydropower 3) Coal 4) Tin 5) Tungsten 6) Gold 7) Ore 8) Many metals 9) Oil 10) bauxite
How has the use of coal affected China’s environment?
It has affected Chinas environment by causing a lot of pollution.
How will the Three Gorges Dam influence settlement patterns and population distribution?
The Three Gorges Dam will influence settlement patterns and population distribution by now flooding hundreds of towns and cities and this will destroy many animal habitats.
Identify 4 reasons why China’s is building the Three Gorges Dam.
Four reasons why China is building the Three Gorges Dam are: 1) A big power plant 2) It will create a reservoir 3) It will control dangerous flooding next to the Chang River. 4) It will increase river trade.
How has erosion in northern China created a distinctive landscape along the Huang He River?
The erosion in northern China created a distinctive landscape along the Huang He River by making a lot of silt for farmers.
What factors have helped make China the world’s leading producer of many farm products?
The factors that have helped make China the world’s leading producer of many farm products are it weather, its soil, and there way of farming.
Why is aquaculture an important economic activity in China?
Aquaculture is an important economic activity in China because it has helped raise farms and bodies of water.
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