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Where is Anari from?
Is Anari a whey or curd cheese?
Which Greek Cheese is Anari very similar to?
What milk is Anari made with?
all kinds, goat cow sheep
What kind of milk is Anevato cheese made from?
Goat and sheep.
Where is Anthotiros cheese made?
Greece, DOC in regions of: Macedonia, Thrace, Thessalia, Sterea Hellas, Peloponissos, Ionian Islands, Aegean Islands, Kriti Island, and Epirus
Anthotiros: whey or curd?
What kind of milk is anthotiros cheese?
Goat and sheep, with lesser additions of cow.
What is the texture and flavor of fresh anthotiros?
soft and mild
What is the texture and flavor of dried anthotiros?
very hard, salty
How is fresh anthotiros used?
table cheese or in pastries mostly
How is dried anthotiros used?
grated or as table cheese
What shape is anthotiros typically found in?
truncated cone or ball
what color is anthotiros?
What does anthotiros's name mean?
"flower cheese" (from its aroma and flavor)
Where does Batzos cheese come from?
What does Batzos taste like, and why?
Salty, due to brining
What texture does Batzos have?
What color is Feta?
How long is Feta brined?
2 months or more
Is Feta a curd or whey cheese?
What does the name "feta" mean?
What's the average per capita consumption of feta cheese in Greece?
Over 12 kg
What kind of milk is Feta made from?
100% Sheep, however can be up to 30% goat milk and still be called Feta in some places.
Where does Feta come from?
Greece: DOC Macedonia, Thrace, Sterea Hellas, Peloponissos, Mitilini Island
What is notable about the regions where Feta is produced?
Mountainous areas with low fertilizer and pesticide use.
How is Feta's taste described?
Salty, slightly acidic.
What color is Feta?
How is Feta distributed?
in Barrels, tin boxes, or plastic wrapped slabs.
Where is Formaella from?
Greece, DOC only at the foot of Parnassos Mountain in a place called Arachova
What texture does Feta have?
What texture does Formaella have?
What kind of milk is Formaella made of?
Sheep and Goat milk
How is Formaella's taste described?
Piquant and Rich
How is Formaella usually consumed?
As table cheese or in saganaki.
How long does Formaella ripen?
3+ months
What is saganaki?
You take a piece of cheese, fry it up in some olive oil, until it's bubbling, then you light it on fire using some alcohol. it's "shallow fried cheese"
Where is Galotiri from?
Greece, DOC Epirus and Thessalia
What kind of milk is Galotiri made from?
Sheep and/or goat
What texture is Galotiri?
soft, spreadable
How is the taste of Galotiri described?
sourish (mildly sour), refreshing
How is Galotiri usually consumed?
Table cheese.
What are the two different DOC locations for Graviera cheese?
Crete and Naxos
What kind of milk is Graviera : N cheese made with?
Cow, mostly. sometimes a little bit of sheep and/or goat.
What kind of milk is Graviera : C cheese made with?
Primarily Sheep, and a little goat.
What texture is Graviera cheese?
What is the aging process called for Graviera?
Propionic Fermentation (something to do with propionic acid)
How long is Graviera (both types) aged for?
Naxos: 3 monthsCrete: 5 months
How does Graviera taste?
slightly sweet flavor
How is Graviera consumed?
table cheese
What kind of milk is Halloumi made from?
Goat and sheep
Where is Halloumi from?
Cyprus mostly, found all over eastern mediterranean
What color is Halloumi?
What texture does Halloumi have?
It's pretty soft, and layered, kind of like mozzarella.
What about Halloumi makes it good for frying?
It has a high melting point.
What interesting characteristic is there when biting into Halloumi?
The firm texture causes a sort of squeaking on the teeth.
How does aged halloumi differ from fresh in flavor?
It's much stronger and saltier usually.
Where is Kalathaki cheese from?
Greece, DOC - Limnos
What kind of milk is Kalathaki made from?
Sheep milk, sometimes with a little goat.
What's the texture of Kalathaki like?
How is the taste of Kalathaki cheese?
slightly sour, salty taste.
How is Kalathaki used?
Similar to Feta, table cheese, in salad, in pastry and as saganaki
Where does Kalathaki's name come from?
The basket it's drained in.
Where does Kasseri come from?
Greece. DOC - Macedonia, Thessalia, Mitilini island, and Xanthi
What type of cheese is Kasseri, curd or whey?
Curd, pasta filata. literally spun paste. refers to pulling/stretching of curds
What kind of milk is Kasseri made from?
Sheep, sometimes with some goat added.
What texture is Kasseri?
What color is Kasseri usually?
pale yellow
How is Kasseri consumed?
Table cheese, or in pizza
Kasseri is described as Greece's local equivalent of which cheese?
What kind of milk is Katiki made from?
Goat milk, sometimes with a bit of sheep milk.
What % salt content does Katiki have?
What salt content must Graviera : C fall under?
What is notable about Katiki's fat content?
Usually "low"
Where is Katiki from?
Greece, Domokos region.
Which cheeses are definitely DOC in Greece?
Anthotiros, Feta, Formaella, Galotiri, Graviera (2 types, Crete and Naxos), Kalathaki, Kasseri, Kefalograviera, Kefalotyri, Kopanisti, Ladotyri, Manouri, Metsovone, Mizithra
How is Katiki usually consumed?
Served as a dip with bread or appetizers, or used in pies or salad.
Where is Kefalograviera from?
Greece. DOC - Western Macedonia, Epirus, Etoloakarnania, and Evritania
Which other two cheeses is Kefalograviera between in terms of organoleptic properties?
Kefalotiri and Graviera
How long does Kefalograviera age?
3+ months
What texture does Kefalograviera have?
How is Kefalograviera consumed?
Table Cheese, Grated, and Saganaki
What kind of milk is Kefalograviera made from?
Sheep milk
How is Kefalograviera typically sold?
Wedges or wheels
What color is Kefalograviera's rind?
Light brown usually
Where is Kefalotiri made?
Greece. DOC - Macedonia, Sterea Hellas, Peloponissos, Thessalia, Crete island, Epirus, lonian islands, and Cyclades islands
Cyprus has it's own variety too, apparently.
What kind of milk is Kefalotiri made from?
Sheep or Goat or a mix of those. In some places can have a little cow, but not in cyprus.
What is the texture of Kefalotiri like?
Hard. Very Hard. Parmesan hard.
What color is Kefalotiri?
Varies from white to yellow depending on the mixture of milks.
Which cheese is considered the ancestor of Greek hard cheeses?
How is Kefalotiri's flavor described?
Piquant and salty with a unique rich aroma
How long does Kefalotiri ripen?
3+ months
How is Kefalotiri consumed?
Table cheese, grated cheese, in pastries and as saganaki
Where is Kopanisti from?
Greece, DOC - Cyclades Islands
What kind of milk is kopanisti made from?
Cow, sheep, or goat.
How is the flavor of Kopanisti described?
intensely salty and piquant tasterich flavor, kind of like roquefort
What kind of texture does Kopanisti have?
soft, almost like a spread
How is Kopanisti consumed?
Table cheese, in pastries, and as a snack served with wine and/or ouzo (anise liqueur)
When not referring to the DOC cheese, what does Kopanisti refer to?
It's a kind of spread made with Feta cheese olive oil, garlic and peppers and stuff.
Where is Ladotiri from?
Greece, DOC - Mitilini Island
What kind of milk is Ladotiri made from?
Sheep or Sheep with Goat
How long is Ladotiri ripened?
3+ months
During the ripening process, what is Ladotiri sometimes known as?
Kefalaki ("small head") due to particular shape
Where does the name Ladotiri come from?
Because Ladotiri is preserved in olive oil. Ladi = olive tiri = cheese
How is Ladotiri's flavor described?
Strong, slightly salty.
What texture does Ladotiri have?
How is Ladotiri consumed?
Table Cheese mainly.
Where does Manouri come from?
Greece, DOC - Central and Western Macedonia, Thessalia
What kind of cheese is Manouri, whey or curd?
What kind of milk is Manouri made from?
Sheep and/or Goat milk primarily, with cow milk / cream added sometimes?
What is the texture of Manouri like?
soft / semi-soft
What is Manouri's flavor like?
"unique taste and flavor", similar to Feta but creamier and sweeter and less salt / saltless. milky taste and sometimes a slight citrus flavor
How is Manouri consumed?
Desserts, a lot of the time. Also salads and pastries. Whenever a rich sweet cheese is called for, Manouri can work.
Where is Metsovone from?
Greece - DOC Metsovo (Epirus)
What texture is Metsovone?
What kind of cheese is Metsovone? Curd or whey?
Curd, pasta filata type
What's special about Metsovone cheese that gives it its flavor?
It's smoked.
What kind of milk is Metsovone made from?
Typically cow, sometimes with a little sheep or goat added.
How long does Metsovone ripen?
3+ months
What other name does Metsovone have?
Kapnisto Metsovone
Where is Mizithra from?
Greece. DOC - Macedonia, Thrace, Thessalia, Sterea Hellas, Peloponissos, Ionian islands, Aegean island and Crete island
What kind of cheese is Mizithra, curd or whey?
Which cheese is considered the ancestor of greek whey cheese?
What kind of milk is Mizithra made from?
Cow, sheep, goat, or mixture thereof.
What shape is Mizithra usually made into?
Truncated cone.
What color is Mizithra usually?
Snow white.
What's the texture of Mizithra like?
"soft, creamy, and granular. texture similar to ricotta salata"
What are the differences between fresh and dried Mizithra?
Fresh is unsalted or lightly salted, consumed within hours or days. Dried is salted and hard.
When aged, what does Mizithra become?
What other variant of Mizithra is there besides fresh and dried?
Sour, aka xynomizitria
Where is Pichtogalo from?
Greece, Crete
What texture does pichtogalo have?
Where is Provio from?
Greece, especially Naxos
What texture does Provio have?
What kind of milk is Provio made from?
How has the flavor of Provio been described?
Mild yet rich.
What cheese is Sfela like?
Where is Telemes from?
Greece, loosely.
What kind of milk is Telemes made from?
What kind of cheese is Telemes very similar to in process?
Feta. Telemes is basically cow-feta in Greece.
In Romania, what does Telemea refer to?
Generic term for Feta cheese, but Romanian generic Feta can be made a bit differently.
Where is Touloumotiri from?
What kind of milk is Touloumotiri made from?
How is Touloumotiri traditionally stored?
in goat or sheep skin bags.
What color is Touloumotiri?
White, sometimes a little pinkish.
When Touloumotiri has more color, what does that signify?
More pink means more acid.
What is the texture of Touloumotiri like?
A moist cheese, somewhat like Feta.
What does the name Touloumotiri come from?
Touloumotiri comes from the word touloumi which is the word for goat skin, which the bags for aging are made of.
How does Touloumotiri taste?
Like a sweeter Feta.
What is xynotiri?
Supposedly some bitterly acidic soft cheese.
Where does xynotiro come from?
What kind of milk is Xynotiro made from?
Sheep and/or goat.
Is Xynotiro a curd or whey cheese?
What texture does Xynotiro have?
Hard, flaky.
When aged, how long does Xynotiro ripen for?
3+ months
Xynotiro is typically drained in what kind of special basket?
Reed baskets
After draining, what is notable about the bags Xynotiro ages in?
made of animal skin
What kind of flavor does Xynotiro have?
a yogurt-like sweet and sour flavor.
What pathogen do the lactobacillus in ripening Xynotiro kill?
Which countries are involved in Caucasian peace cheese?
/ 160

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