Nutrition and Metabolism Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Medical and social-ecomomic conditions
Nutrional and energy requirements change with age and depend on...
Does BMR rise or fall during early childhood?
What does BMR do during mid to late chilhood?
What does BMR do in adolescense?
What does BMR do after adolescense?
Weight gain
What happens when energy in eceeds energy out?
Weight loss
What happens when energy out exceeds energy in?
50 to 70 days
How many days can a person survive without food?
Carbohydrate stores in the liver and muscle.
What does a starving body first digest upon itself?
Protein in tissue and muscles
What is the second thing a starving body digests upon itself?
Fat, including adipose and myelin that surrounds nerve fibers
What is the third thing a starving body digests upon itself?
Low blood pressure and pulse
First symptom of starvation
Chilss, dry skin and hair loss
Second symptom of starvation
Poor immunity
Third symptom of starvation
Death due to malfunction of a vital organ
Fourth symptom of starvation
Total lack of nutrition
Protein deficiency
Poor nutrition
Two ways, Primary and secondary.
How many ways is poor nutrition classified?
Poor diet
Which classification of malnutrition is primary?
inadequate diet
Which classification of malnutrion is secondary?
4 percent
Mineral compose ? of body weight?
Bones and teeth
Which parts of body are mineral concentrated in?
Calcium and Phosphorus
Which are most abundant minerals?
Sodium, Chloride, Potasium
Which minerals are free ions in blood?
Structure, maintain ossmotic pressure, maintain pH
This is a function of minerals
Very small inorganic elements
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