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following statements
Terms Definitions
Which of the following is not a formed element found in blood? plasma,platelets,white blood cells, red blood cells, or both plasma and platelets?
During an inflammatory response to injury, which if the following is least likely found in the region of the injury?
pale cold skin
What is the correct order from the MOST complex to the SIMPLEST?
____attach skeletal muscles to bones and ___ connect one bone to another.
Tendons, Ligaments
The Pap smear test for cervical cancer utilizies what type of tissue?
epithelial tissue
Which of the following is NOT a function of the membrane proteins?
cell nutrient
Anatomical features that change during illness are studied in ___anatomy
The pleura is the serious membrane covering the....
Each of the following is an example of dense connective tissue, except?
areolar tissue
Which of the following cells are not capable of dividing (therefore cannot repair themselves?)
all of these are not capable of dividing
Which of the following is true regarding white fat?
it helps by slowing heat loss in adults
Marfan's syndrome is a disorder of
connective tissue
The three characteristics common in all connective tissues are
specialized cells, protein fibers, and ground substance
Of the list below, which has the highest concentration of hydroxide ions?
The structure of RNA differs from DNA in that
the backbone (or sugar) of RNA contains ribose
Functions of the plasma membrane include all of the following except
thermal insulation
Anatomy is to ___as physiology is to...
The maintenance of a constant internal enviroment in an organism is termed
the process by which molecules such as glucose are moved into cells along their concentration gradiest with the help of membrane-bound carrier proteins is called?
facilitated diffusion
Unlike cartilage, bone is
highly vascular
A cell duplicates its chromosomes during the ___phase
A mature red blood cell lacks a nucleus. thus it
cannot make new proteins and will be worn out within a few months
Which of the following statements about simple epithelia is false?
they cover surfaces subjected to mechanical or chemical stress
A defense cell engulfing a basterium illustrates..
During this phase of cell division, the chromosomes uncoil, the nuclear membrane forms, and two nuclei are formed
All of the following are true of neurons except..
they are every specialized form of connective tissue
Which of the following is a type of secretion in which vesicles are released through exocytosis?
All of the following is a problem related to sebacious glands?
all of the above
All of the following membrane transport mechanisms are passive processes except?
vesicular transport
A fatty acid that contains at least one double covalent bond is said to be
Tissue changes with age include all of the following except?
proliferation of epidermal cells
Close examination of an organ reveals a lining of several layers of cells. the layers do NOT contain any blood vessels and one surface of the cells is open to internal cavity of the organ. This tissue is probably ___?
Which of the following statements about water is NOT correct?
it has a low heat capacity.
Each of the following is a function of the integumentary system, except?
synthesis of vitamin C
Paranasal sinuses serve what purposes?
Lightening the skull bones and providing and extensive area of mucous epithelium
the shoulder hip joint can perform all of the following movements except?
the layer of the skin that provides a barrier against basteria as well as chemical and mechanical injuries is?
The mother had complained about the baby not eating and having several episodes of diarhea lasting 3 days. You know the nurse suspects possible dehydration when she
checks the anterior fontanel doe depression
The type of bone that is adapted to withstand stresses that arrive from many directions is ___bone
A herniated inter vertebral disc is caused by
protrusion of the nucleus pulposus
If osteoclasts are more active than osteoblasts, bones will become
Parathyroid hormone functions in all of the following except?
increases the rate of calcium absorption
The following are important steps in the process of endochondral ossification
E) 3,1,4,5,2
Which of the following is not a function of the skeletal system?
hormone secretion
While following cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an uncoincious person, you are careful to position your hands correctly to avoid damage of the
xiphoid process
the elbow joint is an example of a ___joint.
Which of the following is not a function of the axial skeleton?
allows us to move and manipulate objects
Stretch marks occur when
the skin is so extensively stretched that its elastic limits are exceeded
A male has a ___pelvic outlet when compared to the womens pelvic putlet.
All of the following are true of the pigment melanin, except?
it decreases in concentration within cells during exposure to the sun.
When production of sex hormones increases at puberty, epiphyseal plates
become narrower
All of the following are structural classifications of synovial joints, except?
the humeris is an example of a ___bone.
while assessing a patient, you discover that after pinching the kin ont he back of the hand, it remians peaked, This is a sign of
what is the clinical significance of a cut in the skin make parallel to lines of cleavage?
The cur will heal with little scarring because collagen and elastic fibers are located in parallel bundles along lines of cleavage
Which of the following is false regarding bone marrow?
All of the above are true
The joint that permits the greatest range of mobility of any joint in the body is the ____joint.
Lanugo is found in
A and C ( on a fetus or an individual suffering from anorexia)
What characteristics do typical synarthrotic and amphiarthrotic joints share?
bony regions seperated by fibrous connective tissue
what type of burn might you feel no pain?
3rd degree
What might you suggest to an individual who has entered menopause?
vitamin C,D extrogen, calcium supplements (all the above)
Deodorants are used to mask the effects of secretions from which type of skin gland?
Aprocrine sweat glands
The layer of stem cells that constantly divide to renew the epidermis is the
stratum germinativum
What are secondary curves, that do not appear until several months later of being born?
cervical and lumbar
which of the following bones is NOT part of the appendicular skeleton?
A weight lifter strains to lift a heavy weight and there is no movement of the persons arms holding on to the weight. This type of contraction is called a ____contraction
The all-or-none principle states that
all stimuli great enough to bring the membrane to threshold will produce identical action potentials
Which of the following best describes the term sarcoplasmic reticulum?
storage and release site for calcium ions
The repeating unit of a skeletal muscle fiber is the
Cholinergic synpases release the neurotransmitter
Interactions between actin and myosin filaments of the sarcomere are responsible for
muscle contraction
The narrow space between the synaptic terminal and the muscle fiber is the
synaptic cleft
All of the following are side effects of anabolic steroid use in mails except?
excession hair growth
When calcium ions bind to troponin
tropomyosin moves into the groove between the helical actin strands
Neurons that have several dendrites and a single axon are called?
In the condition ___, a virus infects dorsal root ganglia, causing a painful rash whose distribution corresponds to that of the affected sensory nerves as seen in their dermatomes.
Which of the following is not true about a positive Babinski reflex?
why you close your eyes when you sneeze
Which of the following statements is false?
Cardiac muscle contractions must undergo tetanus (FALSE)
In meningitis....
ALL of the ABOVE
Spinal nerves are,,
both sensory and motor
After death, muscle fibers run out of ATP and calcium begins to leak from the sarcoplasmic reticulum into the sarcoplasm. this results in condition known as
rigor mortis
When comparing slow muscle fibers to fast muscle fibers, slow fibers...
ALL of the answers are correct
Which of the following is a list that occur during muscle contraction?
E) 1,4,6,2,5,7,3
Spinal nerves from the sacral region of the cord (such as the sciatic nerve) innervate the ____muscles.
Which of the following is not a recognized structural classification for neurons?
Which of the following would the rate of impulse conduction be the greatest?
A) a myelinated fiber of 10-um diameter.
The site of intercellular communication between neurons is the
Which of the following steps are involved in transmission at a cholinergic synapse?
B) 4,2,6,7,8,3,5
The ___nerve, which arises in the cervical plexus, inervates the diaphragm.
The tough fibrous outermost covering of the spinal cord is the
dura mater
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of smooth muscle?
DOES NOT A) smooth muscle connective tissue forms tendons and aponeurosis
Sensory information is processed and relayed to the cerebrum by the
Which of the following is not a function of cerebrospinal fluid?
provides ATP for impulse transmission
The pons contains
A,B,C / a. sensory and motor nuclei for four cranial nerves, B. nuclei concerned with the control of respiration, C. tracts that link the cerebellum with the brain stem
Which of the following is a function of the hypothalamus?
E. all the above./ a. produces ADH, b. controls autonomic centers, c. regulates body temperature, d. secrets oxytocin
Which of the following is not a property of the limbic system?
B) functions in maintaining the homeostasis in cold weather
The ___is important in storage and recall of new long-term memories
Cortical regions that interpret sensory information or coordinate motor responses are called
Higher-order functions
D. ALL THE ABOVE/can be adjusted overtime based on experience,incolve complex interactions among areas of the cortex,combine both conscious and unconcious information processing.
The basal nuclei
provide the general pattern and rhythm for movements such as walking
Droopy eyelids and double vision can result from injury to the ___nerve.
Parkinsons disease is the result of
C)inadequate production of dopamine by sustannia nigra neurons
Joe begins to experience mood swings and disturbed thirst and hunger. Imaging studies indicate that s brain tumor is the likely cause of these disorders.In what part of the brain is the tumor most likely located?
D) hypothalamus
The term general senses refers to sensitivity to all of the following except
Our perception of our enviroment is imperfect for all of the following reasons, except that
B) receptors respond in all or nothing manner.
A fast-adapting mechanoreceptor in the papillary layer of the dermis that responds to fine touch is a
A fast-adapting tactile receptor that monitors movements across the body surface is a
root hair plexus
The spinal tract that carries sensations from proprioceptors to the CNS is the
The afferent neuron that carries the sensation to the CNS is a ____neuron.
We can localize sensations that originate in different areas of the body because
sensory neurons from specific body regions project to specific cortical regions
The medial pathway that controls involuntary movements of head,neck, and arm position in response to sudden visual and auditory stimuli is the ____tract.
Motor neurons whose cell bodies are within the soinal cord are called____neurons.
lower motor
Gustatory receptors are sensitive to dissolved chemicals but insensitive to light. This is due to
receptor specificity
Tickle is to____as itch is to ___.
touch, pain
The cerebellum relies on information from
the eyes,the inner ear as movement,proprioceptive sensations,motor commands from upper motor neurons. (all the above)
All of the following are true of a prickling pain sensation, except that they are
fast adapting
Damage to the tectorial spinal tracks would interfere with the
ability to make reflex responses of the neck and head in response to sudden movements or loud noises.
The ___division of the autonomic nervous system is said to function during "rest and digest"
Clusters of ganglionic sympathetic neurons that inntervate organs in the abdominopelvic region are called...
The statement "it controls the diameter of the pupil" is
true for both he parasympathetic nervous systems.
Parasympathetic stimulation
increases gastric motility
Which of the following is essential for memory consolidation?
Autonomic efferents
conduct impulses to smooth and cardiac muscles and glands
Collateral ganglia contain neurons that innervate tissues and organs in which cavity?
During sympathetic activation,___occurs.
elevated heart rate.elevated blood pressure,sweating,elevated blood glucose(all the above)
Parasympathetic functions include all of the following, except
dilation of the airways.
A visceral motor neuron whose cell body is within the CNS is called a _____neuron.
The regulation of awake-asleep cycles appear to involve an interplay between brain stem nuclei that use different neurotransmitters. The one that favors alertness is ____and the other promoting deep sleep is _____.
norepinephrene, seretonin
The function of gustatory receptors parallels that of
olfactory receptors
All of the following are true of the fibrous tunic of the eye except that it
produces aqueous humor
The human lens focuses light on the photoreceptor cells by
changing shape
The first step in the process of photoreception is
absorption of a photon by visual pigment
Gravity and linear acceleration are sensed in the
saccule and utricle
The frequency of a perceived sound depends on
which part of the cochlear is stiimulated
The ____conveys information about head position with respect to gravity.
utricle and saccule
which of the following descriptions best decribe otoliths?
tiny weights necessary for the static sense of equilibrium
In the retina, the correct sequence of neural wiring is
A) rod-->bipolar cell-->M cell-->thalamus
Preganglionic fibers leave the CNS and then synapse on
ganglionic neurons
Sympathetic nerves
are bundles of postganglionic fibers that innervate organs within the thoracic cavity.
The suprarenal medullae secrete
both epinephrine and norephrine
Drugs known as beta-blockers may be useful for treating
prostate disorders
Most sympathetic effector junctions release neropinephrine but a significant number release acetylcohline instead. Which of these is an example of an organ of the cholingergic type?
a swear gland
Parasympathetic blocking agents can be useful in treating
urinary incontinence
The concious state is maintained by the
reticular activating system
Hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD, function by
stimulating serotonin receptors
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