Urine Formation Flashcards

Renin-angiotensin system
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Function of nephron
Remove waste from blood and regulate water and electrolyte concentration
Steps of Urine Formation
Glomerular formation, tubular reabsorption, tubular secretion
Urine Excretion
Glomerular filtration + tubular secretion - Tubular Reabsorption
Fenestrated glomerular capillaries
Filter water and dissolved materials from blood
Bowman's Capsule
Filtrate form fenestrated glemerular capsule
is not filtered out of blood
Glomerular filtration rate
Kidney's produce
125 ml fluid per minute(glomerular filtration rate)
GFR is constant through these mechanisms
autoregulation by vasomotor center in medulla and renin-angiostensin system
Vasomotor center in medulla
Regulates arteriole smooth muscle allowing for AR
Parasympathetic nervous system
Maintains AR through vasocontriction of afferent arteriole to decrease GFR when elevated
parasympathetic nervous systems
Renin Angiotensin system
decrease in BV > decrease in B > decrease in GHSP
receptors in the JG cells of afferent arteriole dectect decrease in stretch and secrete renin
in macula densa cells in the distal convoluted tubule (DCT) detect a decrease in the levels of sodium, potassium, and chloride and furthe stimulate the JG cells of the AA to secrete renin
renin converts what in blood
plasma protein angiotensinogen to angiotensin I
Angiotensin converting enzyme
What does ACE convert?
Angiotensin I to angiotensin II
Sites targeted by angiotensis II
Sodium balances, water balance, BP, BP ultimatel affects GFR
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