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Patterns Of Subsistence
Terms Definitions
adapting or being adapted
system formed by the interaction of a group of organisms with its environment
cultural evolution
cultural change over time
the notion that humans are moving forward to a better, more advanced stage in development
convergent evolution
the development of finding similar solutions to similar problems
parallel evolution
similar adaptations occur with silmilar enviornmental conditions with like ancestors
culture area
a geographic region in which a number of societies follow similar patterns of life
culture core
fundamentals of how a culture makes a living
carrying capacity
the number of ppl that the available resources can support
the new stone age, where ppl possessed stoned based technologies
neolithic revolution
culture change associated with the domestication of plants and animals
cultivation of crops with tools
slash and burn cultivation
when crops are planted among the ashes
breeding and managing large heards of domesticated grazing and browsing of animals
food foraging
hunting, fishing, and gathering wild palnt foods
movement to find food withing their specific region, water availablitity is a concern
asserting or resulting from belief in the equality of all people
food producing
to create food from ingredients
a rural cultivator whose surpluses are transferred to a dominant group of rulers that uses the surpluses both to underwrite its own standard of living and to distrute resources
to use the resources and mass produce items to make a profit
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