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Sex Addiction
Terms Definitions
persistent, compulsive, dependence on a behavior or substance including mood altering behaviors or activities despite ongoing negative consequence
physiological dependence
the adaptive state that occurs with regular addictive behavior and result in withdrawal syndrome
preoccupation with a behavior and an overwhelming need to perform it
excessive preoccupation with an addictive object or behavior
loss of control
inability to reliably preeict whether a particular instance of involvement with the addictive substance or behavior will be healthy or damaging
negative consequence
severe problems associated with addiction such as physical damage legal troubles, financial problems, acadamic failure
inability to perceive or accurately interpret the self-destructive effects of the addictive behavior
a repeated behavior in which the repetiton may be unconscious
a self-defeating relationship pattern in which a person is addicted to the addict
people who knowingly or unkowingly protect addicts from the natural consequences of their behavior
biochemical messengers that bind to specific receptor sites on nerve cells
phenomenon in which progressively larger doses of a drug or more intense involvement in a behavior is needed to produce the desired effects
a series of temporary physical and biopsychosocial symptoms that occurs when an addict abruptly abstains from an addictive chemical or behavior
biopyschosocial model of addiction
theory of the relationship between an addicts biological nature and psycholgocial and environment influences
social learning theory
theory that people learn behaviros by watching role models, parents caregivers and significant others
process addictions
behaviors such as disordered gambling, compuslive buying, internet or technology use, work addiction, compulsive exercise and sex addiction
a planned process of confronting an addict; carried out by close family friends and significant others
refraining from a behavior
the early abstinece period during which an addict adjusts physically and cognitively to being free from the influences of the addiction
the tendency to return to the addictive behavior after a period of abstinence
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