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eye contact
Terms Definitions
Body Language (55%)
Most important element in public speaking.
Sentence: Body Language - 55%, Voice Tonality - 38%, Words - 7%
Confident Stance
feet apart, raise your chest, clasp your hands together in front
The Placator
opening out your hands, do this movement to make the audience think/answer/interact
The Leveller
putting hands down, no one questions what you're saying, your audience will instantly listen
The Thinker
looks like your thinking, do this when you are asked a question
The Joker Movement
for jokes and entertainment, throw your arms all over the place and belly out
The Hands Up
use a large audience, raise your hands, ask simple questions(yes or no)
Eye Contact
Establishes rapport, establish eye contact with your audience randomly at 3-5 secs
Mistake #1: Looking at just 1 or 2 friendly faces
Don't ignore the other people
Mistake #2: Focusing at just 1 or 2 unfriendly faces
Don't ignore the other people
Mistake #3: Focusing on just 1 part of the room and ignoring people on the sides
Don't ignore the other people
Mistake #4: Excessive eye contact to the boss/client
Don't ignore the other people, this makes them feel insignificant
Mistake#5: Staring at one person for longer than a full thought
It's creepy
Mistake#6: Ignoring one person the whole time
be kind
Mistake #7: Eye contact with a blank expression on one's face
Lighten it up, put a smile
Left Hand
signifies the future
Right Hand
signifies the past
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