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Terms Definitions
Arnold Buss
Wrote the text "Psychopathology", where he states "The 3 criteria of abnormality are discomfort, inefficiency, and bizareness"
Peggy Kleinplatz and Charles Moser
Psychologists; Arguments: Sexual interests of some paraphilias that involve 2 consenting adults, such as S-M, don't represent mental disorders and thus, shouldn't be listed in the DSM-IV-TR; Since there's no agreed upon definition of healthy sexuality, it's difficult to be clear about what behaviours should be classified as paraphilic; Behaviours that involve unusual sexual interests, but not coercion, may be healthy expressions of sexuality for some individuals; they're labelled as pathological due to sociopolitical and historical factors; many of these assumptions behind the diagnoses are not supported by research
Gwen Jacobs
Arrested in 1991 for walking topless through Guelph and charged with committing an indecent act in a public place; protested Ontario laws against this in a walk over the Peace Bridge in 1992
Patrick Carnes
Advanced the theory that some sexual variations are a result of an addictive process much like alcoholism; Analysed that each episode of the sexually compulsive behaviour proceed through a 4-step cycle, which intensifies each time it's repeated
Richard von Krafft-Ebing
The influential early investigator of sexual deviance who wrote the book "Psychopathia Sexualis" in 1886
Robin Williams
Male actor who female impersonated in Mrs. Doubtfire
Dustin Hoffman
Male actor who female impersonated in Tootsie
Marquis de Sade
Who the term "sadism" derives from; He lived around the time of the French Revolution, when he practised sexual sadism and rote novels about these practices (the best known is "Justine")
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
Who the variation of sexual masochism is named after; (1836-1895) A masochist and wrote novels expressing masochistic fantasies
Found that about 1/4 of both males and females had experienced definite or frequent erotic response as a result of being bitten during sexual activity; 8% of men and 3-4% of women reported having had sexual experiences with animals
Trevor Jacques
A BDSM practitioner and Safe, Sane & Consenual play advocate; In 1991, wrote the best-selling "On the Safe Edge: A Manual for SM Play" designed and began to deliver a series of seminars on SM safety, under the auspices of the AIDS Committe of Toronto; Main message: "people need to be honest with themselves and others about their practices and the pleasure tehy get from them: they shouldn't let others define them"
Mark Griffith
Psychologist; agues that cybersex becomes an addiction or compulsion when it has the 6 characteristics of Salience, Mood modification, Tolerance, Withdrawal symptoms, Conflict, and Relapse
Eli Coleman
Recommends that in addition to psychopharmacological treatment, individuals with compulsive sexual behaviour should 1. receive psychotherapy, 2. participate in group therapy, and 3. receive couple therapy
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