Spinal Cord and Nervous System Flashcards

Terms Definitions
conus medullaris
at level of LI/LII, pia mater continues as filum terminale to meet with dura and arachnoid at coccygeal ligament.
bifurcation of spinal nerve
posterior primary division IS posterior cutaneous branch
anterior primary division GIVES RISE to lateral cutaneous branch and anterior cutaneous branch
nerve plexuses
combined from ventral rami of cervical, lumbar and sacral spinal nerves
saltatory conduction
accelerated via nodes of Ranvier
General Visceral Afferent fibers (chemo-, mechano- and stretch receptors)
preganglionic fibers
axons of neurons inside CNS/spinal cord ( they are visceral, motor)
postganglionic fibers
axons of neurons outside CNS/spinal cord ( they are visceral, motor)
cranial nerves assoc. w visceral fibers (both sensory & motor)
spinal segments assoc. w sympathetic nervous system
T1 thru L2
spinal segments assoc. w parasympathetic nervous system
S2, S3, S4
CN3, CN7, CN9, CN10
ganglion impar
convergence of paravertebral sympathetic trunk (anterior to coccyx)
white ramus communicans
myelinated connection from ant. rami of spinal nerves to sympathetic paravertebral ganglia.
Sentence: Only associated with spinal nerves of T1-L2.
gray ramus communicans
made of unmyelinated postganglionic sympathetic fibers going from paravertebral ganglia back to anterior ramus of spinal nerve. medial to white ramus communicans.
Sentence: Associated with all spinal nerves... not just T1-L2.
superior cervical ganglion
paravertebral sympathetic ganglion through which all innervation of of head and face occur.
Sentence: All preganglionic fibers emerge through spinal nerve at T1
splanchnic nerves
made of preganglionic fibers which synapse in sympathetic ganglia at roots of major arteries OR directly with adrenal glands.
nerves emerging from trunks of the brachial plexus
1. suprascapular
2. subclavius nerve
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