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Format Cells dialog
Terms Definitions
computerized equivalent of a ledger
a computerized spreadsheet application used to build and manipulate worksheets and workbooks
─ a spreadsheet that may contain data, values, formulas, and/or charts
a collection of related worksheets within one file
Active cell
The cell you are working in; where data will be input
Formula bar
Shows the active cell’s contents
Name box
Displays active cell’s address or name it has been given
Sheet tabs
What sheets of workbook are available
Status Bar
Displays information about a selected command or operation in progress
Select All button
used to select all elements of the worksheet
Primary replacement for menus and toolbars made up of tabs, groups, and commands
Designed to be task-oriented
Each one is made up of several groups to facilitate viewing all of its functions without opening menus
letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces
numbers that represent a quantity, an amount, a date or time
combination of numbers, cell references, operators, and/or functions
Mathematical operations
are the backbone of Excel
are used to perform mathematical operations and arrive at a calculated result
Order of Precedence
controls the sequence in which arithmetic operations are performed
A range
range is a rectangular group of cells in a worksheet. Can be one cell; may be entire worksheet
Select a range
Click and hold left mouse button and drag from beginning of range to end
Select first cell, then hold the Shift key while clicking the last cell
The move
operation transfers the contents from one location to another
Use the drag and drop method
Use Cut and Paste method
Auto Fill
Enables you to copy the content of a cell or a range of cells
Drag the fill handle over an adjacent cell or range of cells
center labels
Center text across a range of cells
Apply borders and shading
Select a cell border from Borders in the Font group on the Home tab
Use the Border tab in the Format Cells dialog box
Insert Clipart
Used to represent most important aspect of spreadsheet content
Use sparingly; can be distracting or take large amounts of disk space
Format Cells
Control formatting for numbers, alignment, fonts, borders, colors, and patterns
Portrait prints vertically down the paper
Landscape prints horizontally down the paper
Left, right, top, bottom
Sheet options
Show gridlines, row and column headings
Managing Cell Comments
Adds documentation to the cell
Provided to clarify thoughts and define formulas
A red triangle appears in the cell containing the comment
Comment is visible when you point at the cell
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