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independent demand items
Terms Definitions
Process Industries
The group of manufacturers that product products by mixing, separating, forming and/or performing chemical reactions.
Products produced by the same manufacturing process which are different but have similar characteristics to each other. Usually predicted and planned in scheduling process.
Value Analysis
Systematic use of techniques to identify a required function, establish a value for that function and then provide that function at a lower cost.
Delivery Leadtime
Time from the customer order receipt to delivery of product.
Time-phased Order Point
MRP-like planning logic for independent demand items, where gross requirements come from a forecast not via explosion.
Planning Horizon
Amount of time a plan extends into the future. Should be at least as long as the cumulative product lead time.
Net change systems
transaction driven
Regenerative systems
triggered by time
Phantom BOM
For products which are built but never go into or out of stock
MRP Implementation
Best approach for implementation is conference room pilot.
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