Bio 2 Lab- Animal Diversity ( Pseudocoelomates) Flashcards

Terms Definitions
most larva possess trochophore, some possess a lophophore
external cuticle is molted so organism grows
cativy derived from blastocoel, is not enclosed entirely by mesoderm
open circulation
made o collagen or chitin

acellular outer body covering

serves as a "skeleton" to anchor muscles
having a fixed number of cells per species
Phylum Rotifera
"wheel" animals
have head, trunk, and "foot" section
most are freshwater
corona (rotifera)
currounds mouth that beats like a rotating wheel to bring food particles into mouth
desiccation and temp.changes
mastax (rotifera)
a muscular pharynx with chitinous "jaws" called trophi
pedal glands (rotifera)
secrete an adhesive for substrate attachment
Phylum Gastrotricha
"belly hairs"

glide on ventral cilia

ventrally flattened

lack a corona & mastax &no eyespots

have bristles and scales, lobed head, forked tail
Phylum Cycliophora
discovered in 1995

symbiont living on mouthparts of clawed lobsteres

very teeny

ring of cilia surrounds mouth
Phylum Acanthocephala
"spiny headed worms"

induce behavioral changes in host*

intestinal endoparasites of fish, birds, mammals

have an eversible proboscis with spines that penetrate host's intestines

some have protonephridia

dioecious- embryos are discharged via feces of host
Phylum Entoprocta
its questionable as to if it is a psuedocolemate or an acoelomate

most are colonial
entoprocta body
circular crown of ciliated tentacles for feeding

body is stalked and sessile

gut is U-shaped with both mouth and anus opening within the crown of tentacles

no circulatory or respiratory organs
protandrous (entoprocta)
first are male & produce sperm, later are female and produce eggs
ectoprocta formerly classified as...
Bryozoa phylum "moss animals"
zoecium (ectoprocta)
"chambers" in the gelatinous, chitinous, or calcium-stiffened "exoskeleton"

often with a trap-door operculum
a horsehoe-shaped or U-shaped retractable ring ciliated tentacles surrounding the mouth to trap food
digestion (ectoprocta)
complete U-shaped digestive sys.
an individual inside one zoecium
beak-like defensive zooids

used in defense and anti-fouling
similar to sponge gemmules. allow freshwater species to reproduce asexually and survive via overwintering
Phylum Brachiopoda
"lamp shells" that resemble bevalve molluscs

open circ.system ( blood bathes organs and pumping heart)
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