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Health IT
Terms Definitions
Cloud Computing
A pay for use model in which customers pay only for the computing resources that they need at the present time
WiFi Protected Access 2 is the second generation of wireless security that addresses who can access a wireless network as well as provide encryption for all transmissions
digital communications transmitted over a network, it can be encrypted using standard LAN encryption technologies
Computer Programming Language
used to communicate instructions to the computer hardware.
Extensible Markup Language - is desgned to carry data instead of indicating how to display it
Type of network that works as a private Internet
World Wide Web
System of Internet servers that supports specially formulated documents
Type of network that allows the networks of separate organizations to communicate with one another
Data Warehouse
Storage device for multiple databases that can be accessed via single question and report interface
Computer network that connects devices in a small geographical area
Computer network that connects devices across a large geographical area
Computers that are used to access shared resources in a network
Relational Database
Type of database that stores data in predefined tables made up rows and columns
Data Dictionary
Description of the structure of a specific database
Nationwide Health Information Network is being advanced by the ONC as a network of networks that will include various types of health information exchange.
Health Information Exchange refers to the technology, standards, and governance that enables the exchange of data between the information systems of various health care stakeholders
Regional Health Information Organization is an organization that provides an HIE to health care stakeholders in a specific region, for example, a city or multicounty area.
NHIN is the technology, standards, and governance that could connect all HIEs
Network Protocol
enable computers on the network to communicate with each other. The computers have to use the same language, just as people have to speak the same language in order to understand each other. It provide computers with a common language.
Not for Profit ANSI accredited standards developing organization that provides comprehensive standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieving of electronic health information that supports patient care. This standard allow exchange of data between common systems that make up the EHR such as radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, and other systems.
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