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Terms Definitions
the opposite sides of a parallelogram are _____ lenght.
equal lenght.
circumference of a circle is equal to?
(TT)d or 2(TT)r
the lenght of the entire outer edge of the circle.
what is the altitude of a triangle?
a line drawn perpendicular from the vertex.
¿cómo se calcula el área de un triáglo?
If each vertex of a polygon lies on a circle, the polygon is?
And the circle is?
inscribed in the circle.
circumscribed about the polygon.
find circumference of a circle?
when is the pythagoean theorem used and what does it state.
used on right triangles.
states that the hypothenuse squared is equal to the sum of the legs squared.
a^2 + b^2 = c^2
a quadralateral in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel is a ?
The volume of a rectangular solid is?
(length) (width) (height)=volume
what is the ratio of 45° -45° -90° triangles?
1:1: √2
¿cómo se calcula el área de un triángulo?
altura X base
diagonally rectangles are ____?
equal length
¿qué es una cuerda?
two endpoints located on the circle.
¿cómo se calcula el área de u círcculo?π
The surface area of a right cirular cylinder with a base of r and a height h is?
2(TT)r^2 + 2(TT)rh =surface area
find area of a rectangle?
side X side = area
y X x = area
a rectangular solid has
6 faces
12 edges
8 vertices
what is an ARC?
the rounded portion of the circle between points A and B.
tangent lines are usually?
perpendicular to the circle.
how to find the area of 1 side of a rectangular solid?
same as a rectangle.
what is the base of a triangle?
the opposite from the vertex where the altitude meets the triangle.
a line that has exactly 1 point in come with a circle is said to be?
Tangent to the circle.
the surface area of a rectangular solid is?
the sum of all the faces areas.
how do you divide fractions?
3/5 / 4/9
invert the second fraction and multiply.
3/5 x 9/4 =27/20
what is the ratio of a right triangle?
If a triangle is inscribed in a circle and one of its sides is equal to the diameter of the circle what kind of triangle is it?
a right triangle.
(with the hypotenuse equaling the diameter.)
If each side of a polygon is tangent to a circle, the polygon is said to be?
And the circle is said to be?
circumscribed to the circle.
inscribed in the polygon.
formula to find number of degrees in an arc if you have the length of the arc.
where X=length
find the area of a trapazoid?
1/2 (sum of bases) (height)=area
A point where a line and a circle briefly meet is called a?
point of tangency.
find the volume of a right circular cylinder is?
(TT)(r^2)(h) = volume
whats inscribed mean?
a triangle is inscribed inside a semi-circle when one of its sides is the diameter of the circle itself, with the other two sides meeting at any point in the circle itself. a triangle inscribed inside a semi-circle is always a right triangle.
what is a chord?
a line connecting any 2 points on a circle.
find perimeter of a rectangle.
add each side
2(x) + 2(y) where x & y are sides of the rectangle.
a polygon with 4 sides is a
what is the ratio of 30° -60° -90° triangles
1: √3 : 2
/ 36

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