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Battle of Thermopylae
Terms Definitions
40,000 BCE
Early Human Sapiens appear
in Africa, Asia, & Europe.
20,000 BCE
Asians mass migrate to the Americans.
10,000 BCE
Jericho, one of the first organized settlements, founded.
9,000 BCE
Agriculture Revolution- first cultivated bread grains.
7,000 BCE
Humans begin to fire pottery.
4,000 B.C.E
1. Wheel is invented
2. Domestication of draft animals
3. Construction of first megalithic monuments.
3,800 B.C.E
Smelting & fashioning of copper.
3,300 B.C.E
Sumerians perfect writing for commercial uses.
3,000 B.C.E
Smelting & fashioning of bronze.
2,000 B.C.E
Celts migrate into Europe.
1,900 B.C.E
Smelting & fashioning of iron.
1,800 B.C.E
Hammarabi codifies Middle Eastern legal customs.
500 B.C.E
The Ionian Revolt.
490 B.C.E
1. The First Persian War
2. The Battle of Marathon
487 B.C.E
1. The Athenians choose Archons to be magistrate of the city-state
2. "Ostracism" as a punishment is introduced in Athens.
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