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Terms Definitions
Megabyte (MB)
1,024 kilobytes
Universal Serial Bus
מחשב חושב מחשבות
שמונה פלאי עולם
Unix (unics)
The underlying control is OSX+
connects one computer to other computers and peripheral devices
A filter that monitors information sent over a network.
Instructions to perform an operation or execute a program. In Windows, commands can be issued by making menu selections, clicking on a toolbar button, or clicking on a command button in a dialog box.
An electronic device that recieves data, processes data, stores data, and produces a result(output).
Random Access Memory. A form of high-speed memory that is instantly accessible by the computer's processor. When a user starts up a program, the program is loaded into the RAM of the computer so that it may be accessed instantly at all times. Most MS office utilities use about 10MB of RAM; high end graphics programs can use upwards of 30MB.
Graphics Card
installed on the motherboard, controls the signals the computer sends to the monitor
Antivirus Software
searches executable files for malware, erasing or disabling the malware
End User License Agreement- you must agree to this before you can legally use software
VGA Port
AKA monitor port, smallish and rectangular on back of computer, used to plug in monitor
The act of sending and receiving information elect
most powerful-Used to di things liek predict hurrianes and navigate satellites
sending e-mails with a link to a spoofed site that asks for personal information
located inside the computer and is the main electronic component of the computer
The part of the desktop (AKA the computer case) that holds motherboard, CPU, power supply, etc.
Video Card
Generates and outputs images to the screen. A better video card means better performance in video games or high resolution monitors, for example.
Wireless Router
A device that allows computers to wirelessly access the internet by receiving information from the computer, decoding it, and sending it to the internet through an ethernet cord.
Log On
To access a computer system by identifying yourself and, if prompted, entering a password.
A menu within another menu. A submenu is indicated when there is a right-pointing arrow next to a menu option.
Local Area Networks(LAN)
computers connected together in a relatively close location such as in the same building or deparment.
Zip Drive
An Iomega Zip drive reads disks that can hold up to 250 MB, depending on the model.
Local Area Network (LAN)
computers and peripheral devices are located relatively close to each other
A License that allows a user to sample a program for a limited amount of time.
Device used to view images of what is on the compu
A circuit board (a thin plate or board that contains electronic components) that contains many integral components.
Multiple User License
A license that allows programs to be installed on multiple computers or shared over a network.
Radio Buttons
Allow you to choose one option from a group of options; also called option buttons.
Hard Drive Memory
A slower form of memory that is used to store files and applications when they are not in use. When they are being used the files and applications are loaded in the computer's RAM
Setting Up A Computer
Check cables for small icons or color coding. Plug in cables and screw in pins. Customize OS with product key, date and time, etc. Check for updates. Register software.
The ______ is a round, metal platter in the computer; it stores large amounts of information.
The hard drive is a round, metal platter in the computer; it stores large amounts of information.
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