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Terms Definitions
to feign
to delude
to spot
to yank
le tordeur
to struggle
sueur colorées
asphalte (goudron)
s'occuper de
coup d'oeil
les paumes
a jaw
the mayhem
le chaos
to be blown
bruits de pas
Charles Guiteau
assassinated Garfield
the psych ward
l'hôpital psychiatrique
a thud
un bruit sourd
Lee Harvey Oswold
assassinated Kennedy
to be stuffed
placé (pas volontairement)
odds for success
chances de succès
Union Station
where Garfield was assassinated
James Garfield
the second president to be assassinated (1881)
John F. Kennedy
the fourth president to be assassinated (1963)
To change
1776 British evacuate
Background of nationality
Andrew Jackson:
A. Successfully captured Montreal from the British in 1813
B. Was a self-trained military genius who won the battle of New Orleans from the British
C. Represented the United States in the peace negotiations at Ghent, Belgium
D. All of the above
loyalty to a region
henry clay
led the war hawks
Dayton Accords:
took place in Bosnia
Many of the serious problems that plagued the government under the Articles of Confederation developed because of the limited power of the central government
a place to live in
Under Federalism, the State Governments may
conduct elections
Wordsworth Coleridge
Who started the romantic movement?
Edmund Randolph
spokesperson for the Virginia Plan
French protestants who followed the beliefs of John Calvin.
Which city was considered the "capital" of black America?
How many representative in the House?
Thirteenth Amendment
Constitutional amendment that outlawed slavery
What does Ike begin planning?
Bay of Pigs
A nickname for those in government advocating antitrust laws.
Jonas Salk
Scientist who developed the polio vaccine in 1952
Captain Robert Rogers.
Rangers harrassed Indians, Rogers rangers.
monroe doctrine
no future colonization by European countries
Martin Van Buren
8th president after Jackson; democracy
a.list of persons who are disapproved of and are punished, such as by being refused jobs.
control of a commodity or service extending extending to the elimination of competition and the fixing of prices.
John Marshall
Supreme Court Chief Justice who rendered the decision in the Marbury v. Madison Case
Zimmerman Telegram
 Written by Arthur Zimmerman, German foreign secretary, to a German ambassador in Mexico  Intercepted and decoded by British, shared with US  Proposed the idea of a German-Mexican alliance-  If US gets involved in WWI, Mexico would declare war on America  Germany would offer Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico (current American states) to Mexico
john eliot
puritan "praying towns" established in new england
Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are all apart of this penninsula
System used on Southern farms after the civil war in which sharecroppers worked land owned by someone else in return for a small share of the crops.
Blockade runners
ships to slip through and bring supplies
Central Powers
in 1914, this alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Russian Revolution
After the _________ , Americans were more willing to join Allies.
Declaration of independence
Written by Thomas Jefferson. The biggest signature on it was John Hancock's.
Francis Scott Key
author of the star spangled banner
Charles Lindbergh
an American aviator, engineer , and Pulitzer Prize winner. He was famous for flying solo across the Atlantic, paving the way for future aviational development.
James Otis
A colonial lawyer (MA) who argued against the writs of assistance and the Stamp Act. (First to say, "No taxation without representation")
Northern Advantages
Had a population advantage. They also had more resources.
Andrew Johnson
Running Mate, Was a democrate and became president after lincoln's assination. Issued amnesty proclamation to southern states and congress rejects Johnsonian reconstruction. Inpeached but not convicted.
38th Parallel
line of latitude that separated North and South Korea
Second Continental Congress
the colonists were now independent; ports were opened to all countries except for Britain, George Washington was elected as a leader, made alliance with Spain and France, began building a navy
the right of citizens to place a measure or issue before the voters or the legislative for approval
National Farmers Alliance
happened in late 1880's; did everything in the grange movement but added some political things; wanted the government to regulate the railroads and lower the protective tariffs that inhibited foreign trade; promoted federal income tax; proposed that the government hold goods so that they could regulate the market and keep it from flooding
Internal Improvements ____??
Federal, state, and privately founded projects to develop the transportation.
What is Watergate?
5 dues break into Watergate Hotel (June 1972) which is the Democrats national headquarters
Freedmen's Bureau
created by Congress in 1865, the first major federal relief agency in U.S.
16th Amendment
allows Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states.
Popular sovereignty
The issue of slavery should be decided by the people in the terriorities
Haymarket Riot
1886. An protest of labor. A bomb killed eight police officers. Eight anarchists were arrested.
the Soviet Union
Which country faced a massive German invasion across its western border in 1941?
Define nullification
a states refusal to recognize an act of Congress that is considered unconstitutional
Lend-Lease Act
A program during WWII in which America supplied the other Allied nations with war materials in exchange for military bases
Deceleration of Independence
The document that provided a lengthy explanation and justification; passed by Congress on July 2, 1776
Nonimportation Agreement
An agreement that was signed by 200 colony merchants pledging not to buy any British goods until Parliament repealed the Stamp Act.
Sugar Act
short on sugar, jacked up taxes to force people to buy molasses
Black Codes
Laws passed by Southern States to give whites control over southern states- whites were in power while blacks were oppressed. It authorized unofficals to arrest unemployed blacks for vagrancy and forbid them from carrying fire arms. Mississippi Black Codes?
Total War
the idea that not just the troops but the homeland too, would be motivated in the war effort
Green Mountain Boys
Group led by Ethan Allen, who fought for the land that became Vermont.
cash crop
a crop grown to be sold rather than for the farmer's benefit
Committee on Public Information
created for the purpose of mobilizing the mind for war, both in America and abroad; headed by George Creel; employed som 150,000 workers at home and overseas; proved that words were indeed weapons
Martin Luther King Jr.
Jan 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968
Elections of 1872 and 1876
-Grant (Rep) vs Greenley (Dem/Liberal Rep): who wants to get economy going (not racial equality)
-Led to "Redemption": Southern whites desire to take back political places: beginning of Reconstructions end
-1876: Hayes (Rep) vs Tilden (Dem): 20 disputed electoral votes; fraud in FL, LA, & SC; Tilden needed 1, Hayes needed 20; bargin: all electoral votes awarded to Hayes: Hayes ends military occupancy of the former confederacy
Pure Food & Drug Act
This act forbade the manufacture or sale of mislabeled or adulterated food or drugs, it gave the government broad powers to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs in order to abolish the "patent" drug trade. Still in existence as the FDA.
Bank of the United States
Proposed by Alexander Hamilton as the basis of his economic plan. He proposed a powerful private institution, in which the government was the major stockholder. This would be a way to collect and amass the various taxes collected. It would also provide a strong and stable national currency. Jefferson vehemently opposed the bank; he thought it was un-constitutional. nevertheless, it was created. This issue brought about the issue of implied powers. It also helped start political parties, this being one of the major issues of the day.
the avg. weather of a place over a period of 20 or 30 years
Climate is ____
What is the idea that citizens must give their permission to be taxed called?
"No taxation without representation."
the growth of southern cities.
After the war, the growth of southern industry caused
Alien and Sedition acts
harder to become a citizen , and could be deported
When were the battles of Trenton and Princeton?
December 24/25, 1776, January 1, 1777
What must be done before the president can begin his job?
He must take the oath of office
What were the elements of the National Colonization Act?
Mexico gave 26 large grants of Texas land.
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