Early Earth and the origin of life Flashcards

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What is the approximate age of the earth?
4,500,000,000 years
Among the products of theMiller-Urey exper-
iments and subsequent experiments by others,
what was shown to be produced in simulated
primitive Earth conditions?
amino acids
Which kingdom does not contain eukaryotes?
Scientists believe that our atmosphere has
progressively changed as some living organ-
isms began to harness sunlight energy to
split water molecules to form complex car-
bon molecules.
What increased as a result of this activity?
Into which of the domains of life should a new
organism be assigned, if it is multicellular and
anatrophic (autotrophic)?
A package arrives with the following label:
“Beware. This package contains a eukaryotic,
multicellular, nonmotile, nonphotosynthetic
life form. Open with extreme caution.”
To which kingdom of life could this life form
What is the best description of the theory
of panspermia about life forms that we know
Meteors and/or cosmic dust clouds car-
ried various complex molecules to the Earth.
According to geochemists, what would have
been the most unlikely condition on the prim-
itive Earth?
high levels of oxygen
When phospholipid molecules are placed
into water, which microspheres form spon-
Which element was least available during the
beginning of the earth?
oxygen molecule
Oparin, in his theory of “primary abiogene-
sis,” suggested which cell predecessors?
It has recently been discovered that enzyme-
like catalysis can be carried out not only by
enzymes but also by
Archaebacteria are most likely to be found
today in
I) hot sulfur springs;
II) a small pond in the Tropical Rain Forest;
III) the Dead Sea.
I and III only
Most biologists now recognize the need to
replace the old system for classification of all organisms into a new one, consisting of how
many kingdoms?
Eukaryotic organisms are classified into a to-
tal of how many kingdoms?
RNA was considered to be the first macro-
molecule because of the evidence that it
can store information and catalyze reac-
Which is not a characteristic of coacervates?
They show heredity.
Which of the following cannot be included in
the main categories of archaebacteria?
nitrogen fixers
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