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Terms Definitions
West Virginia
strong international connections
official name of
Supporter of Socialism
Karl Marx
the capital of ireland
Desertification is the extreme deterioration of land in arid and dry sub-humid areas due to loss of vegetation and soil moisture; desertification results chiefly from man-made activities and influenced by climatic variations. It is principally caused by overgrazing, overdrafting of groundwater and diversion of water from rivers for human consumption and industrial use, all of these processes fundamentally driven by overpopulation
characterized by a hot climate
the rapid transformation, or evolution, into post-humanism.
what percentage of seawater is water?
folk culture
small homogeneous population, rural and cohesive in traits. LABLED as a culure
When did Maathai's GreenBelt Movement begin?
What con. was split during WWII?
U.S. constitution replaces the fragile Articles of Confederation at 2nd continental congress
the surface form of magma, igneous
a relative decline in industrial employment in core regions
disease causing organisms which enter and multiply within the body
what symbols mean on a map
Movement of water downslope within the soil layer.
The field of forecasting and reporting rainfall, temperatures, and other atmospheric conditions. P13
Landforms created by the deposits of sediment at the mouths of rivers. P32
True or False: Sub-saharan Africa is the world's fastest growing region
mercator map
created 500 years ago for sailinggeometric projection
the capital of Romania, in the southeastern part of the country
Free Enterprise
Individual freedom of the economy. Little control from government
Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population
A follower of a polytheistic religion in ancient times
life expectancy
the average age individuals are expected to live, which varies across space, between genders and even between races.
The portion of the world's land surface that is permanently settled by human beings.
study of the characteristics of human populations
act of diffusing; state of being diffused.
formed into a flat, level land with steep sides; terraces are often made in hilly areas to create more space for farming
Having many different ways to think or to fo something, or a variety of people
Buffalo herds where were before Europeans arrived?
Interior North America
Major Latin American Language Families
Indo-European: Spanish and Portuguese
Country Summary
Northern Europe
2nd Homes
Hans Christian Anderson (Denmark)
1st Amusement Park (Denmark)
Finland(Ties to Russia)
One-commodity economy
economy that solely deals with their one major commodity
A society in which the most capable people can rise to the top on merit alone
wave length
crest to crest or trough to trough
He led the first known expedition across Anarctica
Vivian Fuchs
The system of writing used in China and other East Asian countries in which each symbol represents an idea or a concept rather than a specific sound, as is the case with letters in English
Ethinc identity for decendants of European immigrants is primarily preserved through
religion and food
In the ___, traders came for products such as coconut oil, and sailors hunted whales.
A landslide is the movement of rock and debris down a slope occurring on the surface of failure, on which most of the material moves in a coherent or semi coherent way. Landslides result from the failure of materials which make up the hillslope, driven by
I am a system of writing that uses wedge-shaped symbols
Geographical Information System (GIS)
Both an integrated software package for handling, processing, and analyzing geographical data and a computer database in which every item of information is tied to a precise geographic location
what is mono-cropping?
focusing on one specific crop and planting acres of that one crop
Early History of Geography: Military Activity
• Geography is essential• They need to know about the enemies land, their people, what they have, where to hide, where to defend from
When direct rays form the sun are on the Tropicof Capricorn or Tropic of Cancer it is called what?
tornado warning
this type of weather has been spotted or indicated by Doppler Radar
intervening obstacles
any forces or factors that may limit human migration
What are some consequences of replacing natural ecosystems with human ones?
overall productivity fallsecosystem complexity falls - farming's specialized ecosystems are highly fragile
Contour Lines
Join places of same height above sea level ASL metres.
International organization led to the creation of what?
League of Nations in 1919
What three countries have been held back by corrupt governments?
Cambodia, Laos, and Burma
282 feet
How many feet below sea level is Death Valley?
Distance Decay
the further and longer it has to go, the less likely to diffuse
Us- the leading immigrant country
Home to more foreign born residents than any other country- 38 milllion.
where does the Great Dividing Ridge run
Cape York Peninsula to Tasmania
What is the weather like in warm sector of m-lwc?
humid, clear skies, warm
50. Which of these places can you swim in: ocean, hill, river, map, or lake?
Oceans, rivers, and lakes.
What are the 4 main features of the European model?
Clearly defined territory, substantial population, organized structures, power
What is an example of what can be accomplished when states choose to cooperate for the common good?
The UN-sponsored conferences that led to the 1982 treaty rank among the great achievements of international diplomacy
Maori land wars lasted from ___ to ____ and from _____ to _____
from 1845 to 1847 and from 1860 to 1872
il tramonto
shipbuilding industry
In South America
Cash Crops
coffee, tea, sugar
a group of islands
Sedimentschichtpakete, die auf dem Grundgebirge aufliegen; vielfach abgetragen
Japan Demographics
Life Expectancy
High life expectancy
What mainly determines biome distribution?
What are droldums
I don't know
a scientist who studies human culture
Developed countries
Industrialized countries that have strong secondary, tertiary, and quaternary industries. P84
to transfer power to smaller regions
Thomas Malthus
political economist impact natural selection
Intrusive rock
cooled magma under the surface
What is the capital of Malawi?
329 Fundamentalism group that took control of Afghanistan after the Soviet Army withdrew from the country
ex. European Union (EU), United Nations (UN)
T/F: Boundaries only divide the world politically.
Pictures and symbols used to record information in ancient Egypt. P475
converting something or someone into a commodity
The gradual picking up, breaking down or wearing away of land by the forces of wind, water, and ice.
water in 3 phases found in earth
The region from which innovative ideas originate
a wealthy minority that owns the majority of factories, farms, businesses, and other means of production
Perceptual/Vernacular Region
An area defined by people's perceptions.
fitting together ALL that is know about humans
What practice do most Christians, Jews and Muslims share in common when disposing of their dead?
form on the surface of the crust
the total number of persons inhabiting a country, city, or any district or area.
distance north or south of the Equator, massed in degrees
a steep high face of rock, especially on a coast
In the African forced migration Benin and Bahia still had what remaining after?
Cultural Elements
The most important aluminum ore. P181
What is a maritime climate?
moderate and moist climate
geometric projections
distance between any two points is correct
a region of central Europe that is centered on the upper Oder valley, now largely in southwestern Poland. It was partitioned at various times among the states of Prussia, Austria–Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia
Who was responsible for consolidating Russia's gains in the early 1700s and in making a European style state out of locally knit country?
Peter the Great.
Cw climates
- Subtropical monsoon- located in the higher elevations of s Brazil, and in NE India- distinct winter dry season, similar to \"Am\" climate
is a neighborhood, district, or suburb which retains some cultural distinction from a larger, surrounding area. Sometimes an entire city may have such a feel. Usually the enclave revolves around businesses that are run by the members of the community.
Which culture has to do with activities in daily-life?
Folk Culture
What does STH stand for?
sub-tropical high pressure cell
What method for deforestation was used to nearly completing the destruction of Madagascar?
Slash-and-burn method
the solid rock portion of the earth's surface which includes the crust and uppermost mantle
Triggers of Mass Movements
Most failures have several complex causes. Common Causes- Heavy rains- Earthquakes- Thawing of frozen ground- Construction projects by humas.
In the 2000's Nigeria was OPEC's what ranking oil producer?
4th largest
mountain range
are a group of mountains that are either souranded by lowlands or separated from other mountains either by passes or rivers
Income Gap
3 types;- A moral issue- An economic dilemma- A political problem
Valley Breeze
at day (warm air rises out of valley)
Between 1801 & 1803 he became the first person to circumnavigate Australia
Matthew Flinders
Cyclic Movement
movement that has a closed route and is repeated annually or seasonally
What is another name for the raw materials ?
Parent material
how do metamorphic rocks form?
formed from existing material by physical and/or chemical change under high pressure and/or high temperature
What region of the world is the leader in wattle construction?
Southeast Asia
Wilmington Oil Field
-Oil field in long beach to san pedro3rd largest oil field in lower 48 states.
land that is plowed or spaded and used for growing crops
What type of grain is formed when magma cools fast?
fine-grain (extrusive)
Why is a house outside of its place of origin bad for the environment?
Maladaptive diffusion
Forms of Tourism- The Market- H____: sun, s__, t___, sightseeing, c____, etc.- Co___ I____: f___, r__ religion, h____, education- Bus___ and P____: t____, c___,
Holiday: sea, toursin, cultureCommon Interest: friends, relative, healthBusiness and Professionals: tradeshow, conventions, etc.
How big is the largest state territory?
17 million squared kilometers (6.6 million squared miles)
The outer rind of rock, that is 50-125 miles thick
What is the Hydrosphere?
Compare and Contrast West NA with East NA
WEST - higher elevation, emerging coastline
EAST - submerging coastline
What are some of the problems facing cities in the LDCs?
The speed of developmentThe scale of developmentIndustrialization is not playing as large of a role as it did in the western countriesMigrants are flocking to cities because rural areas are densely populated and intensely poor
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